What to do when you're not playing Sonic video games?
You could try these Sonic puzzles & board/non-video games. This page is all about non-video, non-electronic Sonic themed games and puzzles of all types. You can see both old and new items here, as several were made throughout the years. If they're able to be bought still, you can usually find the info in the description.
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Milton Bradley 1993 Sonic Spring Puzzle This is a Sonic puzzle. It's a 60 piece jigsaw by Milton Bradley. It has Sonic bouncing off of a spring, rings, clouds & star bumpers. Small stock art Eggman is shown at the bottom. The box lid (left) shows the finished scene, but with the same ruler (right) the assembled puzzle is nice & large. This looks rather hand-painted style, the art is very classic and good. Photo & owned by SonikkuForever
Sonic Skewb 2 side puzzle ball Puzzles like this may be called Skewbs (sphere/cube) At left is a good shot of both sides of the same puzzle ball. Shot by SpeedCubing's collection, discovered by Glaysson
These are 3D varients of the old "Sliding blocks" puzzle. There are various picture-areas that you can arrange only by sliding the pieces in certain ways. Often frusterating, but still interesting to collect. Cool to note that the images on the balls are 3D also, a step that few take. The green one is un-arranged, but it appears to have Tails as well.
Sliding 3D Puzzle Ball Green Sonic Puzzle Ball
Sonic's Puzzle Ball in the Box Photo Here's the puzzle ball in it's box! So this is officialy "Sonic's Puzzle Ball". There are questions from Tails on the side, but you can't read them. Who produced these, and when? The ball itself isn't so rare, but one in the box, certainly is!

Be sure to visit the website below, it has a great description of it.
Do you want to buy the puzzle ball?
You might be able to, for about 16-20 dollars. Steven Matarazzo has discovered Mefferts Puzzles, which sells these right now! They CAN go in and out of stock though, so don't count on being able to get one at all times, but if you presist, you should be able to get this for yourself.

Puzzle Can Sliding Toy Puzzle Can Sliding Side 2 Related to the puzzle ball, we have the puzzle can. This Soda shaped puzzle uses sliding pieces to arrange the picture, but is not 3D. The can has 3 different stock Sonic images, and stars.
With the MIP Puzzle can, you can see it's called "Canundrum Slide Puzzle" (a pun on 'conundrum') The back of the package tells you how to mix & slide the tiles, then re-arrange them into the proper pictures. The sliding ability can be adjusted by moving the top & bottom of the can for ease. The top snaps off so you can use it as a pencil cup, or get the coins out if you use the top slot as a bank. The rectangle at the top has a dotted line, as you're meant to cut out the 'puzzle solution graphic' which should help you solve it according to the instructions. The tiny writing on the corner of the can & box are all the copyright data. MIP can photo discovered by Calistine.
Milton Bradley Sonic Board Game Here's a look at the rare and interesting Sonic the Hedgehog board game. This was made by Milton Bradley not long after Sonic 1 was released. It is very interesting they would create a board game based on a video game. This game is large, and uncommon. Board Game Instruction Manual
Board Game Box Back All photos discovered by SonicToast
On the box cover, you can see it's quite Sonic 1 looking, with large checkered ground and various badniks shown to be after Sonic (Batbrain, buzz bomber etc...and if you look closely, Roller is in the background too) as well as Robotnick in his egg-omatic & early design stage. It says "Help your favorite rad runner defeat the evil Dr. Robotnick" in the corner.
Board game pieces & tokens Here, you can see the board simplifies 4 zones and makes a path through each one. Green Hill, Marble, Labrynth, & Scrap Brain are your stages for the game. Sonic Zones Game Board
This is one of those games where you had to be careful to not lose the pieces, or it would become un-play-able. Look at all the round ring tokens, Sonic spin disks, & Badnick / Animal Friend squares that you had to play with. There were also several stock-art Sonic 'player pieces'. In the photo of the box back, you can also see the Special Stage (a photo of the rotating area) to which you could take your piece during play to earn extra rings. You would roll the dice to see how many squares to move. The object is to be the one holding the most rings when ANY Sonic (any player) gets to the Robotnick figure at the end of the board. Everyone has to be Sonic, and anyone can reach the end.

