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What to do when you're not playing Sonic video games?
You could try these Sonic puzzles & board/non-video games. This page is all about non-video, non-electronic Sonic themed games and puzzles of all types. You can see both old and new items here, as several were made throughout the years. If they're able to be bought still, you can usually find the info in the description.
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Sonic themed Monopoly Game Box The famous game of money and real-estate, Monopoly opened its borders years ago, and allowed various themed versions of the game to be produced under the Monopoly official name. At last in 2012, Sonic gets a Monopoly game! The pieces, board, events, & cards all have a Sonic theme to them, so this game ought to be quite collectible when it appears. The box looks good, with cool poses for everyone, and a neutral chao too. (It's not Cheese) Discovered by SonicBoy19
Monopoly Items in box Here's what the inside of the box has. There are the recolored hotels & houses (now Workshops & Bases), the cards, money, instructions, game pieces (below) & renamed community chest / chance into item box / badnik cards. The manual is all black/white but well designed. However the utilities have been replaced by the Babylon Rogues & the Chaotix. This is a very cool and clever way to incorporate more characters. The rail roads are also fun vehicles from the series. This is well done, two of them are the Tornado and the Egg OMatic, classic vehicles that re-occur in almost every game. The others are Exteme Gear and Blue Star from "Sonic Riders" & "All-Stars Racing", nice which are nice inclusions of recent Sonic titles
Aluminum Sonic Figure Monopoly Pieces Here are the game pieces. They appear to be cast aluminum, but there's a lot of 'fins' on the seams from where the metal leaked after the pour
and quality control isn't such that they could get rid of it. Notice how Shadow's legs are sort of fused & his arm is connected to his head. The somewhat action-type poses for the figures are nice. It's also good to see they didn't just copy something else /some other pre-existing figure pose. The game pieces are: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, and a chao. However the pieces have small parts like arms and my Amy piece came broken in the box." Info by Shadowfoxx757

*They do apparently send replacement pieces if you bother customer service. Broken pieces ARE common.

Monopoly game board close up The properties are designed after zones in the games. Only the 3D levels and remakes since the Sonic Adventure DX and battle games & newer. However there is no order to the levels. Wasteland and polluted zones are mixed with future and jungle zones in the property sets. Most monopoly games would group like property together from lowest value to highest. The scrambling here makes it seem just mixed up.
There are 6 tokens/figures, 28 title deeds, 16 badnik cards, 16 item box cards, 2 dice, 32 house/workshops, 12 hotel/bases, game board & money inside the box.
Sonic monopoly board The game board itself is nice. It's big, brightly colored, & uses some nice CG art of Sonic Tails & Knuckles. The bright tiles make it look tempting to play. The box back tells about the Sonic theme & shows pictures of some of the items. The dice, workshops /bases are ordinary. Sonic theme monopoly box back
All Monopoly photos & descriptions in this area by SonicToast. Game owned by SonicToast
Monopoly Chance Cards Monopoly Community Chest Cards Monopoly property deed cards
Here are the cards for Chance/Community chest or Badnick/Item Box. They each have CG character or item art & a Sonic related event. This includes "rescue Amy, get ___" or "collect all red stars do ___" or bad actions like "Kidnapped by Metal Sonic go to jail".
Monopoly instruction book The instruction book is also Sonic themed, with pictures of the themed items & instructions. The layout is good and it seems easy to understand. There's also a 60 minute speed play variation.
Monopoly money paper bills The money is also Sonic themed with a different character for each denomination. Chao is a dollar, Rouge is 5, Shadow 10, Amy 20, Knuckles 50, Tails 100 & Sonic 500. They are all CG art, not stock art.

Over all?
Good game, especially if you like Monopoly anyway. It's costly, but they do replace broken metal tokens. Mysteriously Cream, Silver & E Omega are TOTALLY missing. (Cheese is the chao on the $1) Why they chose not to bring them in is a mystery. (look at all the cards with Sonic on it, you could remove 3 of his duplicates for them) Also, Eggman loves to "monopolize" everything, so why isn't he a game piece? Did they think no one would want to be the greedy villain? It also has a bit of seldom seen CG, like with Jet & Rouges' cards. With loads of great CG art & careful attention to detail, this will certainly be a collector's item, so pick it up in 2012 if you want it!

9-in-1 Sonic theme Puzzle This is a "9-in-1 Puzzle". But how does it work? Does it mean there are 9 different puzzles in 1 box? Each puzzle has a different modern CG or art image to put together. There are different amounts of pieces for the different scenes. It looks like 60 is the highest, and 10 is the lowest. The photo is rather small, so you can't really read what the dots say.
When was this released? Where could you find it? It looks like a fun thing, featuring a good selection of characters and cool scenes, plus getting 9 things for the price of one is also probably a benefit.
Sonic Crash Course Board Game Box Wow! It's the first new, original Sonic game in a long time!
2018 sees the release of "Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Course" the board game. It is a Game Stop store exclusive item. In this game you 'race' figures around on the game board trying to beat Eggman & his badnicks. The whole game is in classic style. You get 4 mini figures with the game, that stand on little bases so you can slide them around the board to play.

