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Jazwares Sonic All Stars Racing Figures & Cars
This page has the "Line 2" of the Sega All-Stars Racing figures & vehicles. Although all of the racers appear in the game together, they weren't all released simultaneously. By the time the 2nd line is finished releasing, all the racers from the game should be present. This second wave started in August 2010. These lines (mini racer & figure and vehicle) are NOT Toys R Us exclusives, so do look for them in specialty stores (ie, hot topic, Suncoast, GAME, etc) and online. Toys R Us will still be quite a reliable (and non-marked up) source for the figures though, so keep them, and their website in mind. The Knuckles mini racer will also get made, despite not being in a pack.
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Mini racer 4 pack vehicles The first shot of the new mini racers. This shows that a release (MAY be single-carded later, watch for updates) will be in a 4-pack diorama style box. The box itself is very creative, with curving 'track' and little ledge, with the cars posed as if they are racing along it. You'll notice Tails in his airplane styled car, Eggman's off road racer, another instance of Sonic in his car
(yes, you do end up having to buy him again, even if you bought single card mini Sonic earlier) and Beat, who is a non-Sonic character. (yellowish car, center) Will there be other multi packs with forced buys of non-Sonic characters? Only time will tell. Photo discovered by KnucklesToast
Mini Racer Box interior scene Here's the interior of the box, without the cars. You can see it's like a real little diorama of the part of the track! They really went to a lot of trouble to create such a 3D scene for your cars inside the box. With graphics from the game applied to every surface, it's a great way to display the cars. Photo by Taaron
Mini racer Eggman off-road vehicle
Just because it's mini-size, doesn't mean it lacks in detail! Here's mini eggman in his off-road egg pod / egg-o-matic. He's nicely detailed, and so is the vehicle. You can see the springs/shocks, textured monster truck style/off-road tires, gun, and even the Eggman logo / face decal he's got on the back. Photographed & owned by Taaron.
Mini Tails in his airplane / car vehicle also looks great. The propeller doesn't spin (its fused to the front) but he can still roll on the 3 small wheels.
The tiny Tails figure is nicely detailed, and posed convincingly inside the vehicle. The 2-tail symbol looks great on the 'wing' ends, and it does appear on both sides. You can't see it in the photo but the front (around the propeller) is also textured with detail. Photographed & owned by Taaron.
Non-Sonic Cars It should also be noted that many non-Sonic characters appeared in "Sega All Stars Racing". The game wasn't totally dedicated to Sonic only, so you expect to see tons of characters in it. However, for some reason, Jazwares decided to produce a somewhat random selection of non-Sonic people, and throw them in on the line under "Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing"
These appear here in mini-profile just to complete the line & because it has the Sonic name on it. Also, Beat (from Jet Set Radio / Jet Grind Radio) in the yellow car above is who you were forced to buy if you want the 4 pack. His figure isn't particularly detailed at all. Available as single-card figures are AiAi from Super Monkey Ball in a banana themed car, and Amigo the monkey from Samba de Amigo in a maraca shaped car. It should be noted other Sonic characters such as Big & Metal Sonic, are in the game, but for some reason have not been made yet. Beat car photo by Taaron, MIP photos discovered by KnucklesToast
3 inch line Tails & Airplane Car Tails was initially only released as a mini-racer in his airplane car. (much like the opposite of Knuckles' racer) This shot to the left is from a toy-show, so it appeared way ahead of the line. You can see that his plane has nice detail with the logo on the side of the wing, & likely room enough in the seat to fit the figure. Shot discovered by Strap All Star Racers Tails MIB Photo
It should be considered 2011 when the full-size Tails All-Star Racer was released. His box is identical to the previous 3.5 inch scale racers. He should be about $15.99 in Toys R Us. Right photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog
Shadow fall off bike The figures don't all necisarily stay where they're put during shipping. In this case, Shadow demonstrates what happens when you fall off your motorcycle. Clearly to be so twisted, you'd really have to look the figure over for damage. The best action is to not buy anything which looks messed up inside its box. Photo by Sonictoast
Single Card Mini Racer Knuckles
It should be considered 2011, when Jazwares released mini racer Knuckles on the single card. For some reason, he was produced much later than the other single-card mini racers. However, all should be on the shelves of Toys R Us at the same time. His complex off-road vehicle looks good here, and seems detailed & proportional. Further photos & review pending getting this figure. Photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog
Tails All-Star Racer 3 inch figure Tails figure & airplane car photo Tails Airplane Racer Side View
Here's 3.5 inch scale Tails & his Tornado inspired airplane like racer. It's nicely detailed with the 'Tails' logos on the sides of the wings, colored propeller tips and various ridges & textures. It's a 3-wheel vehicle (unlike the rest) & has very tiny wheels. From the interior shot (Below) you can see that the steering wheel/yoke is very small. It's nearly to scale with the vehicle, but the figure's hands are too large to grip it.
