Sonic the Hedgehog Hygene Title Card
Sonic Hygene? Why not take Sonic items into the bath & the sink! Most items here aren't that common, as they are mostly disposable products that can be used up (shampoo, etc) Many of these had a limited release around the USA. It still seems strange that there are so many bath or cleaning items associated with Sonic. Get clean faster!
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Sonic Sally Knuckles bath tub sticker play pack Bath Tub Stickers. These are plastic re-stickable items that are not actually sticky. They'll adhere to any damp or very smooth surface, such as a tile or even a window. These are just stock-arts with an artificial water theme. Sonic is running from a sponge to a soap, and Knuckles is water skii'ing despite looking like he is standing around on the water's surface. And that random Jet Ski Princess Sally again.
Shower time sticker set
Metal Bubble Bath Tube Sonic Here's a close up of the bottle. It says "Finger Puppet With Bubble Bath" and either "Sonic" or "Knuckles" This is from around the time of Sonic & Knuckles.
Knuckles Topper Bubble Bath A close up of the Avon Bubble Bath with Knuckles topper. This mini-bust is a finger puppet for use in the tub. You can see the box in the background. There is also a Sonic topper, but it has no bottle photo'd with it. Both can be seen Here. Sonic Gear needs a photo of JUST the Sonic bath topper. Do you have it?
Sally Soap Full Shot Here's the whole thing, bottle & topper all at once. It's behind a ReSaurus figure, which gives a rough estimate of the size of the whole product. (not that large) With this shot you can see how the topper fits on, but has a bit of a wide back due to the can. Photo found by Rae_Logan.
Princess Sally Acorn Bath Soap Top
Of the 3 Shampoo w/Top, the Sally top is the rarest. Why? She was the least-recognizable character at the time (being Archie Comics & 1 TV Show only) Her topper here though, as you can see is a pretty good likeness with well sculpted hair and a fairly accurate face. She doesn't seem to suffer the same overspray paint errors that Knuckles does above. Photo contributed by Juuni.
Sonic bath topper
This is the Sonic puppet/topper. He's in the same armcross position as everyone else, but look...his arms are blue! They have the right color of paint, but clearly chose not to use it. Why let such an error like this happen? Usually only Australia
All bath games below were likely sold at Rite-Aid stores. (a pharmacy type place like CVS / Walgreens etc) The liquid should be good inside even after 10+ years. Playing with it in the bath made the label easy to rub off/damage. Info provided by: ShelaFox
would keep getting him wrong with blue arms. The topper is well-sculpted though, and seems normal otherwise. Photo & owned by SonicRetro
Sonic 3D Blast Bubble Bath Game Sonic Bath Bubbles, with Bath Game. You can push the buttons after filling the game with water to help Sonic collect "rings" on little points inside. This is by Kids Choice and says it makes getting clean, fun. This has the Sonic 3D Blast style of art, so was likely from that period. But where was it sold?
Sonic Adventure 1 Shampoo Game Here's an interesting one, a Sonic Adventure 1 era shampoo game. Most items were better marketed by that point, but this seems to be an exception. You're still catching rings here, but it has different buttons, and SA art. It says "Cool ###" at the top, but the photo is not that clear.
And still another of this 'bath game' stuff! How many different re-takes of this combination soap+mini-game did they make? This one is a Bath Bubbles container. As you can see here, it's pretty much the same design as the others, but with a blue case and 4 buttons. The gameplay of this one is similar to the others, in that you're using the buttons to create currents in the water in the game to catch plastic rings. Photos & info by : Sonikku.
The back encourages you to get other Sonic theme bath products, but doesn't tell you what they are. You can see Eggman in the background of this Sonic Adventure 1 picture. This was made by "The Body Care Group" in 2000 The ingredients are rather sophisticated, and include extracts of Aloe Vera, cucumber, sea kelp, green tea and vitamin E in "de-ionized" water."
