Prototype Sonic Items Title
What about Sonic items that have not been made yet?
Of course, everyone needs to see what's up and coming, along with what *could* have come out. It's time for prototypes! All the things on this page are Sonic items which are NOT yet released, or are items which were NEVER released. If something doesn't ever get produced, it'll stay here forever, for you to see and read about it. When any item on this page DOES get made, (and SonicGear gets some kind of retail confirmation) it will leave this page and move away onto the page it belongs on.
(EX: a keychain appears here, gets produced, a fan buys it and mails SonicGear--that key chain will then leave this page and show up on the Keychains page)
Anything that does/is getting made should have release date info near it if it is available, along with the company which should be producing it--to help you find it!
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Laughing Sonic Wiimote Holder for Wii This classic looking thing is obviously inspired by the "Laughin' Sonic" stock art. And, it does a good job of looking like him! From this front angle, it's very 'classic Sonic' styled, with sphere body, noodly arms and legs, and simplified shoes. Yes, he is still "Closing his pupils" which is rather impossible, but it makes for a good bit of oldschool.

But the most curious thing here is the hand position. It's because he's a Wiimote holder! A curious concept indeed, a figural holder for this special remote. It seems like a clever idea to make up such a holder, and the execution seen here of the design is good. It's also one of the only things that has "open mouth Sonic" not looking mutant or terrible. This is due to come out in very late 2008 or more likely 2009. It is displayed here at a toy show, where it was announced.