What does it say on the box-back?
"Whoosh that blue blur was Sonic the Hedgehog racing toward a showdown with the Evil Dr. Robotnick. Better catch up quick, cause this dude's gonna need your help. Take turns with opponents as you manuver through the game path of four zones, pitfalls and battle-happy badnicks. Collect rings, and get bonus rings in warp zones. (They mean the special stage) Get a speed boost from SuperSonic Spin Attack Tokens (note: no actual SuperSonic content--it was too early) Dr. Robotnick awaits at the end of the game path, defeat him, and then count up your rings. Whoever has the most rings, wins!"

The box back is also interesting as it has quite Eggman-like art, even in a turn-around style. This rare game is a great collectible with so much detail, if you can find it!

Milton Bradley Complete Game Layout
Here's a photo of everything the game came with. You can see the items better, like the laid out cards & special zone area up there in the corner. The photo is too small to determine all the picture cards, but some are Ball Hog, Jaws (fish) the walrus animal, penguin animal & maybe the pig animal. They may have different names here. It's nice to have an overview of what all came with this complicated game. Photo by SonicRox66
Eggman Shadow Red Puzzle Sonic X Jigsaw Puzzle Sonic X Cast Jigsaw Puzzle Random Art Sonic X 100 Pc Puzzle
These puzzles are made by Karmin International. They MAY be found in BigLots stores in the USA, but merchandise there is inconsistant. They could also be at KBToys Outlets also. They should be about $2.00 each. There are 4 puzzles around 2009?
#1 A JigSaw Puzzle with Sonic X theme. This one has Eggman and Shadow, who you can put together with 100 pieces. It likely makes the picture on the box, but without Sonic's head. #2 The usual 'jumping punch' Sonic from Sonic X. #3 This interesting puzzle has the whole cast, but Tails is looking especially shy or guilty. #4 This last puzzle seems the least well designed, with random Sonic X stock art characters thrown all over it, but at least Rouge made it onto a puzzle.

Karmin International
(copyright) 2004 Karmin International
Maketed and Distributed by Karmin International Darval, Quebec
Made in U.S.A (info credit to SonicEmerald)

Sonic Shaped 200 piece puzzles Here are 2 different sizes of the same puzzle. It is a "Shaped Puzzle" which means the border of the character is the border of the puzzle. It's a neat/fun /modern effect. The difference here is the box background (squares or sky) & the size of the puzzle. They both have 200 pieces, but one is huge. Discovered by Taaron & SonicBoy19 completed puzzle photo will go here
Sonic Memory Challenge Game The (very) old game of "Memory" returns with a Sonic theme. To play the original version (of which this is a variant) you shuffle cards, lay them out in a grid on a surface, and then try to turn over 2 matching cards. If you guess wrong, both cards must be turned back over. The gimmick here is stated on the box: "Features Super Chaos Control Game Play". Left photo Discovered by SonicBoy19, Right photo & owned by : A83hg Sonic Memory Challenge Game
Here is the Sonic Memory Challenge game. It's a Sonic 'spin' on the regular old game of "memory" where you try to match cards. However, this game gives it a cool new twist with the chaos emerald cards you see here. Each one, when matched gives you a special power during game play. Chaos Bind prevents the opponent from taking a turn, Chaos Control lets you peek cards, Special Ending gives you 2 matches for 1 at the end of the game & etc. These cards really shake things up. Of course, there are 14 cards (7 emeralds to match) & each one is the proper color. There are 72 cards total, with 14 emerald & 58 character cards. You can spot Emerl up there inside the box.
The instruction sheet explains the emearlds, how you win if you get the most matches, and how to lay the cards out on a surface. This game should be about 14.99 or so, which is a decent price for all those cards & the fact that it's solo or vs play. The art is nice & the cards look stylish. The emeralds make it better than a simple rehash & the nice cards make it collectible.