Sonic Special Stage Body Wash & Game Still more variants on the same 2 bottles of soap.
Here, you can see the smooth (left) and ridged (right) are both being used to contain the same thing: body wash. The left is older, with Sonic & Tails in the Sonic 3 checkered/sphere collecting special stage and the right just having a 3D art of Sonic pulled from SA1.
As usual, each bottle-front contains a little window full of water where you can press the buttons to catch the plastic rings on the poles inside. Interestingly, the left bottle's design looks better put-together than the right one. Photos discovered by calistine.
Sonic Adventure 1 Body Wash Bottle
Below photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Blue Bath Bubbles Game Sonic Kids Choice
More bath bubbles. Or really, the same bath bubbles but this time in an aqua blue plastic container. It has the same background image as the green body wash above, but this time you can see Tails is in the background more clearly. The top says 'kids choice' but no brand really appears. Why did they keep changing the color of this same bottle?
Sonic Knuckles SA1 Picture Shampoo Yet ANOTHER variation of the same basic shampoo/bath game bottle. This one is another conditioning shampoo, but it has the SA1 art of Sonic & Knuckles as the background for the rings game. This art is also shared by a wallscroll as are many of the other bottle arts seen on this page. Just how many of these were made... Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Red & Green Sonic Bath Game Bottles
Still more bath games and shampoos/body washes. How many of these things did they feel the need to keep on making? It's curious that they varied the design so many times, likely making them more collectible. But where were they found? To have so many releases, they had to have been fairly available and popular as well. Photographed & owned by:
Avon Sonic Bath Items Ad Page This is an advertisement for the Avon Sonic Bath products seen at the top of the page. You would see this in an Avon items catalog around 1995. You can see the terry-cloth type bath plush (8 inches) came with a float-ring and cost $7.99. The stickers were originally 6.99 for the set (though sets can top $50.00 over ebay in the modern era) The shampoos (with toppers) were 5.99 each. It's cool to see how the merchandise was originally presented, and to learn the original prices. Photo by: JL Anderson
MIB Sonic Battery Toothbrush Classic Classic Sonic battery toothbrush box Classic ball Sonic toothbrush base
Only the base of the item has anything to do with Sonic. The toothbrush heads & handle are just blue. The bristle/heads are very un-sophisticated, unlike modern toothbrushes.
This is the Sonic the Hedgehog Battery Operated Toothbrush. It must not have been very common, even in the 1990s somewhere, when it was produced. The base is modeled after the Sonic hard rubber play ball (seen on USA sporting goods page) and may even use the same mold. With it MIB like this, you can see that it comes with Sonic base, battery handle, 2 brush heads and a blue cup. Why the cup isn't Sonic branded is unknown. The back of the box shows you how to put the toothbrush together, and into the base. This is an interesting old item. Photos discovered by Calistine
Sonic Power Toothbrush Walgreens Here is a modern battery operated 'power toothbrush'. It's produced by/for Walgreens, so you know that Walgreens is the only store you can buy it out of. The package has plenty of Sonic touches, including thumbs up Sonic X type, the newer ring of stars/jumping design, & some blue checkers. The text just says about how it's "easy hold" & helps get rid of plaque. The tootbrush is nicely themed as well, with 2 Sonic graphics, blue button, and Red/white/blue bristles. There were 2 other designs. Send 'em in for credit if you've seen others similar to this! Photo & owned by AskLiliumLily Care Toothbrush Sonic Theme This battery operated toothbrush was probably released later than the one to the left. It has somewhat newer stock art on it, though it shares the exact same head / bristle design as the previous one. Notice how the bristles are colored. This one isn't "Walgreens" branded, but says "Care" (something) at the top. It comes with a replacement brush head for free & says "Sonic Power Toothbrush". What's that colored wedge sticker at the bottom there? Where could you buy this toothbrush?
Still pending are the Avon Sonic line, a few shampoos and plushes for use in the tub. Also: bath games & body wash