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This page should have 2013, 2014 and 2015 Sonic clothes.
The USA is still in the golden-age of Sonic clothing, mainly shirts. Watch for great new stock art (From Sega) to appear on these shirts. Top Heavy seems to be producing less, but newcomer Bio World is making more. Both little and big sizes will likely continue. Little sizes are still ok to collect, even if you don't fit into them, because you can still fit the shirt into a frame if you like the design to make it like a poster. Primary stores here will be Sears and WalMart. However, it should be noted that Kohls, JC Penny, Hot Topic, and FYE are also getting into carrying Sonic shirts. GKWorld may also be getting into shirts as well!

You can also shop at the Sonic Gear Clothing Store. .(Gear store actually has a ton of stuff, about 2 pages of it, but it DOES rotate & sell out.

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Awesome Toddler NeoClassic Orange Shirt It's rather too bad this shirt is for toddlers only...the Neo-Classic art and design is fun for any fan, not just really small ones. It says "Awesome" across the top, & has 4 rectangles each with a character portrait. The art is all neo-classic so it looks fresher & has new poses. You can see waving Tails, (probably) hand out Sonic, fists-together Knuckles & surprised Amy Rose. Anything featuring classic style Amy is pretty uncommon so she's fun to see, even if the bright pink doesn't exactly go with the quite orange tee. This is a summer 2015 release, but where is it sold?
JC Penny Classic Style White Name This shirt is from JC Penny in 2015 or early 2016. It's a dark blue mottled tee in the mens area (so it should fit anyone) It has neo classic jumping Sonic with a white background filled in only behind him. He's jumping under his name, which is spelled out in a font that is similar to the Sega logo font (but not the same) This should be about 10 to 12 dollars, depending on sales. Photo by Taaron
Speed is my Specialty Target Tee Here is a shirt from Target in 2016. It's a gray boys/teens tee with a slogan "Speed is my Specialty!" It's a classic style tee, but it's also somewhat unusual for the art they've chosen. It's an older Japanese sotck art where Sonic is crouched/determined. This was mostly only used in Japan, and appears on very few USA products. (Is this the first shirt to use it?) If you're looking for something classic style yet still fresher, let this be a pick for you! (Target tees are generally reasonably priced, too)
Checker Ball Mens Sonic Shirt This is a mens' sizes shirt, so it should fit anyone.
It's a dull more grayed-blue, with classic style. It has finger-touch-nose classic Sonic in front of a pattern of yellow checker-squares. However, the squares are curved to a degree that makes them look like a 'ball', is it to represent Eggman's "checker wrecker" the boss device from Sonic 1? The classic logo is in full color below it.
It's a pretty simple presentation, but the art is a lesser-used one (and may actually be a neo-classic redraw) The logo appears to have that 'faux wear' or weathering to the paint. This is a winter 2016 item, suspected to be at JC Penny stores.
JC Penny Mens Japan Writing Sonic Face Tee
This tee from JC Penny is in the Men's area, so it'll fit anyone. It's a dark navy blue, with a dull white Sonic face large at the top of the chest area. It has that 'weathering' faux wear to the design, though it is a modern style art. Written across the side of the face/spike is the word "Sonic the Hedgehog", but in Japanese. (The "Sonic" part is bigger, with the rest of it as a smaller sub-line.) This is probably a 2016 item, appearing in the winter. This should be about 10 to 12 dollars, depending on sales.
Notice the tag here, the one with classic Sonic & Tails, and that it's different from the above JC Penny tee, so they've got at least 2 companies making Sonic merchandise for them in winter 2016.
Stripes Jump Twist Tee This 2015 tee has light and dark blue stripes all over. The Sonic grapic on the front is jumping-twist modern Sonic. He's in front of his name, written vertically in white. It isn't weathered, the word/font is striped through. The shirt looks nice, & the stripes give it added interest though the design is fairly standard. Where was this sold?
Faster Than...Your Name Here Blue Shirt Here's a funny slogan-(ish...) tee. The blue tee has only white printing & art for the classic winking Sonic face. It says "Faster than...." then a line and "(your name here)" Which is appropriate, because Sonic is faster than everybody. Notice the paper tag in the corner, this is by Bioworld, which proves they are still making shirts / still have the classic license. This tee appears in 2016, and is likely a boys/teens size. (note proportions) But where is it sold?
