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ReSaurus Sonic Action Figures
These were considered by many fans to be the best line of Sonic figures available in their time. The sculpts were small and all fairly accurate. Each figure came with a base of their 'face logo' and 1 plastic gold-chromed ring which fit on a clear plastic stand to fit in the base. The figures had a hole in their shoe so you could snap them on too.
ReSaurus has unfortunatly gone out of business. They ended shortly after releasing the second figure line. The second line saw only an EXTREMLY limited release in game-exclusive stores (Babbages, Electronics Botique etc in the USA) and thus were hard to find.
The figures do have their flaws, however. They are known for the paint being way too easy to chip. These must be handled with care. The paint also can rub onto other figures, even with loose handleing. Some of the parts are not connected all that well, and may break. These are NOT figures to let little siblings near, or to display on percarious surfaces in your room.
Complete first line small figures photo Big Tails Sonic E102 Knuckles
The complete first ReSaurus first line of small figures. These average 4 inches high. They are solid plastic and rubber with paint. Usually 5 articulations.
Here is their Sonic the Hedgehog. The iris/pupils are a bit large, and his body is very slim/long. His shoes are bent upward permenantly, making him somewhat difficult to stand, without the use of his base.
See that red speck in his eye? That's from his shoe hitting it when he fell off of a low shelf. "Easily Smudges" is not an understatement.
ReSaurus Sonic figure close up front
Sonic & Tails ReSaurus back of figures
Toy companies never almost show you the backs, but thats why Sonic Gear is here. Sonic is not entirely accurate...
Tails ReSaurus close up figure photo Tails!
His wrists can be pivoted so you can pose his hands. His bangs are made of soft rubber so they can't break. They joined the head together in his ears, which was clever, and saves him from the Toy Island fate of having a jillion screws all over the place.
Despite his flat feet, he can still have a decent range of standing up type poses because his tails act like a '3rd leg' depending on how you rotate them. Notice they painted in his glove belts and sock belts. They were really paying attention when they made this figure!
Knuckles ReSaurus action figure Knuckles the Echidna
He has a decent sculpt as well, and does not suffer from the common 'massive head' syndrome that other ones of him do. He does have an unusually slim body, just like Sonic. The prototypes of this figure had SERIOUSLY messed up eyes. Unfortunetely, he can be a bit top-heavy and tends to lean foreward when you stand him up, due to his head size and shape. His fists are well done and large, and one of them is in a 'thumbs up' position for a bit of character.
Knuckles head side photo
Head is not too humongous. Also his spikes are not immense flaps.
E-102 Gamma Robot action figure front E-102 Gamma Robot
This guy was seriously cool. For some reason they pulled out all the stops on E. The hover-pack is removable. His head turns 360. His body turns too, and his...silver dangling plate thing can swing. His gun is also posable. They even did his 3rd Eye camera! The toy looks pretty much 'just' like him, which isn't entirely accurate for the rest of the characters on the line. This is also the largest figure in the series. Quite impressive. It is easily ReSaurus' best figure.
E102 figure back
Big the Cat ReSaurus action figure Big the Cat
Everyone's least-favorite addition to Sonic Adventure got a very, very decent sculpt. Big must be incredibly easy to make or something, because almost every Big you find looks JUST like him. Yet Sonic is messed up left and right. Big's whole head is rubber, which can fade. He is articulated at the waist (Belt hides it). He came with his fishing pole, but not Froggy. It looks like his other hand will hold the pole, but it won't. Always be cautious about his paint, as it may chip or flake as he ages.

Series Two
Series 2 Amy Rose in Box W/Accessories Amy Rose action figure The Much Coveted Amy Rose!
I still need to add this to my collection, so these are ReSaurus photos. Notice the wack-o eyes of the one in the box. She comes with her Piko-Piko mallet though!
All the boxes look about the same. The color schemes vary, but if you've seen one, you've seen them all. That circle decal is claimed to be a 'free sticker' but it is difficult to remove, and does not stick once it has been.
Skiing Sonic figure from ReSaurus series 2 Skiing Sonic. Why did they bother? Sonic has NEVER skiied. Not even once, as far as I know, in any game. he is. Sonic SNOWBOARDS. They should pay some attention. His boards were actually really cool most of the time too--would've made an awesome accessory with a graphic on the bottom.
You can see at least 2 prototypes of this figure on the Prototypes Page.
