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Sonic the Hedgehog sporting goods!

Everything you need for a day outside? Yes, this is another improbable page of Sonic the hedgehog merchandise. This time, he helps you play out side and run around. This is actually rather appropriate, if you think about it, and what Sonic stands for. A logical progression would lead to "activity" aids such as these.

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Toy Factory 2 Inflatable Sport Balls Here are 2 'inflatable balls' for 'sports or games'. So, they're pretty much non-specific fun balls. They're a rubber material, but coated in a sleeve of stretchy printed fabric that has the design on there.
These are by Toy Factory (the one who makes prize-only items--known mostly for plush)
So, you'd see these as win-able items at ticket counters for arcades or in carnival prize areas. The ball can come in 2 sizes with either 6 inch or 14 inch diameter. The first ball has jumping forward CG modern Sonic with a Green Hill type CG background & the logo. It also has blue/light blue line-art scattered Sonic images plus more logo words on the other half of the ball.
The second ball has Sonic, Tails Knuckles team up in CG with a background of geometric shapes and stars. It's also got the full color modern logo. The other half of this ball has lines, rings, and CG character faces for the trio. These look good with nice colorful CG art and patterns.