Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet? Or things that NEVER got made?
It's time for prototypes! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation/fan photo) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Key Chains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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Prototype Pack SA1 Sonic & Board To start things off, check out this action figure that never got made. This is a prototype of Toy Island's SA1 line in a prototype package, even. This one appears to be blistered onto the card, where the final had a plastic box construct on the card. The other differences you can notice are:
Board has color on the top, the rings are much larger than normal, there is only 1 emerald enclosed, and the sculpt for Sonic's head is very different. This one has a more slanted eye style, giving the figure a more aggressive look. The figure is also shiny, whereas the final had a more rubberized head material.
The card remains essentially the same as the first release. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Wilty prototype Big Plush 7 inch 10 inch plush on a stand
7 inch prototype Sonic & Tails dolls Toy Island was all set to make some Sonic Adventure plushes. There were 2 sizes planned, 7 inch and 10 inch. The 10s were to be released sitting in cardboard stands (seen above with Tails) Why they chose Big and not more of a fan-favorite Amy is also unknown. It has been debated that these guys released somewhere. Only PROOF will move them, which is a hang tag, tush tag or plush in a stand that actually says Toy Island on it or matches/close to the stand seen above. Discovered by Berzerker
Skii Sonic ReSaurus Prototype Figure Streight Leg Shoe Strap Proto Sonic
This is a prototype of a ReSaurus line 2 figure.
The main difference you can spot here is that the figures have visible hinge dots. The final figures on this line used color-matched plastic in the hinges so the dots are a texture, not a color difference. Discovered by Berzerker
Yet ANOTHER prototype of this figure! Look at the differences here, huuuge eyes, much straighter legs, and the strap across the 'boot' is white instead of black. The body also appears to be a slightly different shape or paint style. It is strange how many they made! Discovered by Berzerker
ReSaurus Unreleased Figures Photo ReSaurus had lots of plans they never got to complete because they went out of business.
This is actually a photo of a poster they produced, to announce a set of 10th Anniversary Sonic figures. The set never happened though, because they went out of business before it could ever be made.
The poster itself is rather odd. It's a mish-mash of their own photos but it just looks like it was thrown together. Tails has his ring and stand...but no one else does. How were you supposed to know what the figures came with? 3 of the figures are re-releases with the odd one out being E...because he was on line 2. BUT if you look closely, it says "E 102 Alpha" not 'gamma'...though this robot looks exactly the same. (In the game they were different colors and some looked different as well, with accessories etc)
The Sonic is called "Golden Sonic" which once again shows companies' obsession with dipping regular Sonic into gold paint to try and extract more money from the same figure. They didn't even try to make him "Super"...but they don't CALL him that either, which is
a good move. Also note, that's likely not even a photo of whatever end-product 'gold Sonic' they were going to have, as it looks like a photo of their first Sonic figure that someone has applied a very simplistic yellow photoshop filter to. Photo discovered by Berserker.
Prototype Unpainted Figure JW Amy 3in
Practically since the first 3inch line of Sonic figures was announced by Jazwares, the 2nd line was a sure thing. The debate was only up for who would be on that line, and the first figure to appear (as an unpainted prototype) is Amy Rose. The figure looks quite Amy-like, with well centered eyes, proportional head and boots. She may have the 'center smile' going on which could help her look good as well.

Once the figure is released this image won't move as it is unpainted. The final figure will be seen on one of the Jazwares pages. Discovered by Berzerker.

Proto Sonic Racing Car Figure Art Jazwares will be releasing vehicles on their 3rd line, apparently.
The 3rd line is being released for Sega All-Stars Racing, the video game, and will contain figures of the 6 main Sonic characters to appear in it, along with their vehicles they use in the game.

Seen at left is NOT a picture of anything. It is low-res sprites from the game (vehicles) and butchered stock art that existed already cut apart to make the characters look like they are in/on their rides. Notice Knuckles has 2 of the same exact hand and Shadow's body is a compilation of his poses, etc. The other version of this image has the pre-existing figures ONLY (Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails) standing next to the same exact shots of their vehicles OR vehicle art only. That is also a "mash up" meant to create the illusion that it is showing you this new line, when really it is showing you figures from the first 2 lines only.

