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The USA food diversity continues with more current & vintage Sonic themed food items. As always, taste information is added where possible, along with where the item can be found. Do note that any food marked 'vintage' should likely not be eaten as it may have expired. Several closer looks at items on page 1 can be found here as well.
Sonic Jams Jellies Are these FAKE? When anyone says "Sonic Jam" the game comes to mind first...however, someone's taken it literally and produced these 3 Sonic Jams. Knuckles Red, Sonic Blue, Tails Yellowish. (Likely blueberry, strawberry/rasp/cherry, and apple/orange/apricot to match the character color) Who made these? Where are they sold? What are the real flavors? (flavor info is only a guess, currently. This is a cool and interesting concept for Sonic food that could really be enjoyed, so write in for credit if you know! Photo discovered by Berzerker.
GameGear Gum Display Box Remember the Game Gear Gums from page 1? This is what they would have looked like on store shelves. The box features checkered edges, large label/logo and a Sonic Stock art along with a picture of the Game Gear shaped gum holder you'd find inside. On the 'screen sticker' of the GG, you can see a Sonic 3 special stage with spheres and a planet with a checkered ring. Later the gum containers added different colors, but did their display box change to reflect it? Photographed & owned by
Figural Sonic Gum Container Open Back Here's the back view of the figural gum container from page 1. When this was made, it didn't seem that anyone had that great a grasp of his spikes, as they're made flat out to the sides. You pry them off to open his head, and the whole thing acts like a jar for the gum pieces. Also note that he has no tail at all. Photographed & owned by
Sonic Speed Energy Drink Cans This is the Sonic Speed Energy Drink. It's the first true Sonic themed drink produced in the USA. While Japan had at least one, and Europe got themed Fantas, this drink is really a Sonic item. The small circumfrence of the can makes it difficult to view the entire design at once. The can is metal, with a special plastic overlay for the design. Each can is 8.4 ounces, & it is produced by Boston America Corp. While it is avialable online, at it is also at HotTopic & Spencers offline, IF they have a refrigerated section at $3.20. Get it for a dollar a can at DaKidsToys! The can does not list the flavor (not a good sign) and (ironcially enough) it says "Not for children" on the side of the can. What flavor is it? Is it good? Write in if you know! You can see people drink this in an official Sega video. Owned by Alessandro
Sonic Speed energy drink red in a glass Report 1: Cola tastes bad. Like a regular (Coke/Pepsi) soda, but without sugar. Likely bitter. - Kari
Report 2: Weird, like a mixture of raspberry & cherry - Nights111
Report 3: Cherry/Fruit Punch/Raspberry, not a bad flavor. Further review & glass photo by Taaron
Report 4: Sparkling grape juice, with caffiene - Sonic4813
Report 5: It bubbled on my tongue like crazy. It was tangy! It tasted kinda like a sweet tart, but with less sweet.. My wife said it tasted "blue" but she she thinks she may have been biased due to the blue color - Dwapook
Sonic Energy Drink Blue Color Well, look at what has happened! The company that makes this has changed the drink color to blue! (Why was it ever reddish?) The blue color makes much more sense than the odd red seen above. This was done well after the release of the original, but when did it start being blue? Did the flavor change as well? SonicGear needs the opinion of someone who has tried BOTH colors. Blue drink photo by:
Report 1: It taste's pretty good. It's kinda like a Monster drink with blueberry flavoring mixed into it. But quickly, you'll get that aftertaste from most energy drinks. Thankfully, it wears off quickly
Knuckles figural lolly pop shell wrapper toy What is this curious item? It is the 'wrapper' to a figural lolly pop. However, it is more of a shell or a mold. The candy was poured into this, but instead of re-using it, it was sold as a novelty 'wrapper' which you could keep as a toy once you extracted the hard candy (and presumably ate it) As you can see, it's a sort of 'chibi' style Knuckles & Sonic, which is fully 3D. This was found in California in the mid 1990s. These are an interest & fun idea for candy! Uncommon.
Knuckles one owned & photographed by S-aint-15, Sonic shell photo by: Star Turtle
Blue Rad Lifesavers Sonic Flavor Life Savers candy even made their own special flavor to celebrate Sonic! This is a roll of Blue Rad flavor lifesavers. It appeared in 1993, & as the label shows, was made to help promote Sonic 3. The flavor is blue raspberry (naturally!) but it doesn't seem to have been very common. Photo discovered by Calistine
Sour Chaos Emeralds Sonic Tin Candy Isn't this a great thing!
Sonic themed sour hard candy! The candies are shaped like chaos emeralds, and you can see the sparkling sour dust coating. They really are faceted (though thick) The extra cool part, is that they come inside a real metal Sonic tin. The tin is shaped like a classic Sonic head, with raised details and colorful paint. Once you eat all the candy, you have a great and useful Sonic themed box! The fun & collectability continues even when the candy is gone. The cleverness of having emerald candy is also a really smooth move. Not hokey, very fitting, the whole thing just looks quality. You can buy this at for about 2.99 (minimum order: 2) also has this for sale in 2011 What does it taste like? Write in if you know! Photo discovered by Piplupfan77 , info by Jordanxsonic
Candy Tin Size photo
This photo shows the general size of the tin. (photo by SurferBRG) You can also get these in the SonicGear store in 2011 (near bottom of page).
These are said to taste like...
