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Sonic the Hedgehog sporting goods!

Everything you need for a day outside? This can include clothing exclusively for sports, gear, and play items (balls/equipment) Yes, this is another improbable page of Sonic the hedgehog merchandise. This time, he helps you play outside and run around. This is actually rather appropriate, if you think about it, because all the characters are so active, and what Sonic stands for. A logical progression would lead to "activity" aids such as these.

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Phenom Elite Cleats Football Shoes The USA Football company Phenom Elite gets a modern Sonic license in 2023, and uses it to make a nice variety of Sonic & Knuckles stuff!
First up is a Football essential: cleats shoes. These lace up cleats come in Sonic style & Knuckles style. Of course, one is blue with blue pattern, the other is red with red pattern. The toe is white in both cases, and each shoe has a character art on the side. The modern logo is on the heel, in full color. That stylized white 'p' on the side there is their logo. Notice that the cleat tips match the character color as well. Both of these look great, and are stylish. They are 110 dollars each pair, a common price for a sport-specific shoe like this that is for adults/all sizes.
Sonic Knuckles Phenom Compression Shirts Should you be compressed?
Unknown, but these sleeveless shirts will do it while you practice football. The designs for Sonic & Knuckles here are fun, notice how the color goes in the opposite direction for each character. The pose is also the same one that is used on the shoes, but here the character is uncropped. The patern is also that trapezoid fade of shapes. These are made of polyester, nylon and spandex at the same time. Each shirt is adults sizes and costs about 30 dollars
Go to in 2023 while they are selling these online to buy them!
Sonic Knuckles Phenom Elite Gloves Sports Here are 2 pairs of gloves with a cool character secret effect. The back of the glove is color coordinated to Sonic or Knuckles...but the character design is only revealed on the palm side when you do
the special hand gesture/combination shown in these photos! Crossing the hands and fingers completes the character design on the bottom of the gloves. Of course, you can get both pairs to mix n' match. They're for football..but it seems you could use them for other sports too, probably. They are a bit costly at 44.00 each pair.
Mouth Guard Sonic Phenom Elite Well, this has to be a first...
A Sonic the Hedgehog Mouth Guard? Well, here it is, with 'hexaflow design' which is that shaped hole there in the middle so you can breathe through it. There is a choice of Sonic or Knuckles on a white oval shaped mouth guard. Each one is 17.10
Sonic Knuckles Compression Sports Sleeves Here are 2 sports compression arm sleeves.
The sleeve is a mix of polyester, nylon and spandex at the same time, and it is meant to keep you warm while you practice. (I guess because that shirt up there is sleeveless...) It will not compress you if your arm is smaller than it is, but each one will go on the left or right arm/it doesn't matter. These DO come in kids or adults sizes (your choice) As with everything else in their collection, one is for Sonic, the other Knuckles, and has the same red/blue trapezoid theme. These are stylish and would probably go to more than just Football. Each one is 17.10