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Preview! Toy Island Line 2 Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figures
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Welcome to a special preview section!
This lets you get a real sneak peek at the upcoming fall 2007 lines from Toy Island. So far, we know they are making Mega Bot Series #2, and a all new line The Super Posables. See more Super Poser Prototypes. This doesn't rule out more lines (since they did 3 the first time) but these are all the photos. This would be more exciting but the sculpts are really...bad! Take a look for yourself...

NEWS: Megabot line 2 seems to have been (mercifully) scrapped.

Megabot Line #2
HOPEFULLY these are prototypes. The 2-mouth figures kind of prove prototype status but it's scary that they've let these rotten sculpts get even this far. Coming from Figures Emeralds, these guys look like GARBAGE. Sonic Gear did not take these photos, so they suffer from blowout or over flash. You can't even see some of their hands...They are all standing on a SonicX name plate, probably to identify them at the show. This is not likely to come with the figures. Who the new "Mega Bot" is, is not yet determined.
Amy looks boring. They havn't done ANYthing new with her, except turn up the edge of her skirt and bend one shoe. It does not look like she will articulate any better than she did the first time, which is a dissapointment.
She is actually the most normal looking figure on the line, and she's first because you shouldn't get scared away too quickly!
Now for Knuckles.
He has 2 mouths! This is horrible to show him this way, he just looks stupid. Also, look at his super long body, it is all out of proportion. He has the usual fists, and his articulation doesn't look any better. It's impossible to tell if he has 'saucer head' from this angle, but the spikes do not impress.
What happened here???
Shadow is AWFUL! ARGH! Look at his horrible head shape! He has a snootish nose that is totally off model, spaghetti legs, some kind of wacko bendy arms, and is stuck with boring fists. His expression looks crazy and what's with his mutating spikes? They're just all over the place! His body is all globby again, with a ho-hum job to the white chest top. The only thing that it looks like they were trying to do was give the pose 'attitude' which is commendable, but only if you succede! His bad head and just over all bad sculpt ruin the attitude.
Sonic presents another argument for prototype status.

These are OBVIOUSLY the same 2 figures from the current MegaBot line. The pose, the hands, the feet. They look like they're throwing these guys on the table just to prove they have a Sonic. The only oddity here is, the fist Sonic looks like he has 1 row of bent-aside spikes which BETTER NOT be the case.

Tails is in the "get this thing away from me" catagory.

Look at how horrifying he is! You expect the head to begin to spin wildly as this flies across the room seeking fresh brains! The 2 mouths just add total creepy, and his snoot nose is ant-eater territory. He has a rediculous long body, and clownish shoes. The eyes don't have the 'key hole' effect that the MB1 line did, but they're waaaay too huge and sideways like that adds creepy. His tails are boring/streight back as well, and the hands are simply a copy. This guy probably has 'big body' as well. They MUST do better!

Super Posables

These guys look better than the above line, but still not on par with the Figures Emeralds. The photo job on these is REALLY BAD though. They've obviously been cut out of a background, but whoever did it butchered the edges. It's hard to tell what's going on in some of them. And because of the size of the photos and the over flash, you can't always tell what articulates and how.

The question with these guys is: "Are they going to over do it?" If you over articulate something, it starts looking like a robot, or fails at cool poses due to useless things that move. Only time will tell, either that, or better shots.
Shoulder, hip, knee bend, elbow bend, wrist twist, ankle twist, head twist, waist twist --are the standard articulation that it looks like ALL these guys will share. There may be individuals with more.
NEWS: Be sure to read the full Super Posable Figures Review.

Posable knuckles action figure Posing Knuckles STATUS: CANCELLED

His head looks ultra-shiny, but ok. This isn't his best angle to tell how he's really sculpted. No big body or un-proportional things so far. Knuckles at least is looking up...
Looks like the waist will turn, hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows...and hands? Wow! His one hand is obviously hinged, which is new and clever. The other is likely to be too (you can sort of see it) and you can also see how his hand-top (does he have fingers?) can be set into a fist. This could prove to be a fun and interesting figure if they play their cards right with his head sculpting.

Poser Shadow is a mangled mess: STATUS RELEASED
He is destructed by his bad photo edit. They've taken all manner of chunks out of his edges and failed at cutting out his arms or spikes. You can't tell if he's badly sculpted or not. They left the background between his legs too, so who knows how he articulates. The only thing you can see is his waist, and that he's keeping the same hands as his previous figure, which is dissapointing. Can't judge it further with just this...
Posing Shadow Bad Photo
Poser Sonic Prototype Sonic is Doin' the Robot: STATUS RELEASED
You can see with his elbows that they did not yet round off the joint edges, which is a must before completion. Sonics' body is also small compared to Shadow, so does he move at the waist?

There's also a new development here, it seems his shoes are hinged, does this mean posable feet for the first time? Could be interesting! And look at the notch in his sock, will the ankle do more than twist?
His head is ok...but he's cross-eyed. This should be fixed because no one else is that way on the line.

Super Poser Tails Cancelled Figure
Tails is looking ok...STATUS: CANCELLED
But again you can't really tell due to the angle of the shot. His head seems normal, and this is by far the best cut out of the photos. His shoes are like Sonics', but is that an articulated ear?? If it is, why? You could only bend the ear foreward, and...I'm not sure to what end that would do you good at making him take up a cool pose. His tails should be articulated as well, but how we don't know. The flat hands all these guys seem to have is starting to look unnatural, but it's nothing to ruin them if they can keep the heads nice.
In all, the Super Posables look way better than the horrid MegaBot 2, even in this early stage. The pose ability will be fun, and it looks like they're doing a good job with the level of it. Better shots are needed and will appear here when Gear gets some. The odd thing is there are usually 5 figures per line, but only 4 posers. Does this mean there's an unknown mystery figure still out there but not yet revealed? Stay tuned!