The package claims they are "Cherry Apple Sours"
Tastes like a Sweet-Tarts - SurferBRG
This may not be a food...but it's sure a picture of a food. This is an ad for Cracker Jack (the mixture of coated popcorn, sometimes nuts...that has nothing to do with crackers) that advertises their Sonic themed prize line-up. CrackerJack is famous for always having had some random prize item in the box, so why not Sonic? The text says "All new, All Different & All about Sonic the Hedgehog". As you can see, these were released for Sonic 3, to help promote. The actual prizes were stickers & temporary tattoos. You can see 3 of them at the top there, which curiously use Japan style Tails & Eggman (rather than Robotnick) Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Cracker Jack Sonic Prizes
Zoom or Doom Lifesavers Sonic 3 Lifesavers candy teamed up with Sonic 3 after it was released. This "Zoom or Doom" ad features the candy, and plenty of screenshots. At the bottom, you can see them running another $10 rebate if you collect enough candy wrappers & also buy Sonic 3. You'll find the actual roll/packages elsewhere here on Sonic Foods, but it's great to be able to see the ad they ran too. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Crazy Colors Sonic 3 Fruit Roll Ups Fruit Roll Ups are thin sheets of compressed semi-translucent fruit flavored substance. They're kept 'on a roll' by a thin sheet of plastic. To eat it, you peel it off. They were developed plain at first, then had various shapes pressed in (so the shapes could be peeled apart from the rest of the roll) to make them more fun. Eventually, they did 2 different flavor/color promotions for Sonic. The first "Crazy Colors" features 3 different colors/flavors of substance, with designs stamped in it (like Sonic, Tails, Rings, etc) The second (right) has hot colors, where each roll is a different color (will dye mouth too) and has the same set of designs stamped in. Hot Colors Blastin' Berry Sonic Fruit Roll Ups
The Hot Colors claim to be "Blastin Berry Flavor" with 4 colors. One was released after the other, but which came first? The Sonic graphic says "Sega's Sonic 3 Video Game Peel Outs". Want to try these flavors today? If you can find any themed rolls labeled with either flavor label, they're reported to have not actually changed the taste since these were made.
Franco American Pasta Press Kit This is a press kit / advertising kit. It's a combination item with bag, real food, game, notepad & description poster/ trifold.
What a rare and interesting item! Companies didn't make too many kits like this, so a complete one must be quite rare! This kit is used to advertise/explain to retailers the new Sonic Shapes Pasta from Franco American. It's used to convince them that "kids will get their parents to buy it". Interestingly, it contains 'prizes' for the person to help convince them. You can see a note pad here, but that black/gray item is the actual LCD Flip-up "arcade" type game that you can see on Sonic LCDs. Those are 2 real cans of pasta in there too. The case is embroidered with Sega & Franco American logos
The big Spinning  Sonic art on the left folds open with 3 panels as you see there that explains to the buyer what the shapes are (bottom left) & how popular Sonic is, so he'll sell lots of cans. It has interesting stats all over, including 1994 Sega spent 200 million on marketing, Sonic had 8 games out at the time, he generated 16 billion in sales & had 90 licenses at the time. The various stock arts say "Everyone wants me" and "can you blame them?" and "so let's get to the point" as the text explains why Sonic/Sega is popular with the public. Notice how it dumps on dads/families by saying "Moms will rush to the store to buy it". (isn't that unusual...)
The first 'page'/panel talks about their climb in pasta popularity as well as how they aquired Disney, Gargoyles, Garfield & Schnookums/Meat (yeah anybody remember that dog and cat slapstic show...) shapes which made them more popular.

Sonic MOVIE?!
Yes what's this buried in the text? "Sonic will get a feature length film by Trilogy/MGM Pictures in 1996". Obviously that never happened, but how close WAS it to happening...that a pasta company would release it in a press piece?

Life Savers Candy Full Page Sonic Ad This isn't a food...but it is an ad for food. Lifesavers Candy took out a full page ad (likely in a game magazine somewhere) for their cross promotion of their new flavors & Sonic 3 on the Genesis. Here, they use a slightly altered Sonic stock art so that he's holding out a Genesis system & the game. The headline is "If you can open one of these..." and "You could win one of these!" The thing to open being any of 3 flavor selections, including the 2 new ones "Hot Rings" (cinnamon candy) and "Blue Rad". The older flavor shown here is "Tangy Fruits". ALL of the prizes for this contest were a Genesis AND Sonic 3 game paired together. The little copy at the bottom explains how "Only a klutz" couldn't win (referring to anyone unable to open candy roll), what the prizes are, and how you can also write in for a free entry form/where to write. The fine print is the legal stuff about the contest. You can see the various Life Savers packs around Sonic Foods pages here on Gear.
X-Treme Ice Cream Old Truck Ad Sticker This is a sticker/tag type advertisement on an ice cream truck. These stickers were used to advertise/as a menu of what the truck served. The stickers were given out to trucks by the ice-cream treat manufacturers. In this case, the very old sticker (it's from 1997!) is still in use to sell those Blue Bunny Sonic head ice cream pops. As the photos on the first page of Sonic USA Foods show, this 1 goofy looking bar has gone through MANY packaging changes. This is one of the earliest ones, using the X-treme brand for the game that never happened, along with the seldom-used "random yin-yang karate uniform Sonic" stock art with rainbow line art. (Martial arts are "x-treme") The martial...stock art...was also used on an "X-treme" book that also had nothing to do with the game. The copyright information is down in the left corner. Photo by KarateKid1717