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Now, with Sonic X on the air in the USA, more new clothing is being produced! As far as we know, they're still making more designs right now. Most of these are/were available at Sears, JC Penny, & Kohls stores in the US. These department stores tend to have the clothing in the boys/baby boy section...
Which leads to the serious problem with all this clothing. IT IS ULTRA TINY. Inexplicably, all this stuff is about 95% guarenteed to NOT fit on you if you have the ability to read this page. Some brilliant marketer figured that the only people who like Sonic X, are drooling 3 year old babies who are not old enough to comprehend the plot or even know who Sonic is.
Obviously, Sonic fans come in all ages and sizes...which means that you may be dissapointed trying to fit into your collection. Some of the "L" sizes may fit fans under 100lbs, but most are suited for people under 50lbs.

Many of these shirts are available in SEVERAL colors with the same design. This page showcases all the different *Designs* but not all the colors it may be available in.

Went to your local Sears Kohls JC Penny department or outlet clothing store and still can't find what you're after? Use the Ebay link to the left to grab these shirts, shorts and more at auction. Just be sure to watch the sizes...You can see more at My Collection
Orange Sonic X & Knuckles Lycra Bike Shirt A lycra bright orange bike-shirt. This feels like a pair of biker-shorts with stretchy material. When I  think 'clothing for 4 year olds' I do not think of stretch-lycra cycling outfits. you have it. The design is nice and loud, much like most things found on this page. You can find this in sizes vaguely suitable for 100lbs humans. Should be easy to get still at JC Penny stores. Target: $9.00
Sonic X Characters Green Blue Lycra Shirt More lycra spandex joy for fans of really non-matching colors! This has portraits of Sonic, Chris, Knuckles and Eggman, along with a fading symbol in the background. This should be available in the same size-range and area as the above shirt. I own both of these as well.
Target: $7.00-9.00
Notice the tags on all these items. Square, and with a grid-like pattern. These were licensed out by Fox Box and Sho Pro. The actual items were made by Happy Kids and Top Heavy--so you can look 'em up online and badger them for realistic sizes.
4 Sonic Graphics Long Sleeve Black This tiny long sleever has different action shots of Sonic, and no sleeve logo. You can't find this in any reasonable size. This one is in my collection. The background is made of 12 inch tiles. Target $6.00+ ?? Action Poses Sonic X Long Sleeve Shirt
Another long sleeve shirt o' action poses. This one has a sleeve logo, though. This one is less common then the black one above. It can still be found on Ebay, but is small.
4 Sonic Portrait Expressions on a Long Sleeve Gray long-sleeve with 4 portraits. More of the same HappyKids tiny fare. You can collect, but never wear. Target: $7.00-9.00
Sonic X Cotton Shirt & Shorts
A shorts-set in soft cottony material. The shorts may have some Sonic related design other then the tag but.. These are still small, and fairly easy to find still. Also: not that expensive.
The "Target: $x.xx" that you see around are what you MIGHT be paying if you go to clothing department stores and buy the items yourself. Everyone knows that Ebay CAN be a place for bargains, but it is also a place where people buy things out of stores, and then jack up the prices. This isn't always the case, but the targets should help you buy reasonably. Don't be afraid to go a little over or under, as long as you know it's something you want, and are sure it's not a bootleg.
This is a nice matching Tank-Top and Shorts set. This is made of cottony soft material. These may be appearing on clearance at certain stores due to entering the fall 2005 season. This set tends to run around $20.00 on ebay, or a little more, but the original store price is unknown.
Sonic X Tank Top & Soft Shorts
Orange Target Sonic X Hero Boys T Some of the newer Sonic X shirts are coming packaged with a free toy. This is a random (tends to be Sonic) bendy. This is the SAME bendy you find in the bendy paks, so don't go out of your way to get one unless you want another. On the first release of the bendys, they were also sold individually, so this is not a surprise. Super Sonic Hero Yellow Vertical Logo
Same design, diff background...curious re use.
Including a bendy with the shirts is a nice touch. Watch out in stores, as sometimes the toy has been stolen. The sizing and pricing on these isn't known yet. Own one? Write in to help out with pricing.
Mighty Media Various Sonic Socks Many pairs of Socks. These are made by Mighty Media Co. It is unknown where they are sold. Once in a while a pair shows up on Ebay. They're not that expensive. Also, why is there a random pink pair in the back? They have different colored 'foot sections' for the various white tops. Pricing and sizes are unknown, as well as the maker or available stores that carry them.
Sonic X Light Up White Boys Sneakers Sonic X Black Gray Theme Low Top W/Knuckles Sporty Red Black Sonic X Knuckles Shoes
Three different pairs of Sonic X shoes. These all feature Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles designs. Supposedly, they are all available at Wal-Mart. They are also supposed to be Wal-Mart exclusive, which makes them more difficult to get. The all black and all white pair also light up when you walk. All closures are velcro. They are in kid sizes only. Some of the larger sizes MAY fit you if you have smaller feet. Price and max-size in inches are unknown. ATTENTION: Prices are rising on this item!
Small Fade Boys T Sonic & Tails Expressions Cute Shirt Powering Up Sonic Amy Knuckles Gray Shirt
Sonic leaping at you from a fade background. Another nice design that won't fit.
Sonic looks like he is powering up or something infront of a black & white of the rest of the cast.
Here's one if you like cute! Look at all of Tails' expressions, and Sonic too! This is a cute showcase for our heroes.
A classic pose in front of Chris and the rest of the cast for Sonic X. This is a short sleeve, and is also known to exist in yellow and dark red as well as the shown blue. This is a common one. Classic Pose & Chris Sonic X Blue Common Shirt
Gotta Go Faster Orange Variant Sonic Tee This is the orange version of "Gotta go Faster" flames shirt (with glitter) The blue version is on the My Gear Page.
Spring Clothing Line 2006 by Top Heavy & More
Missile Wrist Sonic Shirt Sonic and Missile Wrist on a somewhat toxic-green theme. The color around Sonics' hand has glitter in it. Why is Missile Wrist so popular? He has an Action Figure too. Circuit Sonic the Hedgehog T Shirt
T-Shirt Detail Photo
15th Anniversary Sonic Shirt
Circuit and Lightening Sonic Shirt. This has a really feint but cool pattern in the background of the fabric. It has "Sonic X" in Japanese, and another Sonic picture. It is subtle and a real nice touch!
A special shirt for Sonic's 15th anniversary! This one has plastic gel bumps on the Japanese name, and thick-feeling paint for Sonic.
Happy 15th, Sonic! It is great they made a shirt to celebrate, this is surely one to pick up for your collection!

And yes, those re some kind of 'rocket shoes' he's wearing...

All 4 of these shirts are in the SonicGear personal collection.
This is a re-release design with blue cuffs and collar for the summer. The blue energy-charge around Sonic is glitter.
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