Puma Collaberation Title Card
Who's Faster?
Sonic and Puma Sportswear company are teaming up in 2020 to bring fans a whole big line of products!
This includes several types of shoes for kids AND adults (fits anyone, fits everyone!) clothing for kids, adults and teens that's more than just shirts--it's shorts, pants, hats and items like bracelets backpacks and sandals too! There's more than just Sonic here, you'll spot Amy Rose, Knuckles, Tails, Super Sonic (and if you look carefully) Shadow. It's all modern, and it's all pretty nicely designed. There's everything from "Sonic all over" to "Subtle Sonic" by way of design, plus some 'starring role' solo gear for Amy too, sure to delight her fans. ALL this stuff is on the Puma website upon its release in February of 2020 and will likely remain until it sells out. Want to buy it? Go to www.puma.com
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Amy Pink Suede Type Sneaker Shoe Puma Puma is most well known for shoes, so let's start there with an Amy shoe!
Who would ever have thought that Amy Rose could get her very own shoe? A solo starring item, at that? How great! It's a real milestone and a total must-own for Amy fans for sure! This is a 'suede type' shoe, so the surface will be likely slightly fuzzy. It's a fairly salmon-pink upper, with matching laces and a brighter pink interior. It has a nice full color Amy portrait on the side & the "Who's Faster" slogan on the other. The answer is written below though...with little arrows/speed boost symbol and the word "Sonic". The shoe toungue also has the Sonic icon on it, and the double logo is found inside as well. (It's always in all of the shoes)
This is a nice looking pair of shoes, not too busy, nicely Amy-themed without going overboard nor being too subtle. Notice the gold shiny Puma logo too. This is called the "Jr. Suede Sneaker" and it is 65 for kids/teens and 55 for toddler sizes.
Boys Sports Shorts Blue Collab Icon These are called "Boys Sports Shorts", but really probably anybody could wear them so long as they fit. They have an elastic waist with white draw string and a white stripe down the side.
But what they do not have, is a lot of Sonic content. The only thing they are designed with is the "Puma + Sonic" icon row which is really small there on the edge by the bottom. It had to be inset into the photo so that it could be noticed for Gear. This is fine, if you want something fairly subtle-Sonic. These are probably $20 in the store.
3 Variant Crewneck Sweat Shirts Sonic Choose a color!
This Sonic sweat shirt comes in 3, you can choose blue with white shoulder accent & red piping, Red with white shoulder accent and blue piping or black with no shoulder accent and blue piping. Each one has the same Sonic graphic & the same "Who's Faster" slogan.
It has a widening series of vertical white lines & running modern Sonic shown at the end of the line trail. This is a sort of 'graphic/comic book' almost way of looking fast. It looks nice, a good colorful graphic band across the chest area. The white band you see inside the collar is a thicker material with the 'Puma x Sonic' word/ribbon type thing repeated over and over. This helps reinforce the neck of the shirt, and it adds authenticity plus another Sonic element, so it's nice to see. They're listed as 'boys' but sweatshirts are for anyone. Each of these shirts will be 40 dollars in the store.
2 Sonic Puma Backpacks Kids Here are 2 Sonic backpacks from Puma!
They're standard school-bag shaped with padded shoulder straps, side pocket, front pocket, big space for books, and the usual carry handle. However, they have zip-away bottom areas (where the other handle loop is) for storing more stuff. The zipper pulls are nylon for sturdiness & have the Puma logo.
The first backpack is black with blue accents, and has the modern Sonic/lines strip shaped design and the slogan.
The salmon-pink backpack has a spatter-paint black zip away bottom & black mesh for
the side pocket, zippers and accents. It has a large white Puma word-logo (with lines by the P) but has 3 characters instead. It has running with speed-lines Sonic at the "P", flying along Tails by the "U", and leading the way (interestingly) is speed lines Knuckls who has already passed by the word. Having all 3 characters in a different order makes this a colorful bag, plus having them run over the word/around it gives a bit of a playful look. Either school bag is 40 dollars.
Bonus Bracelets Sonic Blue Pink You may have noticed the small items with the bags above.
Here is a better look at them. They are bracelets that are a bonus when you buy the bag. It looks like they have a snap to close them. Are they rubber? Maybe. They are printed in white ink only, with the newer profile of running modern Sonic line art, Puma word, lines & slogan. The item description for the school bags doesn't mention the bracelets at all. These will likely end up being a rare item because it is something you can only get if you buy the bag.
Amy Rose Puma Word Tee Shirts TWO tees, just for Amy Rose!
