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Sonic The Hedgehog USA Halloween Holiday Items
Halloween is the best time to dress up as your favorite characters. There's trick or treating (free candy is always good) and parties too. The USA has had a rather mixed-bag selection of Halloween themed Sonic stuff over the years. Classic costumes tended to be cheap & poorly done (but are still collectible) while modern costumes help fill the demand (not everyone can sew!) they're not 100% free of problems yet. Here, see everything Sonic specifically labeled for Halloween, both old and new. If something's still available, there should be buying links or where to get it in the description. Items on this page go from old to newest at the bottom. Also use the Accessories Pages for items.
Sonic plastic full body kiddy costume in bag Studio Club This is a fairly normal kiddie Sonic costume from the early 1990s. This is by Studio Classics, and features a jumpsuit with hood that serves as the mask. There is a logo of "Sonic the Hedgehog" on the chest so you can at least pretend to know who they are dressing up as. The likeness isn't very good still, but at least it is trying. Notice that it has shoe covers & gloves. These are usually trotted out on Ebay every Halloween, but go for around $50 to $60 bucks each time. This costume was done in little kids sizes only.
Sonic plastic haloween face mask A Sonic mask and the much less common Tails mask from a different set of costumes. If you see the Tails, pick it up as it is not easy to come across. Photos pending for what the rest of the suits look like.Near Halloween, be sure to check Ebay for the really old costumes, if you want to collect them. That is about the only time that you can find them. Tails plastic halloween face mask
Halloween Hood Sonic Costume Out of all the previous 'store bought' costumes, this one seems to have made the most effort. Not that that did it a lot of good. It still isn't very 'Sonic-ish' but at least it is trying. This is a full body kids costume, likely made out of that very thin papery fabric stuff. As you can see, it has the Sonic 1 type logo (so you can tell who it's supposed to be) It likely didn't come with white gloves, though it probably should have.
It is similar to the above earlier costume.The costume may have a hood, or the head part could be a hat. They did the eyes so that your own eyes become sort of like the pupil/colored part...which just looks a bit odd. The mouth/nose they also leave up to you (like black nose-paint) The sad thing is they didn't stuff the quills at all, so Sonic's spikes are droopy like a mutating wilting flower. For an official effort (at least compared to others) it did ok, but still, can't they top this?
*Each Halloween Sonic Gear gets lots of requests for finding Sonic costumes.
Apparently, he'd be a great thing to be on Halloween (collect candy faster!) but the OLD official suits never fail to dissapoint. The best thing to do is STILL to fan-construct your own, and then add parts from Sonic Accessories Page. As of 2013 there is no *single & complete* costume that gives you EVERY thing you need to dress as any Sonic character. You still have to buy several items to complete a look.
Viny Sonic Costume Plastic Mask Halloween Here's yet another attempt at a costume. This time, Viney Company is the culprit. Rather than being sort of an 'over-all' like the one above on the page, this is just a crinkly plastic long vest like thing with no sleeves and a picture from way back in Sonic 1.
At least this one comes with a mask, although it must not be very big because look at it in relation to the rest of the costume. These turn up on ebay each year around Halloween because someone must have hoarded them for the many years since they were released.
Sonic the Hedgehog Halloween Mask This MAY be the first modern Sonic mask ever made. It's the same concept as the above actual classic mask (thin plastic with holes in it) however it is an all new & much better mold, with nicer spikes, better ears & an over-all better look. The update did as well as can be expected from a thin plastic mask, and the result is not scary or particularly dumb looking. The mystery is, where is the rest of the costume?
Yet -another- Sonic costume. This makes the third official one. This is one of those cheap plastic costumes that no one puts any effort into. That is why they have to have a picture and label of the character on the front...because that is the only way you can know who it is. Did this come with a different mask than on Accessories Page 1? Did it come with a mask at all, or was it too lazy?
Toys R Us Sonic Halloween Costume Finally! 2011 sees a kids Sonic Halloween Costume! A costume like this (for little kids) has been in high demand since some point in the 1990s/early when they quit making the really flimsy original. This should be found at all Toys R Us stores in the USA (and likely elsewhere) in fall 2011. It should be around 24-28 dollars. It is made by "BuySeasons". It's a decent full body suit, with shoe covers, gloves, and properly shaped belly dot. The head/spikes is a little strange looking but that can be solved by combining the costume with a Sonic Character Hat or Sonic's spikes Cosplay Cap also seen on Accessories USA. It's wonderful to see that little kids can trick or treat properly at last. Hopefully, this costume appears each year from now on. (or stock up on them! Ebay goes wild around Halloween) Photo discovered by Taaron
If this link to Toys R Us Sonic Costume is active, you can still buy all 3 sizes. (Small, med, lg) Added info provided by SonicDude558
Loose Sonic costume fabric parts Sonic costume halloween sale bag Costume spikes compare As you can see here, the costume comes in a hang-bag, with 'suggestion' photo on the front for how it should be worn. The 'hat spikes cap' thing doesn't really stack up to the official Sonic Spikes cap as seen in this comparison.