Racer Tails Steering Tails Racer Top Under airplane car All tails racer photos in group by SonicToast
Tails figure comparison photo As you can see here, other figures can ride in Tails' vehicle. At left, you can see the first edition single-card Tails fitting easily into the plane. At right, Sonic is shown fitting right inside while Tails stands on the back fin. Tails is a difficult figure to 'make' ride in vehicles because his tails are so large they get in the way. Huge-footed figures (like all Sonic characters) also have design problems for vehicles.
Sonic fits in airplane
Tails Pale Yellowish Color figure
You may notice the Tails figure you get with the plane is a bit different. He's lighter yellow (apparent at left) and has the tails sculpted straighter, likely to look like blowing in the wind, or to help him fit into his racer better. However, this re-sculpt doesn't particularly help. His hands are also curled, to grip the wheel, but it is far too small for any figure to grasp.
Tails Racer Different Tail
Tails Racer Box Back Photo
Since he was released last, Tails' box back is most complete. As you can see here, it has a photo of all of the other 3.5 inch line racers & vehicles so you know what to collect. It also proclaimes "5 inch Racers", which refers to the cars being about 5 inches, NOT the figures. (this spawned a rumor of 5 inch scale JW figures for Shadow & Knuckles to be produced with cars) Having an informative box-back like this is an excellent move to let the fans know exactly what was produced. All above photos by SonicToast
What's this non-Sonic item doing here? This is the Ryo Hazuki Shenmue 3.5 inch scale racer figure. Just like Ai-ai & Amigo, he appeared in Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing game, & thus
All Ryo Racer photos by: SonicToast
is technically a part of the figure collection. Since he's limited edition, he'll be by far the rare-est figure, if you're trying to collect them all. Instead of Jazwares producing him, Symbiote Studios made the figure & fork-lift. The black disk is a plastic base that has the copyrights & logo. You can see it was supposed to be hand numbered, but no one ever did. His box is plain, black & cardboard. Despite the figure being in a cut-out styrofoam within, it arrived broken (back guard of lift). The faux-metallic paint job is quite good, however the figure isn't a great likeness of Ryo.
Sonic racer Torso Off Broken Figure
Disaster can strike racers before you get them this Sonic shows. His whole torso has been cut clean off while still in the box. Something broken like this should NEVER be bought. there's no way to fix him. The white dots at the tops of the legs indicate where the plastic was snapped, not just dis-jointed. Wierd things do happen. Photo by BelovedDoll
Mini racers Knuckles turn around
Mini racer Knuckles offroad
Mini Knuckles vehicle compare
Here is the long-awaited mini Knuckles Racer. For some reason, he was released as a single-card, months later than the other mini racers. As you can see, his off-road ATV style vehicle is still nicely detailed, and so is he. The figure is in nice scale with the vehicle, and it seems well painted. You can see how it compares to the Tails plane & their 3.5 inch figure. Photos by SuperSonic1497
Broken legs plane tails The Tails figure who comes with the racers airplane is not immune to damage. This one here had the legs broken right off when he was removed from the vehicle. Their big feet fitting inside the vehicles presents a difficulty, and matching it with a weak joint just doesn't mix. Photo by SuperSonic1497
How to fit Tails Without Breaking:
The plane comes apart very easily, it's held together by three screws and the propeller section slides on and off all I had to do was split the front open just a bit so the gray piece that holds the dashboard and wheel came out. Tails goes in without any risk of breakage now! Tip by DrEggplantman
Stronger Figures w/New Pose Notice something DIFFERENT about these figures with vehicles racers? Knuckles (right) demonstrates how you can tell new racers from old ones. When this line was re-stocked, Jazwares used sturdier plastic for the figures. (that improved plastic) and they also packaged the figures standing beside, rather than in/on the vehicles. This is likely to reduce breaking in shipping. Sturdy Standing Knuckles Racer
You can use this sign for everyone except Sonic (who was never in his car) to tell new from if you havn't gotten these guys yet, the standing-up ones are the ones you should go for. It's good to see they're looking to make improvements for figure safety in shipping. Comparison shots by Sonictoast