Amy fans can continue to celebrate as she stars solo on two tee shirts. They're a variant of each other, one pink, the other white. The graphic is the "PUMA" word in its thick font, large across the front. Inside the letters you can see Amy's face (like the letters are stamped into a picture of her) specifically her eyes and bangs, mostly. The other letters have spatter paint black/white texture in them. The "Who's faster" slogan is below. The white band in the collar is a sewn-in textured material with the Puma X Sonic writing along it that reinforces the shirt neck area.
This whole line tends to put spatter paint/asphalt type look along-side Amy and will use a fairly consistent shade of pink where she appears on the merchandise. It's fairly clear that they are trying to develop a particular style to use for her, which is nice. Also, it's a pretty sure bet that it's hear to fulfill the "we have stuff that specifically is geared for girls to like", even though anyone can like Amy and wear pink or her stuff or Puma stuff. These shirts should be about 20 dollars.
Blue Sonic Kids Cap Hat Puma Flat Bill An interesting looking cap hat...
This isn't built like a normal ball cap, as it has a 2 color top and isn't made of the usual pointed shape panels. It's black on the sides, then blue and white across the top. The front (hat band area?) is black, with the
design on it. It's the "PUMA" word in the thick font, and in the letters you can see running modern Sonic portrait. (Like the picture of him is stamped through by the letters) There's the usual slogan beneath it. The side of the hat has another design though, which is the logo stack in white embroidery, which looks nice. The adjustment band is designed with the 'speed boost' chevron shapes as well, making this quite a good cap with lots of Sonic elements. It says it's a "Kids Cap" but...how much smaller than normal is it? It has a flat bill. A hat is $17.50
Pink Amy Kids Cap Hat Here's the Amy theme version of the cap above. Naturally, it has pink sides, a pink bill, and pink for the front where the logo goes. However, for the 2 stripe top, it has black with white spatter paint & a white panel as well.
It has all of the same detailing but the logo stack is in black embroidery & there's the Amy face in the logo font for the front. It says it's a "Kids Cap" but...how much smaller than normal is it? A hat is $17.50
3 Kids Bomber Style Jackets Puma Sonic Amy
These are "Bomber Jackets".
That's the style, but they appear to be made of heavier sweatshirt-type material. They all have a full zip open front with metal ring zipper pull. There's a bit of a collar to them, and elastic cuffs for the sleeves. They have piping on the shoulders that goes half way down the arm, and there are 3 exterior Sonic details each.
The first is the upper-chest one side puma x logo stack. It's fairly small. Next is the "Who's Faster" slogan about mid-way down one of the sleeves. Last is largest, with the thick font PUMA all across the upper back. For the blue and black jackets it has Sonic inside the word, and for the pink one, Amy is in there. The other letters not containing the character art are black/white spatter painted. With nice details all around, and solid looking construction plus convenient zipper, these seem like good jackets to have. They're each 50 dollars and sized for kids and teens but not adults.
Boys Sweat Pants Gray or Black Subtle Sweatpants...are subtle.
These are called "Kids Sweat Pants", and they come in either gray with white & red piping below the knee or black with white & blue piping below the knee. The black pair also has a white patch on the leg, so it's a tad more detailed. Both have elastic waist with draw-string and elastic cuffs for the ankles.
However, they're kind of 'barely Sonic at all'. The only detail these have is the logo-stack in white stamped small onto only 1 side of 1 pant leg. The listing on the site doesn't even highlight it! That bit of it you see on the black pair is all there was to it, the gray pair doesn't even show it. For something that's 40 dollars you would hope it might be a bit more Sonic-like.
2 Kids Size Bucket Hats Pink Black Puma
Here are 2 "Bucket Hats".
Bucket is indeed a type of hat, and this is probably the first one of this style to get a Sonic design upon it. The hat comes in 2 varieties, but both are sized for kids. You can get black or pink, and they're the same except for the color. It has a 'speed boost chevrons' band around in black and white. Then, there's the logo stack in either white or black embroidery for the (front?) of the hat. Hats like this probably don't have a 'side' because they seem just round.
Each hat is 17.50
This is a sturdy type of hat that's usually made of a thicker canvas material and is pulled down onto the head to keep it from flying off. The brim going all the way around while not being large also helps it to stay on. It generally also can be washed without ruining. It is a bit of a utility type hat, which is just fine.
Opinion Zone: This style of hat is not particularly attractive
Forever Faster Black & White Tees Puma A new slogan!
