Virtual Sonic Items
Sonic the Hedgehog Virtual Items-
All of the items here are virtual, meaning that they exist only in games or online areas and not in the physical world. You can see fan made and professional virtual items here. Usually in the case of fan-created things the engine to do it is in a professional game (such as customizing a character in a certain Sonic way) Everything from collectible icons to statues will be found here. What other sorts of virutal goods could turn up as the internet and games become more advanced? SonicGear will showcase them all.
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Yoshi Wooly World Sonic Type In the "Yoshis Wooly World" game you can select from many different...apparently knitted? Yoshis. As a sort of cameo type, one of them has been themed for Sonic, with green eyes, red shoes & Sonic-like patterning applied where the normal Yoshi colors would be. It looks like a little knitted plush. But, does it go any faster than a reuglar one? Want to see it in the game? Youtube Wooly World demonstrates the yoshi designs. Video discovered by LarryInc64
Hyrule Warriors Link Sonic Costume This is a Japanese ad for "Zelda Hyrule Warriors". It appears to be saying that if you use your Sonic amiibo figure with the game (Somehow?) that it will produce either a Sonic costume for (presumably) Link, or a Link costume for Sonic? Either way, it's a virtual item that involves something Sonic (Though being unable to read the ad, it is unclear) So onto virtual items it goes.
Mii Amiibo Sonic Motorcycle Costume That Sonic Amiibo figure is at it again...
This time in Mario Kart 8. Since MK is a WiiU game, you can use your Mii in the game as a playable character. However, if you combine it with the Sonic Amiibo figure, it will give your Mii a special Sonic themed motorcycle racing suit seen here. It has Sonic shoe red boots, white gloves, & detailed helmet with his face half on the front, little 'vent' ears, and a shell of spikes. This Amiibo figure really keeps the virtual items coming, if you can collect it. Photo discovered by LarryInc64
Line Store Japan Buyable Emojis Spending money on an emoji smells like paying for a ringtone in 2022. (It's something people don't really do any more) But at some point around maybe 2018 or so in Japan "The Line Store", produced these cute simple 'little big heads' chibi-type emoji collection. There are various things for Sonic, Tails, Amy, Chao and Eggman to do. Note that they leave out Knuckles. It seems likely that some of them would animate.
Also as is the usual...what happens to your purchase after a while? Is the company still in biz? What about if the phone quits? Virtual items, by their very nature don't seem to stable.
Fall Guys 5 Sonic Suits The Fall Guys are back!
The competitive game where you run an obstacle course with a wacky bean shaped character while trying to topple other players was a success with its buy-able Sonic suit. So of returns with 5 more suits that you can buy and apply (in 2 parts) to your character.
They add Eggman, Knuckles, Tails, Super Sonic & regular Sonic. Notice that the suits are in 2 parts and 'snap shut' over the character with a little window in it for the face...except...
for some reason the Eggman suit, which fully encloses the character. It looks like the game will also recieve a GHZ styled part of the obstacle course, as seen here by the Fall Guys CG-style, applied to obviously Green Hill. It's a cute application for themed costumes while keeping the original style. The ad is cute too, to have Eggman chasing everyone and the Tails one is fretting as it runs.
NGS Theme Level Phantasy Star As you may (or not) remember, the game Phantasy Star Online was once produced by Sonic Team back in the days of the Dreamcast. Because of that, the ORPG would have Sonic themed events occuring in it to cross promote Sonic games.
However, as the years went by, other developers had taken over production of the game.
But, for whatever reasons, it never cut ties with promoting Sonic (after all, he's good for almost anyone) and that continues in 2023 with Phantasy Star New Genesis (NGS) which becomes even Sonic-ey-er than ever before. This time it has a whole level with Sonic theme (seen above) a full mascot suit for your character to wear like Super Sonic, statues for the shop/town, and collectible statues that you can collect onto your own private island.
So how does it all work?
The level was a limited time appearing area that had speed boosting red rings to make any character go fast to make it more like Sonic.
Rings appeared in the level too, so you could collect them to try and rack up the high score (vs others doing the level at the same time) Giant character statues appear through out, and more appear when the group defeats the boss at the end. In the shopping area of the city, all 7 chaos emeralds are always visible, and smaller versions of the level statues are there to decorate. The black base statues (left) can be permanently collected by players to place on their own private island along with rings, palm trees, and bits of checkered Green Hill land.
The smaller statues are lower polygon because the island area can be/is meant to be highly complex and loaded with stuff. The character masks return, (covered in previous virtual gear entry) as do the weapon camo that makes the character look like it is holding a gold ring. It's great to see this much cool virtual Sonic stuff! These are all developer screen shots.