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Sonic the Hedgehog Food of the USA
The USA had a pretty good collection of Sonic the Hedgehog related food items. Well, technically, most of them were candies or gums. They also (mostly) had the benefit of good flavors and wise choices. As usual, a lot of these were tied in with various promotions or contests. But some were just for fun. This page will have only modern Sonic foods.
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Sonic Mania Jones Sodas 3 Flavors In honor of Sonic Mania, the flavor mixers at Jones Sodas have made 3 cool tastes in these glass bottles! These were only available at a convention where Mania was being shown/promoted. Sadly, they never went on sale at an ordinary store. This means that most people will never ever taste the flavor, because each one costs about 100 dollars or more & so will remain forever a collectible, unopened.
There's Red Cherry Lime for Knuckles, Blue Bubblegum for Sonic & Orange Vanilla Cream for Tails. Jones Sodas are the ones behind the super odd flavors too like 'green bean drink' and even 'mash potato cola', so you know that they know what they're doing when brewing up very specific tastes...even terrible ones like turkey. The bottles look cool, with Mania branding everywhere and nice shaded character art in all neo-classic poses. While rare, these 3 drinks are a great addition to any collection shelf with their bright, cute colors. Discovered by Taaron
Funko POP Sonic Pez Dispenser It's Funko POP! But now with PEZ!
This is a Sonic POP Pez dispenser. Instead of a normal character head atop the dispenser, it has a POP style classic Sonic head instead. The rest of the dispenser (as always) is the same as other dispensers, the square tube with rudementary 'feet' at the base. Tilting the head back dispenses a Pez candy from the top of the tube. The box uses the modern logo & blue checker pattern that's popular with most modern boxed items. This is supposed to release in fall of 2018. But where will it be sold? Did this thing ever appear anywhere? Still can't find it in 2019.
Funko Funk'os Sonic Cereal Blue Funko is still at it with food...
And now Sonic has a cereal! This thing looks fake, but it's not. Funko makes their own parody type cereal called "Funk-os" that (of course) have a mini Funko Pop figure as the cereal prize inside the box. They did it for Buddy the Elf from the old movie "ELF" with Will Farrel, and all that cereal was red colored rings. The 'generic-ness' and x-treeeeme color of the cereal rings are part of the gag. Of course, Sonic's is quite a bright blue. It syas 'multi grain' at the top but it's most likely 'multi chemical' as the cereals are reportedly well....very, very dyed.
What does this taste like? You can kind of guarentee that all of the Funkos taste the same regardless of their color. However, a collectible cereal is still neat even if it's meant as a bit of a parody gag type situation. This should be a fall 2019 item.
Sonic Genesis Controller Purple Gum Box A blast from the past...that's as rare as it is fast!
This is a rare gum container. It is of course, the cousin item to the much more common "Game Gear Gums" where a hollow GG replica with Sonic on the screen contained gum and collectible cards. This one though, is shaped like a Genesis controller, and for whatever reason is probably pretty darn/if not very rare. It IS labeled "Genesis" at the top, so it is highly likely to be a USA item. It's got usual finger waving Sonic with the logo 'bubble gum' and also 'sega cards inside'. This is photo/owned by a member of the Sonic CD development team
discovered when they added it to twitter after cleaning up during the virus. For a container to go undiscovered since the 1990s till 2020 hmmm. Discovered by Taaron.
Gfuel Sonic Prize Give Away Package G Fuel is teaming up with Sonic in 2020!
Gfuel is an energy drink & mix company that markets its products toward video game players. They make powders to mix into water, and canned beverages. Both items have vitamins/energy elements to...probably help you stay up later playing games or give an effect like coffee if you hate coffee's flavor. They select fruity flavors for their Fuel drinks.
The flavor they chose for Sonic is "Peach Rings" (also the name of a gummy candy) & so have produced both powder & cans of this flavor to celebrate Sonic and do a prize draw give-away which is what's seen here.