Lame concept Sonic Webcam While the above figure is everything a good prototype should be, this one is the opposite! It's supposed to be "classic" but they've used an SA Style Sonic. Look familiar? Well it should...It's nothing more than a "Giant Talking Figures" ToyIsland Sonic which they have somehow bored a hole into to insert a webcam. This particular Giant Talking Figure was the worst of their
set, looking just like their Figures & Keychains action figure, but bigger. It isn't very on model, the eyes are terrible, and the quality of this figure just wasn't very good. It is somewhat monkey-like and just doesn't look that cool. They really need to choose something else to make a web cam out of, especially if they're to release it claiming it belongs in a classic line. Photo discovered by: The GagaMann
RC Racer Sonic Tails Concept Art Page RC Racing Sonic Prototype Impact Innovations (who did the art and photos) is looking to produce these RC Racers. There have been previous RC Sonic items, such as the car and racing heads, but totally figural racers are new.
RC Tails Prototype With Remote
However, if you look at just the concept art, they look cool. Obviously based on the classic Running Sonic stock art, with an all-new Tails on a surf board. The "dust clouds" help serve as the wheels, and a combination of their heads is the design for the remote. In the concept drawing, the characters are quite on model. These things look cool!
But watch out for the real models. They couldn't even be BOTHERED to trace the concept for the remote so now Sonic has a huge chin, smooshed face, and no ears while Tails gets similar giant chin treatment and misplaced eyes. The racers themselves fare no better, with ball-like head fat Sonic who has off-model eyes (where are his arms?) And Tails who is surfing on nothing (it just looks dumb) because his leg is literally sideways, as well as his body. Tails' face really fails on the eyes too, with the front of it being smooshed flat and having tiny, unappealing round eyes.
These RC Racers would really benifit going back to the drawing board...literally! Photos discovered by: The GagaMann
Rings Racing Unapproved Concept Slot Car
There were 2 different concepts for Slot Car Racing Sonic. There's been a slot track before...but it wasn't very good at all, with only stickers pasted onto ordinary cars. This one is trying to innovate. The flat-track slot-racer WAS produced, and so it's prototype photo and actual photos are now located in UK Electronics.
Neither the left nor right track is approved, and both are only drawings. The watermark on the right concept says "Unapproved". As you can see, they're going with a very similar figural-racer design to the above RC Racers. If you look closely, you can see little wheels on the heels and toes to help them race. The controllers are also Sonic & Tails themed, with colors and matching decals. The right track is more "Sonic Styled" with rings on it's surface, a tilt, and even a famous loop from Sonic 1. Photos discovered by: The GagaMann
USB Sonic Figure Flash memory will get much more creative when they release these figures! Each one is a plug in flash memory unit for the USB slot of your computer. The two prototypes are shown here, again by Impact Innovations. They've even done mock-up boxes (below) in 2 styles. USB Flash Drive Tails Figure
USB Sonic proto clamshell pack USB Tails Fake box
These USB gadgets are really creative. If their prototypes stay spot-on, they'll be great pieces to own, as well. Both will stand easily, and it looks like the cord/plug will pull away from the figure some, allowing you to plug it in and place the figure near by for fun (and not just dangling wierdly)
If these look familiar again, they should! The First4Figures collectible display figures are posed quite similarly, if not exactly the same. If the quality here remains the same, these should be a hot item for you to keep an eye on!
Photos discovered by: The GagaMann
ASMZine Unproduced Figures
These little figures are from ASMZine. Whatever that is.
They were trying to create a fun toy line from many famous logos and characters. (See Apple ipod guy, a windows logo screen, a wheel, a Street Fighter, Mega Man, Master Chief etc) But look at the right side, there's Sonic & Knuckles! Why is this here then? They never got made.
Space Fighters Prototypes
Here are the prototypes to Toy Islands' Space Fighters line. Knuckles looks pretty much the way you can get him now, but Shadow is a bit different. The first SF line run had him with a helmet (that didn't look too good) but this one is without. He also has a longer hilt to his sword than was ever released. (presumably, they figured everyone would lose this bottom small bit, as it snaps in to his pinky-finger side) The colors used on his suit are also much brighter. Photo discovered by larryinc64
Super Posers Knuckles Tails 4 Figures By far the most interesting of the action figure prototypes are Tails and Knuckles, seen here as Super Posers. These guys were PLANNED but never made it to release. This is the best photo that has surfaced for these figures. In it, you can see that Knuckles & Tails actually looked quite nice. Tails could move 2 fingers, and Knuckles could move his fists. Like Sonic, each of their shoes would move, and Tails' ears could also flip foreward.
Also interesting to note is that the "Popeye" syndrome (fat/thick forearms near the wrist, and fat ankles) is also apparently absent for even Sonic & Shadow! This proves there was no real reason to include that innacuracy in the final product. Also notice Shadow's more nomral looking eyes in this photo. It's really too bad these never came out...Photo discovered by larryinc64
Sonic X Beanbag Pals Plushes Toy Island was also set to release Sonic X themed plushes.
But, as far as anyone knows these bean bag plushes were never released. These small plushes were likely just full of beans, making them floppy, heavy, and different than a normal plush. The box looks like it's ready for sale too, with Sonic, Knuckles and Tails! They've even got their little tag, and the box itself says "BeanBag Pals".
Each plush has 3D plastic eyes sewn on. Photo discovered by larryinc64
Golden Mystery Mega Bot Here's the familiar MegaBot line...but what's that in the background?
A pre-assembled GOLDEN mega bot? But why? An ordinary Mega-Bot was shown at this same the gold one must have some sort of signifigance as an alt. figure or something. Either way, it was never released. If you look closely, you can see this Tails also has the "key hole eyes" problem that the final did, but the Knuckles looks kind of mutated. Photo discovered by larryinc64
Caliburn Holding Sonic Figure Here's Jazwares' figure showing at ToyFair, as captured by ActionFigure toy news. As you can see, he's likely the "Super Posers Sonic" but fixed up by Jazwares. His improvements seem to be in the head sculpt and eye painting (no crazy eyes etc) The spikes are still articulated, but the shoes and waist do not seem to be. The joints look like they were reinforced, however it seems to have led to them beaing "Bead-ey" looking. The gauntlet is VERY well done, and looks about like it does in the game. The sword, Caliburn also looks like quite a good replica. This figure is shaping up to be pretty cool. When the figure is released, this photo will move the the appropriate page. 3 inch prototype knuckles
unpainted Prototype Shadow 3 inch
The smaller figures seen above & right are likely prototypes for the 3 inch line. They will have more posability than what's seen here, so these will likely remain on this page forever as true proto-figures. 2 small photos dsc by KnightOf The Wind
Sonic Qee Poster These are Sonic Qees by Toy2R.
A Qee is a little figure which may be usable as a key chain. (hence the qee word) These mini figures will likely come BlindBoxed which means like the Gashapon figures you can't tell whats' inside until you buy it and open it. This is further complicated by the mix-in of the bear-headed things seen at the top. These are supposed to be "extra collectible" and feature a bears' head with the Sonic logo stamped on the face instead of features. These are set to appear in third quarter 2009, but the problem with them is the suggested retail of 8 to 9.99. You'd have to spend $70.00+ to get only the ones shown here. Yes they are designer vinyl, but paying 10 for the chance of getting a stamped-face-bear keychain is a little bit of a risky proposition for most fans.
Will these make it to market, unlike the mini figures above? Another interesting note is on the far right top row. You can easily see this is Chip (Unleashed) but with a bear face. This being "Series 1" they likely plan to make him with his own head later on. (But really, $10 dollar keychains?)
Jazwares Unpainted Metal Sonic Figure Big Page This is a scanned page from ToyFare magazine. Jazwares let them in on some of the upcoming things they're making. The text is mostly things you already know, like the JUVI being available at the booth and how TRU still has an exclusive on all their JUVIs. The real show stealer here, you can already see....
Metal Sonic incredible detail photo
LOOK AT THAT THING! Who has seen a Metal Sonic ANYthing that awesome EVER? Answer: no one. Look at the texture! There's more there than there was in the games! It's amazing! Even if you don't like MS or think he's not super mega cool you can't deny this figure. It's a big 10 inches too! This thing is going to be totally outrageously collectible. EVERYone is going to want one. If the real thing comes out anything like this Jazwares has really outdone themselves. If the sculpt is this good even bad paint couldn't ruin
him because that can be corrected. Totally amazing.
The other really sweet news is the Knuckles on the page too. Many people mistake him for a super poser but He's an UPGRADED 3inch figure. include articulation that could actually trick people into thinking he was a super only 3 inches. That's another huge kick! Want to see the final Knuckles 3 inch? He is on Jazwares Small Line.
This is especially exciting because the final 'early info' was that the 3 inch line would contain tons of chars, including ones who never had a figure. If they're all as articulated the 3 inch line will rock for sure. Yes, the Knuckles is a prototype too, you can see they didn't paint his shoes all the way.
See the final of this figure on Jazwares General with full review & final box, plus the photo turn arounds. Since this is an unpainted figure, it will remain on prototypes. It is available at Toys R Us in 2009.

What is the JUVI saying? It claims to be a fan of Soundwave the Transformer. Scan discovered by SonicHedgehog11 and scanned by KururuSouchou