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Sonic the Hedgehog sporting goods!

Everything you need for a day outside? Yes, this is another improbable page of Sonic the hedgehog merchandise. This time, he helps you play out side and run around. This is actually rather appropriate, if you think about it, and what Sonic stands for. A logical progression would lead to "activity" aids such as these.

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Attitude Skateboard Sonic Pink Leg Sonic Board Mistake Skating Sonic Zone Skateboard Photo Skateboarding is fun, so why not a Sonic skateboard? This one says "Real Cool Dude Sonic the Hedgehog With Attitude". This is actually the top of the board, and someone has removed the wheel assemblies. All Sonic skateboards are rare, never miss a chance to pick one up! They are also quite large, so mind the shipping. The art on this one is not the best...and you can see that it came in two versions (neither one bothered to color his ring properly, though) How do you tell them apart? Look at his legs from one to the other!
The wheeled board (far right) is the bottom of the same skateboard. It used different art for the top and the bottom. This is a "Zone Zapping Sonic the hedgehog Attitude" skateboard. With the famous foreward-facing (unflattering) stock art. At least the bottom is colored properly, though. It seems to be made of dark blue plastic.
First USA Sonic bike helmet with stock art
If you go skating, you'll need some knee and elbow pads! This set is appropriatly checkered, and is kid's sized. The bottom strap just randomly says "With attitude!", what's with the overkill here? Sonic the Hedgehog Knee Elbow Pads Skating
A bike helmet is a good idea for Sonic theme merchandise. Nice big item, always visible when worn, and encourages excersize. This was the first helmet produced, and features the usual stock art of Sonic plastered all over it. Even the seldom used "Weight Liftin' Sonic" appears, probably to continue the excersize theme.
USA Sonic cycling helmet Another Bike helmet. This is probably the second of the 2 known USA released Sonic the Hedgehog theme cycling helmets. Made in kids' sizes, this one features a somewhat slick-er design then the previous helmet. This MAY have been avialable in Target stores sometime in the late 1990s.
There is some conflict as to whether these were all standard size, mini (5 inch) or they came in both sizes. The mini ones could be won at Bush Gardens in VA. Right photo by AskLiliumLily Shadow Basketball Back Photo
A Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles basket ball. How unusual! These do not seem to be Sonic X specific, but still have rather cool art. They took good measure to make each ball different and special. These are standard size, though it's hard to tell in these photos. Still, they make a great collectible! Too bad no one knows where to find them...and anyone who sells them over ebay won't tell you. Sonic theme basketball sports ball Shadow the Hedgehog Basketball Knuckles Theme SA Art Basketball
See the texture? These are all BasketBalls.
Sonic the Hedgehog Outdoors Rubber Ball A Sonic the Hedgehog "Game Ball". It is approximatly the size of a tennis ball, and made of tough rubber. The surface is uneven, so it will bounce in a 'crazy' way when you throw it. It is rather appropriate to have a Sonic ball, but the execution is just OK. Sonic Game Ball
Sonic Sporting Goods Duffle Bag Where can you put your sporting goods? Into the Sonic the Hedgehog sports duffle bag! This big bag is decorated with the rare 'football catchin' Sonic', and features other stock arts placed around tennis, soccer, basketball and baseball items. The ends have star bumper pictures, and the top is the traditional checker pattern. Sonic Sports Bag Top Detail
Photos by Juuni
Delta Shape 1992 50 inch Sonic Kite Rare New in Pack Sonic Kite Here's a very rare item. This is a Sonic Kite. Why is it in sporting goods? You can only use it outside, and some types of kite flying are considered sport. This kite is in the "Delta" shape, and is 50 inches when you unfold it/put it together. It is tough plastic with light plastic rods to keep the shape. This was made in 1992, but apparently not that many were done, as this is one of the rare-er Sonic items. (possibly also due to its large size, people had difficulty storing it) If you can manage to collect this, you'll be one of only a few! SA Style Baseball Bat & Ball Set in Package This is the first known example of an actual 'sporting good' sports item with Sonic. Sure there were bags and accessories, but this is a safety-style baseball bat and ball, both with a Sonic theme. It's SA style Sonic, and decorated with a stars theme in blue and yellow. The ball even apparently matches the bat, and may be a softball of some kind. It's still new in the package...but where is it really retailed from? TJ Maxx got a hold of this set for sale. How recent is it? This is an interesting collectible, neverthe less. Discovered by
Photos discovered by Trogdorbad
Sonic Mini Basketball & Hoop Set Here's a mini basketball set for use indoors. It looks like it might be from the same manufacturer as the bat & ball set seen above, as it too has stars and primary colors as a theme. The backboard has the winged ring (reminicent of early Sonic games) but with SA1 style Sonic in it. The ball is rather creativly designed as well, in more primaries but this time with dots instead of stars. It looks like it has everything you need included, even to mount it. These were available at TJ Maxx Stores in the USA. However, TJ Maxx is a close-out store, for the most part. They were likely available elsewhere as well.
Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Super Sonic Boxing Gloves The third item from this same mystery manufacturer!
It is likely KellyToy that is making these sporting items. Can it be confirmed?