Play At Your Own Risk Toddler Shirt Shorts Set Another toddler item...another plaid item.
Why do they keep giving toddlers plaid? This late 2015 set has some plaid shorts & an aqua blue tee top. The top has a dark collar and the slogan "Play at your own risk". The art has Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow, with the modern logo under Knuckles' feet. The shorts don't appear to have anything to do with Sonic, they're just plaid in gray, charcoal, a blue to match the shirt & thin red stripe.
It's kind of too bad the shirt is so small only, the slogan is fun & the less-common poses for each of the characters makes it a little fresher. Where could you find this set, and how much did it cost?
Catch Me if You Can Classic Tee Another "Catch me if you can" slogan tee, this time with a classic theme. The blue tee has big block white letters spelling out the phrase with Sonic applied to the top of the word "you". He's white only, with the blue color of the shirt filling in for both the blue areas and his shoes.
The big phrase, simple art & bold look with only blue/white keeps it looking fresh. This is likely a boys/teens item, and is a 2016 winter release.
Party City Sonic Name Tee Blue This shirt may be exclusive to Party City stores.
A tee in a party store? Actually yes...for some reason, Party City has started a 'tee wall' with cubbies underneath for selling shirts. They have various character tees available all year long. This selection includes this all navy blue Sonic shirt. It's in bigger/teens sizes, but may not go all the way up through adult xl. It has arms-crossed classic Sonic, with his name in a thick white font above him. (That mark to the right is the size sticker)
Notice the tag shape up there at the top. It looks sort of trapezoid shaped, is paper & blue. This appears to be a BioWorld tag, but it isn't in their usual shape. These are usually about 14.99. Photo by:
Step it Up White Blue Variant Toddler Set Here is the white version of the originally red/blue "Step it Up" toddler size clothing set. This has exactly the same modern CG designs for the clothes, but the material colors are varied. Here, the shirt is white with blue collar & red thread accents & the shorts are blue with white border & red thread accents. This was probably released around the same time as the original.
It's interesting to see a toddler size set getting more than 1 variant in on a release. Clothes like this for super little kids (who don't have much input in what they want to wear) generally just do ok/not amazingly well. Still, the design is good, and it's nice to see designed shorts/pants as well. It's just too bad it's so small.
Original Player Card Pack Like Inspire Tee Here is another tee with the slogan "Original Player".
However, this one is inspired by cards. (why?) The background with the detailed wheel/spokes design, rectangle format & how the slogan is written are all meant to evoke/be inspired by the playing card box / card backs for "Bicycle Playing Cards", an old brand of traditional cards. It has full color unshaded classic style arms-crossed Sonic in the middle of the 'box art'. The background/imitation is nice and detailed, & the Sonic art seems good, but the inspiration for it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
Humble Bundle Sonic Prize Shirt
For the 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2016, there was a Sonic Humble Bundle released. A Humble Bundle happens when you get a big deal on games with a 'pay what you want' basic principal, which then donates to charity. The games can generally be gotten on game service Steam. However, sometimes such a bundle includes more than games...such as prizes like this fun tee!
This shirt was available if you donated enough money to reach its prize tier. It has a geometric-modern-semi abstract look with the blue ball representing spinning Sonic bouncing up off a spring in Green Hill Zone. The words to the right say 'soft polycotton 50/50 blend'. Because Humble Bundles are time-limited AND this was a prize, it is destined to be exclusive & uncommon.
Limited Edition Studiopolis Tee Amazon Limited edition tees!
These 2 shirts are limited editions to celebrate the upcoming release of Sonic Mania. Amazon partners with Sega to release these 2 tees for only the month of September 2016. (So, they'll likely end up rare/collectible) The design is pretty nice here too,
Limited Edition Amazon Triple Threat Tee
even if you have lots of other tees. Studiopolis, the new zone is highlighted movie/travel poster style on the gray tee. It says "See the sights! Experience the sounds! Visit Amazing Studiopolis". If you look carefully at the bottom there are colored sihlouettes of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in front of the city background. The black tee is called "Triple Threat Tee". It has simplistic profiles of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, each with a thick outline.The side facing art is neo-classic, and likely new to this shirt. The Sonic Gear Store will have buttons for both BUT only while they're for sale!