Puma Collaberation Title Card
Who's Faster?
Sonic and Puma Sportswear company are teaming up in 2020 to bring fans a whole big line of products!
This includes several types of shoes for kids AND adults (fits anyone, fits everyone!) clothing for kids, adults and teens that's more than just shirts--it's shorts, pants, hats and items like bracelets backpacks and sandals too! There's more than just Sonic here, you'll spot Amy Rose, Knuckles, Tails, Super Sonic (and if you look carefully) Shadow. It's all modern, and it's all pretty nicely designed. There's everything from "Sonic all over" to "Subtle Sonic" by way of design, plus some 'starring role' solo gear for Amy too, sure to delight her fans. ALL this stuff is on the Puma website upon its release in February of 2020 and will likely remain until it sells out. Want to buy it? Go to www.puma.com
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Girls Crewneck Sweat Shirts Pink Black Here are 2 girls crewneck sweat shirts. However, probably anyone can wear them, they don't seem to have a girls type fit. Each one features piping for the shoulder and part of the sleeve, and elastic wrist cuffs. The black
3 Character Face Detail Sonic Amy Tails
has white and red piping, while the pink has black and white piping. Both have the "Who's Faster" slogan and 3 character faces lined up down one side. They're pretty big though, which is nice & creates a colorful/visible Sonic presence on the shirt. It has forward facing Tails, Amy, and Sonic then the jumping cat Puma logo with 'speed line fade' behind it. There are some speed-boost chevrons in white beside the Amy.
The close up is here to show that every time this design appears, this is the exact art they use. Because the items can be big, they make the faces in the photo small so it's good to have a zoomed in view like you would if you owned the item.

These are 40 dollars per shirt.

Tails White Tee Shirt Puma A Tails Tee!
And it's really cute! Amy can't steal the show all day here, now Puma has a fun Tails shirt. It's all white with a red line for one sleeve and a black line for the other. It has a seldom-used (is it new for 2020?) hovering along the ground modern Tails art. It's a cool action pose for him, and the Puma logo/red spaced lines make it look like he is leaving a dust trail. Atop the logo though, is a black line art Sonic running in the other direction, also in direct profile. He fits right in & doesn't distract from the main Tails art. The Tails is also nicely sized & high up on the tee, sure to bring attention...which is good because the art is really fun. This is a kids size tee and should be 25 dollars.
Girls Leggings Tights Yoga Pants Puma Leggings are a sporty clothes, maybe for yoga?
This clingy type of pants is a bit of the 'subtle Sonic' because whether it is a pink pair or a black pair, there's only the very small logo stack on one thigh top area & that's it. The back of the leg has the "Who's Faster" slogan quite large, written vertically. You can get a plain pink with black stripe pants or a spatter white/black pants with pink stripe.They're not amazingly Sonic, but perhaps paired with an Amy tee, it could create an outfit. The pants are $
Hoodie Zip Front Sonic Sleeve Jackets Here are 3 hoodie jackets that are all just color variants of each other. You can get the same item in mottled gray, black, or bright red. Each has an all zip front, 2 side pockets, hood, and elastic cuffs for the sleeves. They have the logo stack embroidered onto the upper chest area.
Interestingly, they choose 1 sleeve to be the design area for the item. It has jumping / leaping Sonic with some scattered rings on the sleeve. But, what they do not do, is take a good picture of it for the website. This is all you can see of it.
But you can notice....
That Sonic is NOT in his usual shoes, he is in a plain red Puma shoe, with white sole & white layer on the side. They must have gotten special permission from Sega to change him in the art. These sweat shirts hoods are for anybody, and are $50.
Speeds Our Game Sonic Puma Blue Shirt An all-unique & large design!