The various things you can win include the GE plushes, the PVC display figures, of course cans of the drink, IDW comics, a Pixel Frame, the Sonic shot glass, Sonic video games of course, the Just Funky bank, Genesis style controllers in Sonic type & classic colors and...A Sonic theme Mini Fridge!
That's right, it's the first Sonic Appliance! A real cooling fridge with 3 rows of shelves for your cans. It has a glass front door & is probably 'wrapped' in Sonic CG graphics on the sides and top. What fun! It's too bad there's only one such fridge, made as the prize for the contest because probably lots of people would want them for their game rooms or Sonic room. It's a fun, colorful design. All G-Fuel items in section discovered by Hedgy
Collectors Box G Fuel Sonic Set An item you can win is this Collector's Box from GFuel. It is a Sonic themed box with front window so you can see the product jar, and the special shaker bottle where you can mix the powder and water to make your drink. It also has the measuring scoop with it's lid, which is that yellow thing there. The topper makes it pour without spilling the powder. G Fuel Shaker Bottle Sonic Theme
The shaker bottle has CG Sonic in a ring with logo & arrows on one side & the logo for GFuel on the other.
The topper has Sonic style colors with blue lid, red underside & yellow flip topper/stopper. The bottle itself is hard clear plastic with...probably grippy textured sides. It's a nice looking sport type bottle, and the box is designed nicely as well. G Fuel is doing a good job with their cross promotion.
G Fuel Sonic Peach Canned Energy Drink Here are the 2 ways you can try "Peach Rings" Sonic's flavor of G Fuel drinks. They have tall cans at left, and a powder jar at right where you can mix your own with water. The can is quite nicely designed with a yellow/blue crosshatched spiral & a scattering of rings. It has jumping peace-sign modern Sonic all over one side. The shading is a bit comic book style for him. G-Fuel Energy Formula Sonic Peach Powder Jar
The other side has their logo, the flavor label, that it has 0 sugar, and the modern Sonic logo as well. The powder jar is created with a shrink-on plastic where a white jar is wrapped sturdily in designed plastic to create an all-over colorful look. It has CG running forward Sonic placed over/behind the G Fuel logo (so he overlapps it a bit for a 3d look), CG rings, and the modern logo. This one jar will make 40 standard size servings of the drink.

What is the flavor like?
If you have tried those gummy candy "peach rings" where it's half white gummy half peach/transparent gummy and generally covered in sugar crystal dust....those. So, it is a candy inspired drink that's going to taste quite sweet.

As you can see from the fan photo at above right, it is totally transparent. Fan photo & flavor descript by RaeLogan
Opinion Zone:
Good! It's a nice collaberation. They clearly put in very nice effort for the co-branding. All the products are very professional looking, the graphic design is fresh, and everything looks appealing. The prize give-away is also quite well put together with genuinely desirable items & lots to win. This should make fans happy. The mini fridge is very fun to see as well, even if it is only a 1-off item/despite many people desiring it.
Danimals Smoothie Sonic Package This is a package of Danimals Smoothies, which are probably some type of sorta-liquid fruit flavored yogurts for kids. They may or may not be an actual 'Sonic food' (is the smoothie themed for Sonic somehow?) but they sure are a Sonic promotional item that ON a here it goes.
It has modern Sonic on half of the package and says "Unlock Sonic Rewards", but what does it mean? What are the prizes? You can write in if you know what this is about.
Classic Style Sonic Tails Knuckles Pez Dispensers Get to the candy aisle, it's time for Pez!
The famous old candy Pez is known more for how you get it than what it tastes like. (Isn't that an interesting feat? Nothing other than itself and egg is about how you get at the food rather than the food itself...hmm) The way to get it of course, is through the iconic "Pez Dispenser" which is a golden gimmick of food if there ever was such a thing. A tall rectangle with a character head at the top: you load the rectangle candy into the base and a spring pushes it up. Tilting the head causes a rectangle to pop out so you can eat it.
