Virtual Sonic Items
Sonic the Hedgehog Virtual Items-
A curious page full of things you can! All of the items here are virtual, meaning that they exist only in games or online areas and not in the physical world. They're also mostly in the non-fan-created (professionally made) catagory, as people like Sonic Team make and distribute the items in various virutal areas. The engines used to make them were not fan-made, but sometimes the end result is. Everything from collectible icons to statues will be found here. What other sorts of virutal goods could turn up as the internet and games become more advanced? SonicGear will showcase them all.
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Gaia Online Moderator Avatar Here are two things from Gaia Online. Gaia is a community type place with forums, clubs and various interactive activities for people to do. In a promotion, Sega gave a moderater the icon to the left to be used as an avatar to announce their deal.
You could aquire a little Sonic image gadget (seen at right) which sits by your avatar (the customize-able guy in the white hat) as a way to accessorize it/show you're a fan.
Black Knight Sonic & Gaia Avatar
The little gadget/accessory Sonic could be obtained simply by watching the trailer for the game, otherwise, it had to be bought with points. This is a clever little promotion effort for the game. You can visit Gaia Online (or even join it). Info provided by: Beloved Doll. Right pic by: miles prower22, front back pic by larryinc64
Neopet Black Knight Promo The virtual pet site, Neopets, sometimes has promotional games, and Sonic & Black Knight is no exception! You can go to to play this game and earn neopoints. The front screen is seen at the left, and the actual gameplay screen is at right. Available 2009/March Neopets Sonic Black Knight Game Screen
What does it do? You use only arrow keys to face Sonic in the different directions in order to help him block apples. Sonic will swat the apple himself, so you just need to turn him. The apples increase in speed/frequency as the game progresses. You can see the alt versions of Shadow/Lancelot, Knuckles/Gawain and Blaze/Percival. The "premise" (vauge as it may be) is to train Sonic with this target practice. Game discovered by Calistine
Clyez City 2nd Floor Overlook photo Sonic statues on Central Table Here are some very large Sonic statues. These appear every Sonic's birthday in Clyez City. Where's that? It's on an orbital space station in the SonicTeam game Phantasy Star Universe. Anyone on Central Table can take a look at these huge figures! They're fully 3D and likely about 50-75+ ft high each! The Sonic in the middle is largest, and stands atop an empty fountain.
Amy Statue on 2nd Floor of Clyez Tails statue above waiting benches Sonic statue in shopping area
Knuckles on 2nd Floor Statue
Smaller versions of the statues also appear around the shopping areas as seen above. The Amy is also on Central Table but she's hidden behind Knuckles in the photo. Each statue sits among fake greenery and is on a lighted base. Some are in front of clothing stores, and others are infront of alcoves around the mall (Amy/Knuckles) If you'd like to see these in person, you need to be on PSU for the PC or the Xbox360. All PSU photos in this area courtesy of 8ball.
Toy Commander Magazine Race Jump Screencap This is a screenshot from the game Toy Commander.
In it, you take control of toy items and move around among regular sized furnishings of a house. (They appear giant as the toys are small) Here, you can see that a race car is faced with a jump...that's made of either a calander or a magazine page with Sonic on it! This virtual item appears to be from 1999. Photo discovered by #X
Shenmue Toy The game Shenmue for the Dreamcast was unique in it's time, as it let you get a slice of life of the character as you followed the story along. This meant there were some minigames in the game itself. You also had the ability to collect things in your room. Here, you can see a virtual Sonic capsule figure which the player has made the character obtain from a capsule machine. The Sonic is a decent little model in classic style! It's neat to have the ability to pick up and look at your virtual collection. Photo discovered by #X
Popful Mail Screenshot Paper Popful Mail was an old Sega game. Originally, it was going to be called 'Sister Sonic' but the idea was dropped. No one knows for sure why, but likely because the game was extremely dis-similar to anything Sonic. It was done in the anime style, with the heroine Popful Mail. However, as you can see on this town notice board/billboard, it didn't stop them from adding in a Sonic-like portrait paper to give a bit of a shout out. Photo discovered by #X
Shining Force 2 Sonic Shaped Map Screen Shining Force 2 is an older RPG game.
Here, you can see a little character (bottom right) standing next to an overhead map screen which the game designers have purposely shaped like classic Sonic. You wouldn't be able to see the design unless you saw it from the overhead map view. Photo discovered by #X

This is sort of a fan item, and sort of a virtual it's both! The Nintendo DS Game "Drawn to Life" features a character creation engine that you control. It animates your sketch that you draw and color on the touch-screen in order to form the main character. This means, you can have a main character in the story that looks like whatever/whoever you want.
This video demonstrates someone using Sonic and Shadow sprites, as well as drawing in the character creator. It is in German, but it is still readily understandable because you're just watching anyway. It is a creative concept! Video discovered by: Glaysson
In the game "Spore" you can create and evolve various creatures that live on alien planets. Using different feature types and colors you can create almost any creature, then watch to see how it will act and evolve.
Naturally, someone will want to create something Sonic-like with this too! So the creature you see in this video is a virtual Sonic item. Indeed, their alien looks a lot like Sonic, and you can watch it walk around, make roaring sounds and also spontaneously generate smaller versions of itself. (which are squeeky and rather funny) This is an interesting experiment to create virtual Sonic items. Video discovered by: Glaysson
This video is from the game SecondLife. In there, you can create an avatar and dress it up however you like, then go interact with other people and do various activities. So...of course a Sonic Fan would think to make a Sonic costume in there! Costume worn by SonicBlue Dude K. This time, someone else has been videotaped dancing in Second Life. Amy Dances with her mallet while music plays and someone cheers her on. This costume also appears to give you the same proportions as a Sonic character too, plus her accessory. This is an interesting virtual item. Discovered by
This time, Silver is at a disco, complete with flashing floor. With this video you can see the proportions were kept to about like the games, as the 'regular' people avatars are all taller with usual proportions. You can't see much of the detail of the costume in this video, though. Discovered by The wrestling game Smackdown 2008 has a 'wrestler creation engine' in it, so you can customize your own wrestler, then have them fight in the ring. This is a fun option of someone's used it to make an Eggman wrestler! The likeness is actually pretty great for an engine not meant for exactly everyone, as he has the glasses, coat, and pants. It does look like he's been on a bit of a diet, but Eggman gets a fanfare welcome. Created by ClementJ642
All 4 videos in this group show Create-a-character wrestlers with masks, made to look like Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles & Tails. Since you can decorate the shoes and skin, it helps complete their look. You can watch them enter & fight other wrestlers. (Knuckles even has big gloves on) Day of Reconing was used to make the character masks. Made by Zro22.