What does the game do? How do you play it? (Notice the paltry description up there--that's all we got) Was this the Kick-Starter'ed game that had people pledging money to make it come true? Photos of the game & game-play descriptions will appear here once the game is actually released. Photo discovered by Taaron

Sonic Mania Caps Slammers Pogs Set How about some more pogs?
Did you think pogs / caps / milk-caps were a fad of the past? The Sega Shop doesn't think so in 2018, because it produced this set of Sonic pogs, complete with the metal slammer & pog keeper plastic tube case.
The art here is all based on the little short Youtube cartoons that were made to advertise Mania in a cute 'silent film' style. It has a silly cartoony style that's fun and easy to recognize here on the disks. You get Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Eggman symbol, Metal Sonic, Ray & Mighty. There's also a red emerald & a green one, plus a group with the master Emerald & the logo. The slammer has Sonic in a ring of stars. The image on the top of the tube keeper-case is the same as the slammer, you just can't see it because the photo is too contrasty. For anyone nostalgic for the old pogs game, or fans of the funny cartoons, it's a cute set, but it is 20.00
Green Hill Zone Pinball Playset Game This is the classic style "Green Hill Zone Pinball Playset Game".
It is supposed to release in winter 2019. But is it really a game? It seems more like it's just a playset but oh well. It has 7 basic pieces which includes the pinball pushers, loop part, bridge and grass area. There are card punch out graphics that you can place into the slots and re-arrange to choose the position of the palm tree, badnicks and more. The Sonic is a small static 'rolling position' figure inside a clear ball so he rolls easily through the playset.
The box shows the loop as checkered...and it really is, however it is checkered in texture which is very hard to see in the factory photos. Note that the pinball pushers also have fun star bumper designs. Where will this be found when it goes on sale, and how much / how big is it?
Monopoly Gamer Sonic Board Game Box Bored of board games?
Not with this! (If you like Monopoly, that is) The classic board game gets a modern Sonic update, with this "Gamer" edition of it.

*This is DIFFERENT from the above Sonic Monopoly on this page*!

Hasbro is apparently teaming up with Sega to make this new Sonic styled version of Monopoly. Everything here seems to be tailored for it, like the game board, the ring tokens, the cards...and even the game pieces.
Instead of some hum-drum shoe or car, you can choose from a Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy mini figure to play the game. (And this time they're not easy-break aluminum, but colorful plastic good figures) You can see them as "Exclusive Figures" in the window of the box. It says to "Battle for the highest score" as you use rings to collect the property cards and gather Chaos Emeralds as well as fight bosses.

Photos by Taaron

Here's the board, and it uses all CG imagry and good bright coloring to look fun. The game has been re-engineered to be faster and full of more tricks than regular monopoly, so that it can entertain Sonic fans who like speed.
The loop spaces let you jump to the next space, and the money is rings...but you're not doing big math like with 100s of dollars on properties like you were in the original. The math is easy enough to make the game fast too.
There's a boost dice, (build it with the stickers) with added effects, plus you run into bosses and have to roll to fight them. You can have a sidekick character as well and combine rolls. There is only one numbered die that is numbered 2-7 with dots, and a second die that has Boost markers. A Ring, Spikes, Red Spring, Yellow Spring, Bumper or Item Box. Each character is dedicated to the last four there specifically, and if you are the character dedicated to the Boost marker, you may use said Boost if you rolled it.
If you think regular Monopoly is boring, this one changes so much and has so many new graphics and gimmicks that it's actually worth a shot.
You can watch an Unboxing Video .
Sonic Boardgame Monopoly 2020 Gamer Board
Boss Monopoly Game Cards Monopoly 2020 Monopoly Sonic 2020 Cards
Here are what the cards look like...they've got nice CG imagry as well, and easy explanations on what they do. Orbot & Cubot even make an appearance as a boss. You have to roll higher than the boss number to beat it. Naturally, Eggman is at 10 and the hardest one to beat. There's other things to get like the Tornado, Egg o Matic & Chaotix plus Babylon.
Monopoly Gamer Sonic Figures Sonic Monopoly 2020 Setup
Here are the figures you get, with their cards. Choose to play as Sonic Knuckles Tails or Amy, and get their special power on the board! At right is how the game looks like when it is set up. The inset there (bottom left) is a sheet of thick cardstock paper with the rings, tokens and emeralds on it. You have to punch out all of these before you can play, and also use some enclosed stickers to build the special dice to roll.
Sonic Board Game Instructions Here are the instructions for the game.
You'll need these for sure because of the different play style. The first page tells you how to set it up for the first time, then you can see the layout for the basic rules, and then how the new/different things introduced in the game work. (Losing rings when you take damage, etc)
There's a whole page dedicated to the boost dice and what happens when bosses appear. The last page with sonic on it has the conditions for winning the game. (The Master Emerald is the tie breaker if 2 players come out even)

This game seems a lot better put together than the 2013 edition at the top, it seems focused on speed fun, and introducing new gameplay elements to shake things up.

Yes. It's inexpensive enough for anyone to own, comes with nice exclusive figures, and it plays differently enough from stale games of yesteryear to warrant a buy. It looks good too with crisp graphics, and almost every single thing tailored to Sonic/the world. It's good for players or collectors too, and looks probably good for all ages. Sure it's not going to be all-engrossing like a complex/adult oriented game but for fast play fun on board game night, why not?

All photos in area by PrincessPanda Lover, RaeLogan & Hedgy