These 2 variant tees have "Forever Faster" as the slogan, which is actually very cool and Sonic-like. It has run/skid modern Sonic sliding sideways with speed lines across/through the itallics font for the slogan. Below that with many lines in red is the Puma word so that it aligns with the red from his shoes. The slogan is in blue so it aligns with the rest of Sonic and creates a cohesive color design presentation for the art.
At the very bottom are 2 of the speed-boost icon bits. These are adults sizes so they should fit anyone, and should be 30 dollars.
Whoever came up with this slogan/art combo did a good job. It looks fresh, it's Sonic accurate in style/theme, and looks good on black or white colored items. Some good thought clearly went into this one.
Opinion Zone: A great tee for anyone
Too Slow Knuckles Shadow Tee An unusual pair!
Knuckles AND Shadow on a tee with no other character? Not a bad combination of red and black! This one is sure to be a hit with Knuckles and also Shadow fans for how unique it is. This is the first time that these two
have been on a merchandise without any other character also present. It's time for red and black to be the star of the show. And, with a small silouhette-faces chest design on one side, and a good big graphic for the back, it really is time to shine. The back has a sort of "Z" speed shape with the slogan "You're Too Slow!" (because whoever sees this is behind the wearer) You can also see a 'game score/time/rings' display under that, and 3 rings under Knuckles' fist. Shadow seems to be new art? He's in Sonic's finger-waving pose, but it's more like finger-holding-up? It's good to see him doing something different than just standing/scowling about. These are adults sizes so they should fit anyone, and should be 30 dollars.
Very interesting combo! A great tee.
Watch out for it on the website though, it is listed as "Sonic Tee", when it isn't. Everything on the site calls itself Sonic or Amy, even when it features other characters so be sure to hunt all around to see everything.
Lead Cat Slide Flip Flop Sandal Sonic Amy Shoes This style is called "The Lead Cat Slide"
And it is a wide strap open toe sandal shoe. They are likely made of a tough foam type or rubber. They come in blue for Sonic & pink for Amy. They are a kids sandal, so they may not fit everyone. The heel has the logo stack in black.
The wide strap has a different Sonic element for each shoe. The right shoe has the PUMA word stamped across it in black, and it is over a character silouhette for either Amy or Sonic. However, wherever the font is, the art is in color. Wherever it isn't the silouhete is black for Sonic, and
light pink for Amy. (So, you do get the whole character head as the graphic) The left shoe has the modern Sonic logo, speed arrows in a row, & the Puma cat jumping on the edge. A good look! Each shoe is very character oriented, and the 'stamp thru' for the faces is a neat gimmick on the shoe band like that. Each pair is 30 dollars.
Girls Black 3 Face Sport Tee This says 'for girls' but really it's probably for anybody who can fit into it, so kids/teens.
It's a "Sports Tee", with 3 faces down one side, plus the slogan and the logo. It's all black and may have either actual piping or at least colored strips for the shoulders and sleeves. These are red on one side, and white on the other. At the top it says "Who's Faster" and then has forward-facing Tails, Amy & then Sonic faces, last being the jumping cat Puma logo. There are the speed-boost chevrons beside the Amy face in white. Notice the Sonic one, it's where his spikes are off to one side rather than 'head on' / so like how he is drawn when sliding sideways. It freshens it up a bit that it's not the 'forward facing face' that became so standard. This is 20 dollars.
2 Backpack Bags Drawstrap Sonic Amy Here are 2 not backpacks but "back-bags" that look like drawstring but they are "draw-strap" instead. While these can be slung over a shoulder, they're probably not good for school, but more as a tote or for the beach, the gym or a trip. They have a nylon draw strap that cinches up the top of the bag, rather than using zippers. Each has a mesh side pocket & a longer nylon shoulder strap. The bottom/base is flat and zips open.
Choose a character:
You can get a pink bag with Amy inside the logo font & a speckled base, or Sonic in the font on a blue bag with an all black base. Each bag is $25
Who's Faster Red Gray Sonic Adult Shirts
A red shirt, and it's variant mottled gray tee.
Both of these are adult size tees so anyone can wear them. The slogan across the top is "Who's Faster" written in a splashy hollow font. The shirts have the modern Sonic at the end of thinning lines in a band across the chest, and the Puma logo below that.
They created this particular design for this collaboration line, and they're gonna use it quite a bit. Which is fine, because it's nice, it looks fast, and it doesn't look like other things that have come before it. Both shirts look sporty, and will certainly appeal to a fan of either or both brands. Because they are adults shirts, they are probably 30 each.