The costume itself is all thin fabric, but look at the shoe buckles. They're shiny cloth but wadded up. You'd likely have to iron it if you wanted them to work.
The photo suggestion is super wierd with white sideways dots face-painted on. It makes no sense & doesn't seem 'Sonic like' in any way. The costume head-piece has a wider neck band, but the spikes are very flat/floppy. However, by re-combining & using better face paint, this can still be a good Halloween Costume. Photos by: SonicDude558
Sonic & Knuckles Mask Costumes Here are some costumes for Halloween 2012. They're kids sizes, and this is likely the first Knuckles costume ever retailed! They're not the best...basically a 1 piece suit with thin plastic 'forward facing' mask accessory. You have to add your own white gloves or mittens, and they are VERY surprisingly missing the characters' iconic shoes. Why wouldn't the costume at least include shoe-top covers? The characters' shoes are so important to the look, that these should probably be considered just 'most of a costume'. The masks do have part of the (appropriatly colored) eyes printed in under the holes, so they are making some sort of effort. But where are these available? How much do they cost? Write in if you know before Halloween! (Sonic mask may be the same as the modern mask above) Discovered by Sonicrox66
Weird Halfmask Sonic Costume This is a new costume for 2012, but it's accidentally scary. Look at that wierd half-mask they gave it! It lets the wearer's bottom jaw/mouth substitute for the area of Sonic's face...but since his head is basically really round...and no human's is...it's always going to look frightful/bad. Why couldn't they just release a whole-Sonic-face mask? It's just that "thin sheet lightly textured" plastic stuff with eyeholes cut through it. The rest of the costume seems to be a blue jumpsuit with puffy gloves & 1 rather tiny back spike. Do the gloves only have 3 fork-like fingers? This costume looks like a step in the WRONG direction. (Also why is the mask like halfway in 3/4 view while the face is in full view?) It's an official item sadly enough (what about the shoes?) But what is the manufacturer/license holder's name? Discovered by Sonicrox66
Women's Size Sonic Costume Halloween Now here's something different!
A Sonic costume meant just for women. It is supposed to be released in teens & girls sizes too. It should be between 40 & 50 dollars whereever you can find it, at retail or in online costume ordering shops. Halloween Costumes Super Center has it, as long as that link works.
It follows a standard fair of "costumes for girls" which is to put a mini skirt or some kind of small dress and then give it the theme of whatever you're supposed to be dressing up as. Since tons of costumes follow this format, it's not particularly unique. As you can see, the dress has 2 mini spikes & a tiny tail. It also comes with an "ears" headband and "shoe covers". Notice what it does NOT come with (but that you'll need!) like the gloves & collar to represent Sonic's blue neck. Do the shoe covers include those white "sock" things? Would they work on non-heel shoes? The little icon under her hand marks it as an official Sonic item. You'd probably be better off pairing this with the Sonic Spikes plush hat or something else, to really appear Sonic-like. Note: ignore the Costume Super Center men's version, it is a bootleg. This women's costume is new in 2013. Discovered by:
Little Girls Sonic Tails Knuckles Dresses Here are little-kids versions of the above "ladies" Sonic sort-of-costume. These are sorta-costumes too, as they just make a sort of skirt thing with character theme outfit rather than having the person actually look LIKE the character, they give them the theme of the character instead. It works out ok-ish because they did put real, actual effort into the costumes.
Tails has glove & shoe straps, shoe-covers & character socks for everybody, gloves for everybody, a decent tiny tail (or 2) & no wrong colors. The ears-headbands are a little dissapointing for Tails (he has huge ears, these are tiny) and the costumes may or may NOT come with the neck/collar pieces you see here. (the adult ones don't) These are all available at SpiritHalloween.com online & probably in retail stores too. Notice how each one has the copyright & character portrait emblem on the hip. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Halloween Knuckles Kid Here are more costumes for 2013, Knuckles kid/boy to the left & Lady Knuckles & Lady Tails to the right. Kid/boy Knuckles is more Knuckles-like than the dress thing above...but while he's got a head piece, he's missing the iconic mitten-fists & shoes! It's like companies can't stand to put together 1 single costume for anyone that had EVERYthing the character needs.
