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Even more Sonic the Hedgehog accessories!
Complete your Sonic look with these fun items. If it's not directly clothing, it shows up in accessories. These are a pretty even mix of old and new for your viewing fun. It seems they are not producing quite the number of watches, ties, hats currently as they were with the vintage stuff, but there is certainly no shortage of sneakers and shoes currently available.
Sonic X House Slippers Did you think you were safe from hideous mis-planned Sonic merchandise? These slippers are here to help change your mind! Sonic as a house-slipper has never done very well, and Sonic X is not making any exceptions. These scream 'doofus' quite well. The spikes as the ankle cover, and his weird smooshed face as the toe . It just does NOT work trying to make any character look like a shoe.
A winter hat made of knit material with an embroidered-on Sonic face detail. This hat may have been sold in the USA or the UK, possibly both. It is likely from the 1990s, and is not that common. The pom-pom is actually half blue, half red yarn. The style is rather primary, as was common in the early days of Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog winter hat
Sonic Name Blue Children's Mittens
These mittens are different from the pair on Sonic Accessories Page 1. They have his name in yarn on the front, and a 'pixellated' stripe on the back. Again the cuffs are checkered like the dirt in Sonic 1. The Sonic & Tails stick-on design remains the same though. With this pair, you get a nice clear view of the tag. These were produced in the winter of 1995.
Sonic Spikes Hat Here is a new and interesting collection of hats. The hats are made to look like the backs of the characters' Shadow Spikes Hat Knuckles Quill Cosplay Hat
heads, so you too can have Sonic or Shadow's spikes, or Knuckles' quills! Sonic's demonstrates that they need a head in them or else they just flop flat.
The shadow is being worn by someone (who is hidden behind the plush-face photo) in order to demonstrate what it looks like when you put it on. The Knuckles is displayed the best, on some type of stand. Where are these being sold, other than Ebay?
These hats are rather odd. It's in a similar vein to the above ones, but features part of Sonic's or Knuckles' face. It is likely a takeoff on character hats you often see in Manga, where it has a kitty face or something for the top of their head. How well does it work for Sonic? Apparently pretty well, as they went ahead and made a Knuckles one too! You should be able to get either of these two hats in the SonicGear Store. Knuckles Head Hat
Sonic Hedgehogh Head Top Hat
If there's Sonic & Knuckles, then there has to be Tails too. GE Entertainment's latest hat is a Tails based one. Is it cute or is it strange? The whole concept of these hats is kind of silly. Hat discovered by Berzerker. Tails Head GE Entertainment Hat
Shadow the Hedgehog Game PreOrder Hat This rather ordinary looking watch-cap is actually rather valuble.
This item was a pre-release give-away when you pre-ordered Shadow The Hedgehog the game through the Sega newsletter or through an Electronics Botique. The hats had an ok supply, just the "pre-buzz" against the game itself resulted in not too many pre orders. Soon after the game was released, the once 'free' caps were going for over $60.00 USD on ebay. Hang on to your hat if you've got this one!
Embroidery Detail of Shadow Cap
With the right photo you can see the detail of the cap. It's the usual stretchy thick knit fabric that this watch cap type hat is usually made of. The logo & symbol are all embroidered, & likely sewn down so it's sturdy and good quality. The blue Sega tag on the top is a paper tag, & the plastic hook looks like its for retail/hanging, though they were never sold. Right photo by: T263 TAU
Sonic Socks By Nintendo? The tag on this still looks odd, doesn't it?
All the Nintendo characters gathering around the tag which is on a pair of Sonic socks! The socks appear to be a stretch-fabric rather than woven or knit type. What is the Sonic design made of? It looks like it could be a decal/iron-on type as it is so smooth. Where are these socks sold?
Laplander Stripe Long Tassle Sonic Winter Hat This is the 3rd "lapland" style Sonic hat. This one is made by Bio World & is in mostly dark colors. It's black, grayish & dark blue with stripes. The sides are meant to hang down over your ears. (who knows what the tasseles are for) The Sonic element here is a small embroidered classic face on on the front/forehead area. This is likely a 2013 item, & may be available at
2 Pair Simple Sonic House Slippers
Here are 2 pairs of old Sonic House-Slippers.