Due for release Feb. 2010, close to the release of the game. By this point TRU should have lost its exclusive. is taking pre-orders for the figures but do note their information is cribbed directly from a Sega release about the GAME (not the figures) so it mentions Aiai and other characters in the game that JW has never said they'd do.
Sonic Car art discovered by HoggerTheHedgehog, Other car arts discovered by News 4 Kids, published by ToyGlobe
Racing Figures Box Art This is the possible box for the above figures. It isn't really a box, it's just a low res image of some possible art. Notice a nice checkered edge with die-cut corner (difficult for bootleggers to knock off, a good move!) The logo appears at the bottom, likely with the individual name-plate for who is inside. Jazwares HAS changed box styles in the past from early images like this, so it is likely to remain on prototypes. Discovered by News 4 Kids
Prototype Big the Cat Jazwares Figure Proto Big is Scaled on 3in Line This is a fully painted Big the Cat prototype figure. It appears retail ready, but is labeled as pending Sega's approval. However, it is likely the final release will look
the same, as really, no one can seem to spot any problems with him or why he wouldn't be approved. For some reason, he is to scale while all of their other figures on the 3.75 inch line clearly were not. Why start now? Does this mean future figures will all be scaled too? The figure itself looks fantastic, especially in-scale as it is. He looks to have all the same joints as the rest of the line (even the knee, if you look closely appears to be jointed despite his stubby legs) His hands are pretty dynamic as well, and the one hand suggests he could hold a fishing pole, if they accessorize the figure at all. In all, this is a very good first look at this figure, which looks quite promising no matter if you are a Big the Cat fan or not. Photo provided by ToyNewsI
Prototype Jazwares Fixed Mini Plush These mini plushes appeared alongside the new All Stars Racers figures at the toy fair. They're labeled as prototypes, so they belong in here. If the actual released dolls look the same, this image will move. In what seems to be becoming a tradition with Jazwares, these aren't exactly the same as the plushes that were already released. This set attempts to 'fix' some of the problems the earlier ones have, but how good a job they do is really up for debate. Shadow's face is still awful/flat, but they have moved his eyes up and outward (as the first one was a tad cross-eyed) The oddly shaped feet don't seem improved, and Sonic's ears are still on the sides of his head. Again, the Werehog remains their best piece on this line. Should they have simply worked larger where it's easier to get patterns looking nice? Despite their efforts, these still aren't the best plushes. Disc. by Berzerker
Unpainted 3.5 inch Silver figure
Unpainted Amy mini racer figure Here is a nice look at two unpainted Jazwares figures. At left is the mini racer Amy and right is their 3.5 inch line Silver. You cans see which details are only painted on, and which are etched into the figure for added effect. It is always interesting to have a look at unpainted figures.
Looking for prototype Sonic Games? This 1up blog entry is LOADED with screen shots and prototype game info. You can read about all sorts of games that never made it to release. 1up on Unreleased Sonic Games
Allstars racing eggman off road prototype This is Jazwares' painted prototype for their All Stars Racing Eggman racer. His off road/big wheel device looks about like it does in the game, with the traditional black/yellow caution striping on the side of the eggmobile which has been modified to roll instead of hover. Which size vehicle is this?
It is unlikely that the final product will differ much from this prototype, as all the details look in-place. Photo by Jazwares
Big Eggman JW 3 inch line magazine scan A magazine has gotten early shots of Jazwares Big & Eggman figures. However, their write up has the 3 inch line Metal Sonic being listed at the same level of 'new-ness' which isn't true, as he was released in a 2 pack months ahead of these 2 figures. His speech says "I'm the Sonic who enjoys listening to '3 Inches of Blood'". (it must be a band, of some sort) The mini article confirms that the figures ARE being made to scale now, with Eggman at 4 inches and Big at 4.5, so they're both appropriately taller than everybody else. It also says Big & Eggman will be packed together as a 2-pack. Scan by SonicBoy19
Super Silver Concept This is clearly a Super Silver concept to...something.
Don't bother trying to read that tiny print, it's all in Japanese anyway. It was supposedly created to illustrate to Jazwares the difference between Super & regular Silver. (hopefully they bothered to provide a translation when they sent it over...) The text mentions a subtle change in the forehead quills. It is likely that Sega made this, and it was on an Art Asset DVD. Scan discovered by SonicBoy19