It's time for Sonic!
With Sonic the Hedgehog themed watches of the USA. There were so many watches, that they had to get their own page away from accessories to keep them sorted. The watch page can have both vintage and new time pieces. But, if it goes on your wrist & is Sonic themed, you can see it here. (And if you don' can send in photos)
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Flashing LEDs Sonic Trio Watch w/Box A new watch for 2020.
This one is a bit of a gimmick watch, in that it doesn't even let you see the time until you activate it with a button press on the side there. When you do, red and green LED lights spin around the face & the time appears in red LED in the middle. The frame is blue plastic, and the band has
character portraits for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. It's a trio themed watch, as it's main face design is the three in CG with some nice action poses. The watch comes in a metal square tin box that's mostly blue with 1 CG Sonic portrait for the lid.
Not being able to glance at it and see the time rather defeats the purpose of a looks like they sorta sacrificed it so the design would look better/uninterrupted.
Fidget Spinner Sonic Watch A Fidget Spinning Watch!
Well....that's something. Now that the fidget fad is not running high any longer at the end of 2019, here comes a fidget spinner watch. Well, spinners are good (I guess?) and watches are good, so why not combine them into 1 wacky item? For this kids-style watch, it has the usual / cheap 'tiny rectangle window' for the digital clock part & a classic Sonic face above it. The bezel & face are both also blue. Then, around the face of the watch is a 3 point fidget spinner, each rounded end having a silouhette Sonic face. The bad has stars, rings, and various classic stock art included less-common 'figure 8 peel out'
pose from Sonic CD. The buckle is also blue plastic. This is a bit of a silly item.
Lights LED Button Sonic Kids Watch Got a K-mart around you still?
It's likely closing at the end of 2019, but this watch is probably somewhere inside. Be sure to pick it up at a hefty discount as they close! It starts at 9.99, but when this was aquired it was at a 40% off discount making it quite the bargain. (This is in the SonicGear collection) The package has CG Sonic on there, with some checkering on the light blue. The watch face has leaping CG Sonic on a background of squares. The slogan in red says "Step It Up!".
Notice the round Sonic face button in rubber there at the bottom, if you press it, the button will light up with flashing R G B LED lights for a little bit. The band is blue rubber but with white checker areas and "Sonic" words on it. The buckle is a light plastic. It's a 'kidde watch' for certain because it has only that tiny window for the numbers as it is made to be rather cheap. However, the gimmick is fun enough, and it is easy to set the time. Picking it up for such a low price & then just collecting it is a good idea because seldom is anything so inexpensive.
Lid Flip Cap Sonic Watch in a Tin It's a watch...with a lid?
Do watches need lids? This one apparently does, or it's some kind of gimmick. This is a typical 'kiddie watch' with a flip top cap. The face is Sonic, Tails & Knuckles classic style in the 'trio pose' of neoclassic art. It's kiddie because the time part is just that little cheap window rectangle instead of a real watch face. (All the more puzzling for a lid) The lid has that flat, cut rubber commonly for keychains.
It's also blue, and has a classic Sonic face. The band is set to look like a chain, but it is also blue rubber. This watch comes in a bit of a fancy package, however. It comes in a nice looking blue & tan metal tin. The tin has an up close forward-facing Sonic face in the top, and blue checkered edges. This appears in fall 2019, but where is it sold? It could be at ROSS, but might also appear on Amazon.
Flashing Spinning Sonic Watch JCP A watch that flashes and spins!
This is another 'gimmick watch' styled for classic Sonic. This is sold at JC Penny stores, in the 'kids accessories' area in 2018. The box is very Sonic-centric with designs and faces all over. The watch is a simple one though, it has that little rectangle window for the actual time-piece part (so, that is generic) and the face is printed with Green Hill graphics, plus a Sonic. The band also has Sonic art all over it, and a traditional metal buckle.
The gimmick is white LED lights under the face. They appear to shine 'colors' because they show through the colored art. The lights blink, and twirl when you activate it with the button on the side. It's an exciting gimmick to get kids to want to wear a watch--though it doesn't have a whole lot to do with Sonic, other than illuminating him with colors. This should be about 14.99 if you find it in stores.
Simple Sonic LCD Watch JC Penny
This is a simple Sonic watch, also found at JC Penny Department stores, just like the one above. It too is likely to be in the Kids section, or in Kids accessories. This one doesn't have a gimmick, so it is only about 10 dollars if you can find it. It's carded, and has classic Sonic art all over the band, but a plastic blue buckle. The face has a Green Hill scene, and small classic logo. The clock part is that little simple/cheap rectangle which is always re-purposed into inexpensive kids' watches, no-matter the branding. With a blue edge part, busy band, and recognizable scene for the face, it's a well decorated, standard Sonic accessory.
Here's another gimmick Sonic watch, but instead of lights, this one has a 'fidget spinner' or just regular rotator-type top. The watch has a snap open "lid" that houses the easy-rotating metal & enamel Sonic face. You can whirl the watch top as you do a fidget spinner, then open it to see the time.
