It's time for Sonic!
With Sonic the Hedgehog themed watches of the USA. There were so many watches, that they had to get their own page away from accessories to keep them sorted. The watch page can have both vintage and new time pieces. But, if it goes on your wrist & is Sonic themed, you can see it here. (And if you don' can send in photos)
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5 Below LED Sonic Watch A new store begins selling Sonic items where there were none before: 5 Below
The 5 Below store is like a 'dollar' store but it is all items 5 dollars and under. It gets things sometimes that are unique to it, and others where it didn't sell well in other stores. So, it ends up as kind of a clearing place sometimes.
This watch could be either, but it's only ever been seen there. It is an "LED" watch which means you can't see the time until you push the button. (So then really what's the point--watches' entire PURPOSE is to be literally 'at a glance' and this spoils it, but...) the numbers light up in red when you push the button on the side.
However it seems to flicker somehow? And this makes it impossible for the camera to catch. There's full color leaping modern Sonic and rings on the band. It has a metal buckle and the band is the usual plastic. The watch itself does not have any Sonic features, so once it is de-carded it's just the band. The symbol & logo seem to be part of the face-protector sticker.
Being at 5 Below, this is naturally 5 dollars. BUT you SHOULD test it in the store! This particular one didn't work (half a number did not light up ever) so it had to be returned. It does not have a quality feel, either and is quite a simple thing.
Bad Break Watch Sonic Tails Now here's something you DONT want to see!
A bad break caused by...
An item that's actually defective. This is a Sonic watch (probably a Walmart one--judging by the band, you can see another on page 2 that uses this band style) where the crystal (glass that goes over the face) has shattered and obviously let shards out onto whoever had it.
The face art had Sonic & Tails, probably neoclassic art, with black numbers & a blue ring for the seconds. But...notice how this was one of those lidded watches.
AND notice that the lid hinge is spring-loaded. The lid-topper had some kind of a spinner or a fidget spinning device but because it was either really bad quality OR badly assembled, using it AS INTENDED (spinning the spinner) has apparently unwound that screw in the center. Then, when snapping the lid shut with the spring loaded drove the pointy screw directly into the center of the crystal, shattering it and ruining the watch for good because the pin that holds the hands was also directly under that and now it's wrecked too.
This whole thing is especially bad news because it's pretty much little kids who want wacky gimmick watches with lights or spinners or lids like this and nobody wants teeny tiny glass all over the place. Hopefully whoever this was got their money back because it is a very unfair product. What did it look like when it was normal & closed?