Making getting to candy slightly more complicated on purpose causes it to be more fun, is the theory--and because Pez has been around since basically forever the theory checks out. In this case, Pez has gotten the classic Sonic license, and produced Sonic, Tails & Knuckles head dispensers. They are bubble cardes as usual, with neoclassic art & the logo on the card back. From the photo taken in a store here, they actually do look good. Notice they use "cute classic Tails" where he's more Japan style and more appealing than some of the other arts.
Of course, there are Pez collectors who collect all dispeners regardless of character, so do get out to the store and see if you can get these 3 to add to your collection while they last. Photo discovered by The Tumblex
Good 2 Grow Snackers Sonic Dome Well here's...something.
The "Good 2 Grow" company makes a variety of 'snackers' for little kids. In this case, it's a container of Baked Oat & Wheat Cinnamon flavored square shaped things with smiley faces pressed into them. (Seen at right on the package) Their gimmick, however, is on the top of the container: a character theme dome is added. In this case, it's a modern Sonic head-top dome, with 3D ears, and a bump for the nose and eye-edge ridges. It does not appear to have spikes.
Sonic element aside...gee whiz! Overpackaging much??? Wow! Hope this thing is recycleable! Look at the size of the wood grain of the table it's on: this is not a giant canister of snacks that needs to be kept fresh for extended periods. The dome is guarenteed to not be full of additional snacks...and what are you going to do with it? Is it a keepsake bowl of some kind? Also they're solid nuggets of oat/wheat whatever, but they're packaged against like 50 kinds of high level assault in that thing. It's like putting saltines in a tin can: you don't need it.
The Good 2 Grow company is trying to be like PEZ where the package is what you are actually after. They also have drinks where you spend 5 dollars to get 6 ounces of random juice, but there is a 3D character head (Disney, Paw Patrol, etc) on top with a straw coming out of the top of it. You're supposed to be collecting the character heads.
Photo discovered by The Tumblex, info added by GinyuuForceFan
Good2Grow 3 Juices Toppers No sooner mentioned than found...
Here are 3 Good2Grow juices. For their first 3, they chose Sonic, Tails and Shadow for the toppers. (Interesting that it's not Knuckles--but it was cheaper to have Shadow) Each juice is 6 ounces. Shadow gets fruit punch flavor, Sonic gets Apple and Tails gets a Fruit & Vegetable blend that tastes like strawberry kiwi (That's why that bottle is different looking)
The character toppers appear fairly on-model except for Shadow, they were likely made with the new action figure method where they take the 'sprite' from the game and then alter it into what they need. Shadow is clearly just a modified Sonic, as his spikes are wrong so that he would fit in the mold. Tails' eyes/color part are too tall/big but the structure of the characters seems pretty good otherwise. The spout/topper head thing isn't too obtrusive. They are a bit costly, at around 5 dollars per small bottle. for a collection of these literal juice jar lids what does that look like? A shelf with spot topped character busts just lined up? (I guess) This is a factory photo. They are likely to appear in spring 2023.
Good 2 Grow Shadow Grape Drink As the pictures above aren't real, they are just company/factory renders, it's important to show what the actual thing ends up looking like when you find it in the store. Here, the Shadow topper is on a grape drink. (So, it seems the toppers don't go to anything specific/any character could be any juice)
He is clearly just a Sonic re-color, the spikes aren't different at all. The red accents are properly placed though, and the white mark for the chest is a decent size/shape. It's still wierd with the spout thing on the head, but it's clear the effort was there to get it looking like Shadow. Photo by Taaron
Good 2 Grow 3 Pack Juices Characters
The photo above shows that these also come in a character set 3 pack. In this case, all 3 of the juices are apple. The difference with this is also that you can remove the character toppers away from the lids (unlike other single ones) so, it may be a bit better for collecting. As it shows the back too, you can see that they did include Tails' tails, but it also proves that Shadow doesn't have his own mold, he's just a pallet swap of Sonic. (That's why they didn't do Knuckles instead of Shadow--they didn't want to have to make a new mold) Photo by Taaron