This is an analog watch with the spinning hands & plain blue background. It has a large classic logo at the center of the face. The band is blue textured (textured as if chain) rubbery plastic. This is 15.88, as you can see here and is likely a Walmart exclusive item. It may be classically styled, but the spinner action brings something new with this watch. Photos by RaeLogan
Confirmed: REPackaged at TARGET in 2021
Walmart Sonic Spinner Top Watch Analog
Plastic Digital Light and Spin Sonic Watch Kids If one spinning watch wasn't comes another!
This is a more 'kiddie type' watch, as it is all plastic, even the spinning top. It also uses the generic "tiny digital window" for the actual time-piece part that is very inexpensive. The lid for this watch is a simple snap. It has running modern Sonic in a 'swirl' shape. Notice the button by his foot, this will activate LED lights to flash. When opened (you have to hold it, note the finger on the lid) it reveals thumbs-up Sonic with the time part in his hand area. The digital cost cut here is actually revealed in the price as this is a bargain at only $6.88, so it's a good "First watch" for kids, or just easy to collect for Sonic merch collectors. Walmart is common enough that anyone would be able to get this in winter 2018. Photos by RaeLogan
Goal Sign Post Sonic 1 Watch Here's a fun watch with a Sonic 1 theme. The watch face has no numbers, instead it has a large pixel-style image of the Sonic face on the end of level twirling goal sign. It's on a blue water / green palm GHZ pattern background. The band is also all Green Hill themed, with various elements from the level. They also include a pixel running Sonic near the edge of the band. It comes in a Sonic face themed blue box with decorative logo clear plastic front. The watch itself is pretty big, with thick metal edge and buttons/wheel for setting it since its analog. It's a nice classic themed item, if you didn't already have something similar. This is a Hot Topic item in 2017. It is likely a Hot Topic store exclusive though. (If you cant find it in the store, you can probably get it online there at their site.)
Sonic LED Press Light Wrist Watch
Following a fad?
Apparently so for Sonic! This is a classic Sonic themed "Press Light" LED watch. The entire watch is covered by it's soft plastic band, that's printed with various poses for classic Stock art Sonic. Because the face is covered too, you can't just see the time. You have to actually press on the watch face (near the bottom) to activate a brightly glowing red LED in the shape of the numbers for the time. It's bright enough that it glows/shines through the rubbery designed surface so you see the time. This makes it a little less convenient than normal watches, but it is a trade-off for the literally all-over design. Watches like this are a fad in 2017. Photo by Rae Logan
LED Flash Racing Lights Sonic Watch Another Sonic watch for 2017.
This may appear like a normal digital watch. It has a Sonic themed band with various classic stock arts & a Green Hill scene on the face, with the logo. The time part is just the simplest little window with the digital numbers in it. But, notice how thick the edge of the face is: there's a gimmick here.
There are 'racing lights' which flash and appear to 'twirl' around the edge in blue, yellow and red when you push one of the buttons. They can also flash in the same 3 colors. So, while the time part of the watch appears simple, it's still a fun thing with the lights. (however, that's not really something that would show up too well in a photo) The band, face, and packaging all being Sonic themed is a good indicator of authenticity. (fake watches are all too common, so inspecting real ones like this is a good lesson) But, where is the watch sold?
Accu Time Sonic Light Up Watch 1 AccuTime Walmart Sonic Watch Detail
Walmart's got a Sonic watch! In 2018 you can get this AccuTime wrist watch at Walmart in the Spring/Summer season.
AccuTime is the latest brand to get into Sonic & they're on the scene with a gimmick watch.
This wrist watch has various dark blue modern Sonic line art all over the band. It has a simple and small digital area in a rectangle for the numbers. (This is cheap, but it is very typical of kids watches) The face has 'thumbs up' Sonic. However, the gimmick is that the watch has a flip-top fancy lid. This shows running Sonic in a swirl. But press the button and...the lid has bright lights that can glow & also spin!
This is VERY reasonably priced at $6.99 so it's easy to add it to your collection, and the gimmick is fun too. Photo & owned by Pichu97/Charlie
Spiked Sonic Pocket Watch Quick!
Design an object that defeats its own purpose!
Spencers Gifts (online & in malls) carries out this task quite handily with this "Sonic Spikes Pocket Watch". It's the spiked watch on a chain....with 3D that it specifically WONT fit into any pocket....despite being a pocket-watch.
The idea is fairly interesting, with rubbery big 3D spikes set into the outer cover. They're accuratly placed for the back of classic Sonic's head & nicely shaped. The metal parts of the watch are blue & the analog face has the classic logo in black/white. The other function of a pocket-watch is to have larger easy to read numbers so
that when lifted out of the 'watch pocket' (there used to be a specific one) or today--any pocket--the watch could be read without having to bring it right up to your face. This watch doesn't succeede at that either, the numbers are all minute, and in low-contrast black against the blue face right around the very tippy edge of the dial. Look closely here, and you might see them. So it doesn't go into a pocket, nor can it be read like a pocket watch. But it is 22 dollars? SonicGear will call a spade a spade & then call this item plain odd. Summer/Fall 2016