These are actually more like 'house-shoes' as they are quite shoe-like in structure with elastic curves toward the top and no extra elements. One pair is red and blue, the other red and black. Each pair features Sonic doing a type of odd-looking punching gesture, with one fist in perspective. It's kind of strange they would choose such similar poses for similar pairs of slippers. The design is a type of tough plastic material that isn't shiny. Photo credit: Shadow Stewart.
Sonic Knuckles Velcro Sega Power Shoes Here's an interesting oldschool pair of sneakers. These have Sonic & Knuckles on the side as a sewn on patch of plastic-like material. Knuckles is a bit off-model, and not 100% stock art. The top-half only of Stock Sonic appears. They're accented by black lightening bolts and embroidery on the velcro straps. Each strap says "Sega Power" with Sega in the traditional font, but "Power" looking like it's written a bit in they style of 'nintendo power' for some reason. These shoes must have arrived around the time of the "Sonic & Knuckles" shoes and game. (2 different styles of sneakers, and 1 hiking boots were produced with the S&K symbol on it.) Photo discovered by: Nicolette
Sonic Stuffy Gloves Size Compare These are not ordinary gloves! (or even very useful gloves) These fun, stuffy gloves are made to resemble plush Sonic hands for you to wear. You can see they're pretty big too, compared to a plush at left. The cuff has an embroidered logo, and they even have a paper hangtag. But do you want these gloves? Sonic Glove Prize Item
You can have them for about $14.99, as they are available for order from . These USED to be marked as an 'in house only' Sega promotional item, but it seems they're releasing these gloves--a good thing!
Knuckles Mitten You Can Wear Want more than just Sonic? Here's a Knuckles Mitten too! (A glove has fingers, a mitten does not, so technically this is a mitten) This big plush glove has the same embroidering on its cuff, and will also be available at ToysNJoys. It's pretty good looking too, with nicely sized knuckle spikes and it is appropriately big. The only area it suffers a little is the cuff which would need to be more substantial to complete the look. However, this is a really unique collectible item whether or not you intend to wear it. At $14.99 it's not a bad price, as you can see these are rather large.
Glove/hand photo by Surferbrg (these gloves are big!)
Sonic Rectangle Patch
Sonic diamond patch Sonic circle patch Are patches an accessory? They can be, if you sew them onto book-bags or clothing. Here are 3 patches, each with a different shape. The diamond-shape patch is quite interesting as SA style modern Sonic is usually never seen fully in profile, not doing anything. This makes for a good design that's unusual. The circle patch shares its' design
with a keychain, but it's still rather dynamic looking. The rectangle is a quite close up of pointing SA1 type Sonic so that most of him is cropped off, but it also has the logo. Are these embroidered? Plastic-cloth? If you have any of these patches, write in with the details for credit! These patches available at
Youth Hat Blue Outline
This hat is classic style, with a collage of blue-outline-only classic Sonic artwork scattered all over it. The front has what looks like a flat rubber /plastic "rolling Sonic" stock art disk. It does not look embroidered. However, the hat itself has something unusual about it. The sticker there is marked "Youth Size", which means its generally smaller than normal hats. But how much smaller are kids' heads? And isn't this cap usually the type that has an adjustment snap in the back to change the size of it anyway?
The hat isn't common, probably from around the start of the 'classic style' repopularization. It's likely not common because who wants to spend 18.00 for a tiny cap that won't fit for very long & then you can't do anything about it?
1990s Boxed Sonic Plush Heads Slippers Here is a pair of (probably) uncommon slippers, seen in their most uncommon form: still mint in the box! These were quite an early item of the 1990s, as you can tell by their use of the Sonic 1 title screen as a direct print-out for the packagaing which is otherwise checkered.
This slipper format has the 'cartoon character's body is mutated to fit onto a foot' so it's like having super-strange dolls on your feet. They have plush Sonic heads (does he have the 2-mouth problem? maybe) for the toe area, his body as the front of the slipper & then the rest is blue. What's interesting is they bothered to make the ears correctly/they stand up, and the eyes are an actual ok proportion. The fabric looks like slightly furry/soft plush type fabric. These are interesting to see, but the original box is even more so!