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Sonic the Hedgehog sporting goods!

Everything you need for a day outside? Yes, this is another improbable page of Sonic the hedgehog merchandise. This time, he helps you play out side and run around. This is actually rather appropriate, if you think about it, and what Sonic stands for. A logical progression would lead to "activity" aids such as these.

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Toy Factory 2 Inflatable Sport Balls Here are 2 'inflatable balls' for 'sports or games'. So, they're pretty much non-specific fun balls. They're a rubber material, but coated in a sleeve of stretchy printed fabric that has the design on there.
These are by Toy Factory (the one who makes prize-only items--known mostly for plush)
So, you'd see these as win-able items at ticket counters for arcades or in carnival prize areas. The ball can come in 2 sizes with either 6 inch or 14 inch diameter. The first ball has jumping forward CG modern Sonic with a Green Hill type CG background & the logo. It also has blue/light blue line-art scattered Sonic images plus more logo words on the other half of the ball.
The second ball has Sonic, Tails Knuckles team up in CG with a background of geometric shapes and stars. It's also got the full color modern logo. The other half of this ball has lines, rings, and CG character faces for the trio. These look good with nice colorful CG art and patterns.
Tech Deck Knuckles Metal Sonic MIP Is fingerboarding a sport?
I don't know but here go some Tech Decks. These finger size skateboards are customizable with the tool you see there in the package. The deck part of the board is always colorfully decorated or themed...and...they've chosen Series 13 to do 2 with a Sonic theme! You can see Knuckles board there, which is marked for 'quite rare' with the red dot.
But interestingly, instead of Sonic, you get NEO Metal this the first merchandise that actually has him or only him on it? (Seems likely, as he wasn't a boss a whole lot of times, he's an uncommon character to begin with so this is actually very interesting) Why did they choose Neo Metal over regular Metal? Certainly, the choice makes the board more fun and interesting to see with a rare character like that. These are at Walmart, but they appeared during the COVID pandemic so who knows about their availability. Photos by Taaron
Finesse All 4 Sonic Skateboard Decks Here are all 4 Finesse Sonic Skateboard Decks.
Previously here on Gear the Sonic & Metal Sonic were featured, but here you can see they also did Super Sonic with 3 Chaos Emeralds and ready for Action pose Shadow as well. Notice the backgrounds, all use the same 'splat/spatter' but with different colors, except for Super Sonic on his aqua with white different one. Super Sonic is also a bit off because it looks like they missed the red color for his eyes? It's really clear for Shadow/right eye color, but how to miss this one?
These are likely very expensive or were some kind of limited edition. They were also all likely produced at the same time.
Tony Hawk Lost World 2013 Skateboard Deck A real special deck!
This is a Skateboard Deck that is likely to be one of a kind. (So, it doesn't land on 'high end' or anything) It is actually the top prize for a contest called "Sonic Generations of Skate" that was held in 2013.
The contest helped to advertise Sonic Generations and also Sonic Lost World, which was out around that time. The board here was for the first place winner. It is made even more special because it has an autograph of the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk there near Sonic's hand. The board is mostly green/comic book style radiating lines & has CG Sonic in the center. He's posed as if leaping over something with one hand down.
As with all "Trophy Room" type things that are 1-offs, this can't really be collected, but it should certainly be looked at and archived here like this. Very interesting.
Neo Metal Sonic Tech Deck Mint on Card
A closer look!
Here's the Neo Metal Sonic Tech Deck Finesse fingerboard when it is mint on the card. The card is hang tag bubble type, and the board seems to come with a tool to change the wheels, probably an instruction sheet of some kind, and maybe a transparent bit? The card uses the Neo Metal art as well, and is pretty stylish. This is pretty certain to be the first merchandise of Neo Metal made.
Collect this if you can!
Discovered by Taaron
Finesse Skateboards Decks Werehog 2 Finesse brand returns to Sonic in 2020 with these skateboard decks.
They're real-size decks for real boards, and both are the same, only the background color is different--with one being yellow, the other black. They both have the "Werehog reaching forward" stock art on them, the modern logo in color, and their own logo above that.
Their design is bold & simple, with only the character done quite large so it goes off both sides of the board. The only issue may be the relative unpopularity of the Werehog (Opinion zone, werehog is wierd and unfitting and should not be dredged back up)
That little wiggly rectangle (under pinky claw, and near sock) is a signature but you can't read it. Discovered by Hedgy
Packaged Sonic Kite Is a Kite a sporting good? Prrrrobably?
But here comes another anyway, this is a Sonic 1-era kite, still new in the package. You can see how it would look, if you found it in stores. The photo is old though, so it isn't very large/you can't read the package top. The back has instructions for setting it up/flying it, and the front has the photo of how the whole thing looks when it is out.
It has 'arms crossed' Sonic stock art. But, look at the background, it's a 'paint brush swipe' on white, but interestingly they chose quite a bright pink for the color. Sonic+purple is the least common combo, but Sonic+pink is probably next on the list.
