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Sonic The Hedgehog USA Halloween Holiday Items
Halloween is the best time to dress up as your favorite characters. There's trick or treating (free candy is always good) and parties too. The USA has had a rather mixed-bag selection of Halloween themed Sonic stuff over the years. Classic costumes tended to be cheap & poorly done (but are still collectible) while modern costumes help fill the demand (not everyone can sew!) they're not 100% free of problems yet. Here, see everything Sonic specifically labeled for Halloween, both old and new. If something's still available, there should be buying links or where to get it in the description. Items on this page go from old to newest at the bottom. Also use the Accessories Pages for items.
Pop Mask Target Scary Sonic Let's start things off with a real scare...
This frightful mask at Target! Target produces this ad/paper whatever letting people know that they will have the Funko Pop Sonic head mask as part of their Halloween selections in fall 2023.
And...the whole...Pop look...well it's no less scary when it is extra big size like this thing and being worn around.
It sure didn't get any less wierd being made as a mask, but here we are. How do you see out of this thing? Is it fully 3D or just a front? At least the proportion to a regular person is super off and 'popish' to go along with their strangeness.
Modern Eggman Fan Power Costume Fan powered fun!
It's the Modern Eggman Inflatable Fan Powered costume! With a wind-powered wearable, you can have the wacky proportions of Eggman for Halloween. A small fan inside the costume makes it puffy and easy to wear while circulating fresh air through it. It's basically like one of those popular yard decorations but you can wear it.
And, Eggman is the perfect candidate for such an item because of the stick legs and rolly-polly top plus the wacky mustache. The face fabric or glasses-area fabric is likely transparent-ish enough that you can see out while you wear it. This would be fun to accessorize with a plush badnick or something too. This is a Halloween 2023 item, and should be at Spirit Halloween stores. Price will be added once it gets found. This is a factory photo.