Lady Knuckles & Tails are pretty much the same as their kid/girl versions, with gloves, shoe covers/socks (thist time fits a heel-shoe) & tiny ears headband for poor Tails. Notice the portrait emblems on the hip. Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Lady Tails & Lady Knuckles Costumes
Role Play Plastic Costume Sonic Shadow Masks The best Sonic masks to date!
These are NOT billed as "Halloween" items, but really they're perfect for parties & trick or treat. They are called "Role Play" masks. Each one is 9.99 and can be bought at Toys R Us in 2013. You can pick either Sonic or Shadow. They're partially 3D, and made of real good sturdy plastic. These aren't flimsy costume masks. On the back, they have a padded 'goggles like' set up so it's
Sonic Mask Detail
comfortable to wear. The close up at right shows that the eyes are made of that "auto wrap" stuff you see for decorated cars. It's a screen-tone of opaque color with holes in it so you can see out of it. By using one of these masks, you can finish off a kids' costume the right way. Toys R Us Mask page. Photos discovered by Taaron
A word on annoying skirt 'costumes':
A lot of people are annoyed by the "skirt" themed costumes. Their production is based on the FALSE notion that "Girls don't ACTUALLY want to dress up as anything for Halloween, they only want more dresses!"
The solution to this for little kids sizes is simply go buy the boy one if it looks ok & then finish it out with your own accessory details. (Knuckles or Sonic stuffed gloves, head hats, spike hats, etc) Sadly, adults/women it looks like you'd need to still cobble something together. Find out the company making the costumes & write in with what you really want, in the meantime.
Sonic Latex Modern Mask This is a curiuos modern mask. It's probably either thick plastic or that semi-bendable latex stuff that they usually do dinosaur masks out of. It looks like it's probably full-head which is interesting, but you can't really tell exactly how it goes from the perspective. The eye holes are in the pupil part so you can (maybe) see out of it. Look at how they put eyes in the eye holes. The perspective is wrong, they likely laid it over a photo of a front-on face, though the mask is in 3/4 view so it looks strange here. Is this official? Where can you find it? Photo discovered by SonicRox
Rubies Costumes Amy Sticks Boom Here are 2 Boom costumes new for Halloween 2015.
They are Rubies Costumes for kids (kids sizes only) and they start appearing in August (for anyone wanting a jump on the holiday) They're thoroughly Boom-styled, with Amy's bandage belt, long gloves, different shoes & button dress. The Sticks is nicely accurate as well, as they catch her details like necklace, different bracelets, stitched top, mis-matched shoes & scrap/belt skirt. Discovered by Taaron
Rubies Baby Sonic Romper Costume
Now, even really little kids/toddlers can dress up as Sonic for Halloween!
Rubies Costumes has made this, the "Babies Romper" Sonic costume. It says it ranges in size from toddler, to however old this kid is in the photo here. The costume is decent, with stuffed spikes & ears for the head, back spike and tail. It's all one piece, so it has footies/shoes which guarentee the proper placement of the shoes/socks. The belly dot & arms look fitting as well. The only thing it is notably missing, is a pair of gloves to complete the look. The head part also appears to be a hood, which is a good move keeping the whole thing in one piece.
This could easily be completed with some added gloves and face paint. It's great to see easily buy-able costumes catering to everyone, even the smaller Sonic fans. This should be available for sale in the Gear Halloween Store, as it was released in 2015 September.
Movie Bad Sonic Costume #Notmysonic A gruesome fright! A real terror!
There's nothing scarier than... A BAD MOVIE! Sadly, no one found out that this is the wrong kind of fright for Halloween. This crumby ugly costume is for that rotten #notmysonic from the movie that got everyone so riled up they had to put the CG back on the drawing board because it was just that stupid to behold. So how does the costume handle it?
It leaves the face off. Which is...actually a smart move on the part of the costume maker, because who knows (at the time of Halloween 2019) what the movie will end up doing. It still has ugly 'hairy pig hair lines' all over it, and no gloves because...creepy little alien fingers. But there sure are the stupid looking off model shoes. It's essentially a big ugly cheap pjs set with withered spikes for the head and what's even scarier is...it's 40 bucks! Ugh.
This trash can be found at Halloween City in 2019. Avoid it!