The kite itself is probably that 90s fairly thick plastic material, with plastic crossbars. It looks like it gives you a green handle reel of kite string as well, so that it is ready to go right out of the package. This is an interesting old item to see.
Hello Kitty Sonic Crossover Skateboard Deck
Another skateboard, another rare exclusive small run item.
It's the same ol' story but with a different theme each time. And this's here to celebrate the Hello Kitty & Sonic crossover that happened (what, like 3 years ago now??) when Sanrio collaberated with Sega to have plush dolls and keychains. There were a series of 4 little plush dolls (5 counting a gold Super Sonic released later) as well as keychain size plush. It had Hello Kitty dressed up as Sonic, Badz-Maru (a penguin) as Knuckles, Chocoat as Tails & My Melody (a rabbit) as Amy Rose.
Here, the skateboard is just the deck part, with the under-side all decorated with portraits of each little character standing on a floating shelf of GHZ land. There are also 2 gold rings on the empty shelves. The background is all blue checkers of varying sizes. It's a cute, solid design.
This is a quite-limited thing, there were only 50 of them made in 2021. It was made to be some kind of exclusive at the San Diego Comic Con--so you know it will end up quite rare and expensive. Items like these will go right onto someones' collection-wall. Photo discovered by Hedgey
Jet Hawk Tech Deck Skate Toy Fingerboarding may or may not be a sport but...
Here comes Tech Deck again with another Finesse Mini Skateboard featuring another character who is seldom solo. This yellow & white board has Jet the Hawk on it, though he's not depicted on his board. This seems to be part of the Street Hits series, where the boards come with a fun accessory for the skateboards to use. In this case it's a slide for them to ride down. (In Tech Deck world are the skateboards like people? (Like how Hotwheels are) You help them have fun on the doll-house furniture & obstacles? Or are they only a finger-skill like dice-stack or pen-spinning and you buy/want obstacles to do better hand tricks with the boards?)
The board is quite nice though, Jet looks good on the background, and the art for him is nice and large. A simple bubble-card packaging does this some good as well, everything's easy to see & to display. The brand is generally at both Target & Walmart so be on the lookout for it, all fans of Jet! Photo by Taaron
Zuru Skins XShot Package Gun Zuru Foam Dart X Shot Sonic Gun
Is shooting foam darts around the house a sport? I don't know! But here's a new quite-Sonic themed gun that will do just that.
There has been a (admiteddly terrible) Sonic water gun...but now here is a much better Sonic Foam Darts Gun!
Do you have the need to pelt things with suction cup foam darts? Does anyone? Zuru hopes they do because they've got this complicated looking spinning chamber dart shooter that's been totally covered in Sonic imagry.
This is part of their "Zuru X Shot SKINS" line. The Skins part refers to the whole shell of the gun being Sonic themed. You can see CG art for Sonic, Knuckles & Tails, the modern logo, a bit of green hill background & the Xshot logo. Then, there's an eggman symbol, "Sonic Speed" slogan, the word 'fast', a face in a ring, and a row of rings (and star ring too) across the top. Effort was certainly put into this, so anyone who collects this kind of darts shooter. This is a 2022 item, but where is it sold? Discovered by Taaron
Modern Light Up Sonic Scooter 3 Wheel A branded item done right!
This is a little kids 3 wheel fun play scooter. There are Sonic details all over for an exciting look. Even the rubber grips on the handle bars have Sonic's logo on there. The step board area has a CG STK portrait on there, the wheels light up red and blue when they spin, and there's an extra logo on the front plastic bumper. The front bar is also covered in CG portraits and blue/lines.
Little kids (who this is fit for, it is not adjustable) will certainly notice how Sonic it is, and appriciate it. This was seen on Amazon in 2022 fall season.
Fast Fill Zuru XShot Skins Sonic Water First it was foam darts, now it's a water gun!
Zuru releases a new X-Shot "Skins" water gun for Sonic, just in time for summer of 2023. It has 'fast fill' technology where you dunk the whole gun in a bucket so that it fills in about a second, then close the topper thing and you're ready to spray.
Here, you can see it outside the package (it's the same on both sides) and how it looks in the cardboard box. The Sonic themeing here is nice, with CG art for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy (she's in the background there) there are also rings, a red-star ring, and a bit of background, plus the logo. It doesn't feel 'slapped on' or like a rebranded item, and the blue/orange Sonic/Tails plastic color accents for the gun are nice too. Being fairly large (and hollow) it should store a decent amount of water for squirting outdoors.

This IS confirmed at Smyth's in the UK area!
Zuru is going for USA & UK releases for their Sonic branded items, so hopefully even more people can collect this now.

Finesse Angel Chao Skateboard After success with the previous 4 boards (above)
Finesse Skateboard Company adds this Angel Chao themed board in spring 2023. As in their usual style, it's a solo character art done large, in the center of the board. Their own logo, a star, and the modern Sonic logo appear at the top. This one, unlike others, has the background color divided between black for the bottom and blue for the top. Instead of paint splats only, it also adds streaks and stars.
The design is nice, very skaterly, but how many skate stuff collectors are really big fans of the angel chao? The art is good, of course, but it's just not that common a character (and arguably, it isn't even a character at all? It's just a type of chao you can raise but it wasn't really given a personality) Of course, this probably won't affect the expense nor collectibility of it which will both likely be fairly high.