While most of the items here feature new designs, they tended to be smaller or on only a portion of the item. This shirt, however, goes all out with a slogan, a big Sonic art & new background. It's a blue adult sizes tee, with large graphic front. The slogan is "Sonic's The Name / Speed's Our Game". (Probably referring to the wearer/Sonic's fans/Sonic & Puma" etc. to generate the 'our' in that instance)
The slogan is written in 2 parts along the edge of the graphic. It has leaping Sonic, but he's in the plain red lace-ups Puma shoes instead of his usual shoes. There are speed-booster lines along the bottom, some rings & a spatter black/white rectangle. Look at the Puma logo at the top, it is nicely shaded so that it looks 3D/golden. Because this is an adult size it is probably $30
Adult Hoodie Shadow Knuckles Details Adult size hoodie!
Good, a hoodie that will fit anyone. This is a non-zip front hoodie that must be a pullover. It has a draw string hood, and elastic cuffs for the sleeves.
It is also tricky in its presenation. The website would have you believe that the blue one is a variant of the black, but it is not. The black hoodie has Shadow & Knuckles simple/color faces small on one side, while the blue one has Sonic & either Super Sonic, or possibly Super Shadow in the same place. Also, the Sonic face is inside the "Swish shape" of color, while the Knuckles face is not. Both have a row of 3 rings & a "Score/time/rings" game-type read out near the bottom of one sleeve.
The designs may be small, but they are an interesting combination of characters & applied in an interesting place. These are $50 each.
Puma Sonic Knuckles Sport Shirt An all-over design!
This rather busy item is "Adult Sport Shirt" and it has a Sonic & Knuckles comic book type theme. It's just panels of them repeating all over and overlapping on the shirt. The whole thing is 100% covered with this without blank areas. So, this results in it being very red/blue and also very busy.
The speech bubble says "Unleash the Ultimate Power!". The other text that you can see is the "Score/time/rings" game-type read out that's printed in the blue area of the panel. Puma seems to be leading their promotions with this one, for some reason. (Probably because it is very loud)
All Black Graphic Sonic Mens Tee
It's black...on black...
And it's actually pretty neat? This men's tee is (of course) black, but then so is the Sonic graphic. It is made from a semi-matte material with cut-in lines for the details. The light has to hit it properly (probably) for the grahpic to really be revealed. It's leaping Sonic, and a pretty good size on the front of the shirt. There are 3 white highlights though...and they are the shape on the side of his Puma shoes & the one white spot on the shoe tongue.
The white areas are certainly to highlight the Puma brand (that shape is distinct and can be seen on many of their shoes although it is part of the shoe construction) and to draw the eye in that there really is a graphic there. This is a very interesting take on a Sonic design. Certainly, nothing like it has been done before. How will it stand up to wear? Well, hopefully, as this is quite a nice shirt. It is probably $30
Mens Black Puma Sonic Hoodie Like the above design, but want something warmer?
Here's an adults size hoodie sweat shirt with the same theme. This time though, there are designs for the front and the back. The front has the 'logo stack' on one side, and the "who's faster" on the other side of the upper chest.
But, it's the back that really shines (literally) with a really big Puma word logo, the leaping Sonic/different shoes, and the slogan. These are all in the semi-matte black so the design is blending in a bit in order to stand out. It's interesting to see, & guarenteed to not already have something like it. Which is good, because this is $70
Super Sonic Too Slow White Mens Shirt Super Sonic Shirt!
The "You're Too Slow!" slogan returns, this time on a white men's sizes tee and with Sonic & Super Sonic. For this shirt, the 'z' shape is yellow & some of the speed lines/the fade is blue. It still has the 3 rings & the
game score readout at the bottom. It has profile running modern Sonic & 'charging up' Super Sonic art nice & large size on the back. The front has both faces for him as silouhettes & a yellow swish type shape. It's cool to see Super Sonic & Regular Sonic at once on merchandise. SS doesn't make it onto much...so fans of the form will probably really enjoy this one. A good design with an aggressive slogan for SS.
Sonic Black Suede Shoe If Amy gets a suede shoe, Sonic should too.
And he does, with this black and blue pair of suede Puma shoes. They have the usual Puma shape & construction, with white soles & black uppers with blue interior. On one side is a Sonic portrait & speed lines. On the other is the "Who's Faster" slogan. The tongue of the shoe has the logo stack & the heels each get a logo. Left for Sonic, right for Puma.
