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Sonic the Hedgehog Food of the USA
The USA had a pretty good collection of Sonic the Hedgehog related food items. Well, technically, most of them were candies or gums. They also (mostly) had the benefit of good flavors and wise choices. As usual, a lot of these were tied in with various promotions or contests. But some were just for fun. This page will have only modern Sonic foods.
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Sonic Mania Jones Sodas 3 Flavors In honor of Sonic Mania, the flavor mixers at Jones Sodas have made 3 cool tastes in these glass bottles! These were only available at a convention where Mania was being shown/promoted. Sadly, they never went on sale at an ordinary store. This means that most people will never ever taste the flavor, because each one costs about 100 dollars or more & so will remain forever a collectible, unopened.
There's Red Cherry Lime for Knuckles, Blue Bubblegum for Sonic & Orange Vanilla Cream for Tails. Jones Sodas are the ones behind the super odd flavors too like 'green bean drink' and even 'mash potato cola', so you know that they know what they're doing when brewing up very specific tastes...even terrible ones like turkey. The bottles look cool, with Mania branding everywhere and nice shaded character art in all neo-classic poses. While rare, these 3 drinks are a great addition to any collection shelf with their bright, cute colors. Discovered by Taaron
Funko POP Sonic Pez Dispenser It's Funko POP! But now with PEZ!
This is a Sonic POP Pez dispenser. Instead of a normal character head atop the dispenser, it has a POP style classic Sonic head instead. The rest of the dispenser (as always) is the same as other dispensers, the square tube with rudementary 'feet' at the base. Tilting the head back dispenses a Pez candy from the top of the tube. The box uses the modern logo & blue checker pattern that's popular with most modern boxed items. This is supposed to release in fall of 2018. But where will it be sold? Did this thing ever appear anywhere? Still can't find it in 2019.
Funko Funk'os Sonic Cereal Blue Funko is still at it with food...
And now Sonic has a cereal! This thing looks fake, but it's not. Funko makes their own parody type cereal called "Funk-os" that (of course) have a mini Funko Pop figure as the cereal prize inside the box. They did it for Buddy the Elf from the old movie "ELF" with Will Farrel, and all that cereal was red colored rings. The 'generic-ness' and x-treeeeme color of the cereal rings are part of the gag. Of course, Sonic's is quite a bright blue. It syas 'multi grain' at the top but it's most likely 'multi chemical' as the cereals are reportedly well....very, very dyed.
What does this taste like? You can kind of guarentee that all of the Funkos taste the same regardless of their color. However, a collectible cereal is still neat even if it's meant as a bit of a parody gag type situation. This should be a fall 2019 item.
Sonic Genesis Controller Purple Gum Box A blast from the past...that's as rare as it is fast!
This is a rare gum container. It is of course, the cousin item to the much more common "Game Gear Gums" where a hollow GG replica with Sonic on the screen contained gum and collectible cards. This one though, is shaped like a Genesis controller, and for whatever reason is probably pretty darn/if not very rare. It IS labeled "Genesis" at the top, so it is highly likely to be a USA item. It's got usual finger waving Sonic with the logo 'bubble gum' and also 'sega cards inside'. This is photo/owned by a member of the Sonic CD development team
discovered when they added it to twitter after cleaning up during the virus. For a container to go undiscovered since the 1990s till 2020 hmmm. Discovered by Taaron.