This pair of boxing gloves is actually pretty cool. They're quite detailed with fitting Sonic imagry, including *Super Sonic*! He appears on the front of the fist, while a lesser-seen modern era Sonic is jumping in front of a star background on the thumbs. The cuffs have blue tone checkers, a star with the logo and a line of rings. SS is even named on them, with 'super' added in a different font to the old-style Sonic logo. Surrounded with a ring of stars, the design is very dynamic looking. This is quite a well put-together looking sporting good...great for collecting, and especially stylish with the nice rendition of SS...IF you can find them. Likely released fall 2009, and was available at TJ Maxx. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
These checkered-top Sporting good items are being made by KellyToy (also makes Sonic plushes) They may be available at some Marshalls stores in the USA. However, Marshalls is a clearing store which usually obtains overstock from other stores. TJ Maxx closes out as well! Where were/are these initially? Info by JordanJ and also by Sweet_Vegas94
Amy Rose mini play basketball Knuckles graphic mini basket ball Tails theme mini basketball
Here are some fun mini basketballs. They're textured like regular balls, but they're all only about 5 inches in diameter. Each mini play ball has one of the newer 2011 character stock arts and a shape for the background. Amy has hearts, Knuckles twisty stars & Tails with sparkles. The art has also had a basketball picture added so it looks like the character is interacting with it. (except Knuckles, who just seems to be jumping past it) Where is the Sonic themed ball? If you have a photo, send it in for credit! You can see the copyright info at the bottom, but what does it say? Where can you buy these? Photos discovered by Trogdorbad.
Sonic themed Soft Vinyl Football This football is full of stuffing, and not air. It's cover is soft vinyl, so you can throw it around without knocking everything over. How big is it? It has a fun pattern, with panels of Sonic, rings & logos with different colored backgrounds. Where can you buy this? Write in if you know. Made by Kelly Toy. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic Sports Sipper Drink Bottle This is a sport sipper drink bottle. It could also be a school supply...but it's pretty sporty/big for lunch boxes. It's just a plain blue plastic bottle with squeeze/sipper top & modern thumbs-up Sonic on the side, with a modern logo. May appear at FYE stores. How much is this? Write in if you know. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Sonic & Amy Snow Riderz Sled Is sledding a sport? Who knows, but it's good fast out-door fun. This is a 'saucer style sled' which is round with slightly curved smooth sides. You sit or kneel, hang onto the handles, then go down the hill. It has Sonic & Amy, with blue / orange hexagon pattern background. They both have active/fun seeming poses, & it's cool to get an Amy/Sonic only item too. This is 24 inches in diameter and made by Outer Edge & Snow Riderz. It should appear in winter 2012, but where, and how much does it cost? Discovered by Taaron
Large 4 Foot Sonic Kite MIP Photo Here is another Sonic themed kite. It's different from the previous kite, and is about 4 feet long when you open it out. It's by "SkyFlier" & comes with a reel of nylon cord. The package says "Flies within seconds". (if you know what you're doing) This is a Diamond Style kite.This was also made in 1992, (like the other kite) & is also rather rare. Plastic kites like this can be damaged in falls/flying & are also large/harder to store. Photo & owned by Megalan7 Pink Old Kite Unfold This is what the kite looks like when its out of the package. It has a sort of jagged pink shape for the background. The holes are there on purpose to let the wind through so it will fly properly. Look at the bottom of the photo, that's an electric you can see that this kite is actually pretty big. Spreading it out on the wall makes it like a shaped classic poster to decorate with! Photo & owned by:
Clear Superball 2 Sides Sega Here is a selection of 3 different Sonic themed balls. They aren't really sports balls, but likely all fall into the 'hi-bounce' category. The first, at left is a SA1 era "Superball" type. It's made of primarily clear tough rubber that has a flat disk embedded in the center. One side has Sonic & the logo, the other just the logo with Sega copyright. Bouncy Ball Clamshell Package
Bouncy Ball Square Box A clear ball like this must not be bounced.
Proper care includes NOT bouncing it because scuffs to the surface reduce the clarity of the rubber which can't be fixed. (It will become opaque/can't see the design. Taking care to not bounce the ball is difficult, but necisary for collecting.
The "Sonic Face Bouncy Balls"...are these the same ball, just in different packaging? The left side ball is a "Collector's Edition" in a square box for stacking on store shelves. It says "With Super Sonic Bounce!" The right side is in a off-rectangle clamshell package for hanging on store pegs. It has the same slogan, but says in the red shape "Composed of Compressed Rubber For Super High Bounce!" Nothing indicates the sizes of any of them. Where are these sold?
Delta Shape Obtuse Triangle Kite Here is the kite from the package above.
It is an obtuse triangle, or "delta shape". You can see that it is close to blue/purple color as described on the package. The bottom has 6 little half-round flappy things. (what are those for?) & the Sonic is printed right in the middle where the strings attach. Remember: this is big, at about 50 or so inches. It's nice to see what it really looks like, outside the package & unfolded for use.
Finesse Sonic Skateboard Decks Metal 2 Cool Skateboard Decks!
Finesse Skateboard supplies has crafted 2 cool Sonic themed decks. One has modern Sonic sliding forward to catch 3 rings, and the other has Metal Sonic hovering. Each one uses a 'paint splat' type background with white. Sonic's splat is black & Metal's is light blue. Both have the modern logo at the top, as well as the Finesse logo. The top of the board has a dark wood-grain texture, and the Sonic & Finesse logo repeated.
Because the art isn't anything you usually see (Sonic's eyelid is a bit lowered, his pose is unusual & Metal Sonic is basically in a 'standing' stance rather than his usual too) it makes these look very fresh. Sometimes skateboards aren't even used for skating, they can also become a piece of wall decor...which these are certainly cool enough to do. They are for sale right now in 2017 at the Finesse Store online for you to order. A Shadow board is being worked on, and will appear here when it is for sale. Discovered by Hedgy, right photo & owned by Hedgy
Finesse Sonic Board Top