The interior of the shoe will also have the logo stack. These shoes are constructed exactly the same way as the Amy shoes were on the first page. These are kids sizes and will be 65 dollars.
Too Slow Toddler Super Sonic Tee A repeat item?
Not exactly...this is a Toddler Tee. It's also the only one they say they specifically have just for toddler sizes. It's the "You're Too Slow" Sonic & Super Sonic shirt from above.
you can see how its proportions are different though, and it has the puma logo & cat on one sleeve top. It also gives you a look at the cloth tags in the back of the neck which have the logo stack. Aaaand for some reason this is also 30 dollars when it probably shouldn't be because it's absolutely tiny.
Shoe Surgeon Famous Puma Alter Shoe And now, we take a break for a very special shoe.
This is a highly customized Puma shoe, which has been done by the famous shoe-customizer and shoe-celebrity known as
"The Shoe Surgeon"
This famous shoe worker customizes a very few amount of shoes from Puma every so often, and it really went to work on this design, going right for the look of Sonic's iconic & original sneaker! The all red shoe either hides its laces or has none, for a sleek look. Then, an elastic tough white band is added
Alter Custom Shoe Surgeon Sonic Sneakers across the top of the shoe. The soles are white, with wide edges like the art. The logo stack is on the inside where the foot goes. These look really cool! The Surgeon's operation was a success!
What's too bad?
There's only something like 5 pairs of these ever made because the Surgeon is so limited edition. Still, they are great to see.
You're Too Slow Tees 4 Colors Spot the differences!
These aren't really variant tees....but...
Here are 4 tees with the slogan "You're Too Slow". They're similar, but not the same.
Notice the red one, the "W" from Slow is all pulled and stretched away/downward. It's the only one that's like that...and it has taken Sonic's spike with it. Isn't that interesting?
The red shirt has gray shoulders, the black shirt has black, the white shirt has blue & the blue shirt has white. They each have a Sonic forward-facing-face in the "O" of Slow, and the word has 'echoes' behind it in a somewhat-comic-book type look. Then, the Puma cat has the same thing behind it as well. With the red shirt being an oddity, this is a curious set of tees.
PUMA Sonic Original Shoes Puma Black Sonic Shoes Adults
The Puma & Sonic Shoe Collaberation worked in 2020!
Puma, the famous shoe brand teamed up with Sega & Sonic to make THREE different pairs of 'subtle-Sonic' shoes that you see here. AND they are for adults in real adult sizes! AND  Kids Too! So everyone is welcome to wear them, which, as fans know is a really good move but an awesome change from how things usually are. CG to Puma!
The first pair at top left are the "originals". Puma says that their colors are Sonic inspired with blue accents, 3 gold rings on each heel, and red/yellow/blue soles like the classic (Japanese type) box art. Here, you can find the Puma & Sonic face logo inside the shoe. There's also one on the square track area on the shoe sole, which is the same shape for every style of shoe. The other two pairs have checkering inside, but the same pair of logos.
Puma Red Black Green Sneakers Sonic
The next shoe is the stylish all-black pair, but you can see it has an added Sonic face on one side, as well as the 3 rings on the back and the shoe tongue detail. These soles are red, blue and black. The last pair is possibly a little bit Eggman inspired too? The uppers are black but with a red fade toward the heel. The heel then has the green/red 'caution stripe' detail, plus a text block with the score/time/rings readout that's always on the game screen. This pair again uses the nice gold foil under the rings, and still has the shoe tongue detail. Confusingly though, the soles add a kind of odd salmon/plah-doh pink plus the hot green and black. It looks a bit odd with the red, but isn't terrible or anything.
These are certain to be "Subtile Sonic" items. Only upon quite close inspection of the shoe could a non-fan recognize the Sonic elements seen here. And, that is just fine for some people as well as merchandise variety being really super. The best thing though is that they'll fit anybody. These should be about $120.00 AND you can buy them on the Puma website as long as they don't sell out. This is a Winter 2020 item. (If/when it sells out the link should go away) Discovered by Taaron.