Sonic the Hedgehog Hygene Title Card
Sonic Hygene? Why not take Sonic items into the bath & the sink! This page will have only modern Sonic Hygene items, including makeup. Most items here aren't that common, as they are mostly disposable products that can be used up (shampoo, etc) Many of these had a limited release around the USA. It still seems strange that there are so many bath or cleaning items associated with Sonic. Get clean faster!
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Sonic Bandages Bandaids Shapes Here's another first (it seems) at least for the USA, Sonic "adhesive bandages", which are not 'bandaid brand' but people still call these bandaids because the brand's name seems to have become ubiquitous. Either way, these are modern style, and NOT full size. However, the box is full size so would lead you to think that they are. There are perhaps 3/4 or so size usual rectangle shapes ones
as well as the popular circle shape. Each has different character art/doing different things, and there are 20 in the package. This does include Amy & Shadow art. The box is slightly embossed around the edges of the Sonic art on one side. Each item seems to be different in the pack. These have been confirmed at Target stores in the USA in fall 2022 for about 4 dollars.