Watch out for un-accessorized bootlegs of the series 2 line. To spot the fakes, go to the Avoid Bootleg Items Page .
Ski Sonic Figure White Base Bronze color Tails base prototype Gold color Sonic base Silver color knuckles base
Sonic E-102 Big & Amy prototype bases All your base are belong to...
The original prototype bases shown above did not have the eyes cut in yet. It was a good choice to do so, as these are somewhat...creepy. They are not accuratly colored. Big's ended up being green. Amy's is either pink or purple. Skii Sonic's stayed white, or light blue. E-102 is accurate. These also ended up with a little hole some where for the ring-peg and a peg for the figure's foot.
Did you know they planned a third line? The line was to contain Shadow, Super Sonic and Rouge the Bat.
Tails Varient Figure Side Looking ReSaurus Varient Tails What new news could come out of ReSaurus now that they're out of biz?
Varient figures. Apparently, there were a few Tails figures made where he is looking sideways (Like in his sticker you see on the box) Was this guy made first? Second? It isn't known, but the rest of him is identical to the one shown above. Photos and facts by Gunstar9.
ReSaurus Box Plain Front Back Here's what their box looked like without the plastic on the front. With this, it's easy to tell how much detail they put into the plastic bubble on their card, with 3 different paper decals, and the textured text-top. This proved to be a huge benefit for the now-defunct company, as bootleggers simply could not imitate this complex and well-done packaging. This box is from series 1, and shows the other figures on the line, though in a bit of their prototype state (notice Tails' medallion is a slightly different color, and they have 'sideways looking' Tails pictured. Photo by: SonicRulz14
ReSaurus Toy Show Wall Display
This is not a retail display.
Though, it would have made for a nice one! This is actually a booth or show-wall. These types of displays are used by companies at toy shows to reveal their merchandise to buyers. You can see their regular line figures in the center, their box art at the top, and their giant talkin' Sonics (in box) at the bottom. The whole thing is surrounded by colorful large cardboard disks. You can see one of the people to mind the booth at the bottom, they would be there to explain the product details, pricing and generally show off the items. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
E-102 Gamma MIB Trade Show Box Here is E 102 mint in the box / on the card. Though this looks extremely similar to a retail item, it is not. It is a mock-up of the packaging used to display the toy at a fair or a trade show. Notice there is no hang hook, only a small hole. Then, observe the detail shots (at right) the bubble is stapled to the card, the edge reveals the color is a paper attached TO the card, rather than a printed card AND
the bottom of the feet has no number. (All regular release figures had numbers on the bottoms of the feet) So, while the box is correct, it is not actually real/final. The figure also does not have the "E-102" mark on it. It does give you a good look at it though, complete with "series two" written at the top, and pictures of the rest of the figures released on that line. This may be an actual 1-of-a-kind item, so it's very interesting to see!
Normal Tails MIB Photo This is what ReSaurus Tails looks like when he is normal, mint in the box. The one above was the odd variant one where he is looking sideways.
Notice what the box looks like now, as opposed to older ones, the plastic is far less clear, and has yellowing and some clouding. Because bubble cards weren't really ever meant to be kept forever, they probably weren't made with super permenent types of plastic. These 'side effects of age' could happen to any ReSaurus toy. After all, a package is supposed to be just that--a container that protects something until it's opened & used.
However, something uncommon like this is still nice to see all the way in 2019, in pretty much mint condition. Photo & owned by @retrogamingisawesome#3112
MIP Tails ReSaurus Figure Front Back Here is the front and the back of a normal Tails ReSaurus box.
All of the box backs were the same general format for each of the figures, because only 3 came out on their first round. The top item is their "Giant Talking" Sonic figure with the button on his shoe and the bent feet / kind of odd look that caught a lot of flak at the time.
They use a large SA1 graphic to take up the box back because the line didn't start off with that many figures.
The little phrase near the circle right under the logo is the (in)famous "Also includes a Sonic, Tails or Knuckles Character Sticker - the circular
art is also a sticker!" Well--they weren't. Or at least, they weren't very good. The glue used to stick them into the bubble card often hardened, causing the item to rip if you tried to remove it. Also, it was very thin and the 'sticker backing' was either un-removable, or very difficult to remove to stick it. They were better left alone or clipped out with (probably more care than a child would use) care if it wasn't going to be an MIB figure.