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Playing Sonic games at home is great, so playing them at arcades should be fun too! All pages are a mix of new and old. However, if there's something about these consoles, they seem rather well made. Don't always rule out the older ones as being 'long gone'. For some reason, arcades/gaming areas can keep them around for quite some time. Also, when a game is retired (for whatever reason) it usually filters into the hands of collectors. Old arcade games are often sold to dealers of them, who warehouse them somewhere, and then sell to collectors to restore. The area or country where each item is found is listed in it's description.
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Chuck E Cheese 40th Anniversary Ads Did you know Chuck E Cheese is 40 years old in 2017?
That's a lot of history with pizza & arcade games!
For this big number celebration, CEC is of course, doing lots of shows and ads and things to get people to come in and celebrate with them. And, as is the usual for them, they ALWAYS make sure Sonic is in the picture too! It seems like no-matter what's on their screen, they've got a Sonic game in the background--and remember: everything is shot very deliberatly for productions like this. It's no accident they keep featuring his fun, popular arcade games. You can spot it above the puppet dog in the top photo & another taking up half the screen in the Chuck E. Live below it.
Want to watch what they're up to? You can see the history of Chuck E Cheese with the video at Chuck E History 1977-2017 & the Chuck E Live Video too. Screen caps & videos contributed by Crystal SonicFan
Most or all of these in-house shows/ads are shot at a specific Chuck E Cheese location in Plano Texas. It may be a flagship facility, or a 'test' facility. It got Sonic Blast Ball first, as well as "The Ticket Blaster Booth". Special stores such as this are used for restaurants, arcades & everything else pretty much to try out new ideas with the public before going nation/world wide if it is a success. So, it is extra good/actually means something that they keep so much Sonic stuff here, because it is an important location.
Chuck E Cheese Sonic Forces Contest Cups Sonic Forces in Chuck E Cheese Sweepstakes Ad
Chuck E Cheese is totally into Sonic Forces! Their "Rip it Win it!" sweepstakes lets you eat & play at Chuck's then get a chance to win Xbox systems or copies of the game. The way to win is to get either a regular combo meal or a drink cup like the ones pictured above.
There's a special strip on the side of the cup for you to rip down & reveal what you've won. You can also win tickets, probably. Each cup has Chuck on one side & Sonic on the other. The cups are paper, though. At right above, you can see screen-caps from the ad where they've placed CG Sonic running through a real CEC location as the guests look amazed. It then tells you what you can win at the end of the ad. (There's more about this team up at the page Sonic Events here too) Screen caps & cups photo by Crystal SonicFan
Deluxe Sign Top All Stars Sonic Theme Hockey Like Arcade fun Air Hockey? If so, you're in luck because the Sonic All-Stars line is getting updated in 2018 with these 2 cool new tables for play. Flat Top All Stars Arcade Air Hockey Table
There are 2 versions of the new table, at left is the deluxe, with Sonic themed blue plexi divider in the middle, Sonic Sports light up sign & score keeping thing at the top & fancy edge guards for the puck on the sides. The right-side table is simpler, with just a light up bumper around the edge & all-over patterns.
The table-top always has a really big CG pointing Sonic graphic & the modern logo. The "All Stars" branding is in a red ribbon shape & "Sonic Sports" is in its usual red stripe shape. The difference here will be sure to please Amy Rose fans! In the simple little colorful silouhette faces, now Amy's face is included too! These faces for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy appear with little stars as a sort of 'confetti' pattern to decorate the machines. The puck-drop also has some fun LEDs to draw attention. It looks like the Sonic All Stars Sports line is just getting better with these new offerings! Photos discovered by: Jayden S
Primetime Amusements is still the company behind Sonic All Stars Sports, & they're updating the basketball throwing game as well, so you should start seeing these in 2018. The new game has light up edges for its ball-guard nets to attract players. It continues the 'faces confetti' theme of the other games, has Sega logos & Sonic branding on the balls, & uses a modified stock art of Sonic spinning a ball on his finger near the ticket slot for added fun.
Being able to play not just typical arcade video games with Sonic, but also cool sports or ticket-dispensing games is even better & PrimeTime Amusements is making it happen. It's very nice to see their Sonic games doing so well that they keep making updates & adding cool styles. Photos discovered by: Jayden S
Soda Can Shape Garbage Can Sonic
This page is for things only found in arcades...
But that doesn't mean ONLY arcade here comes an Arcade...Garbage Can? That's exactly what this is, even though it is createivly shaped like a giant soda can, complete with 'topper' part where the pull-tab would be. The trash can is gray plastic (to resemble the metal) with yellow "label" that has a big shaded Sonic art on there, along with the Sega logo at the bottom. He's positioned with his outward facing hand behind an added "Litter" barrel. The slogan on the can is "Keep Waste in Its Place", but written in a circle shape so it looks like it could be a speech bubble for Sonic. The scuffed up area on top is probably spring-loaded so it flips shut again once someone pushes trash in.
Something like this would be in a Sega World or other Sega exclusive spot & is really neat to see the art, slogan & the creative shape of the trash can. Can Sonic make throwing litter away interesting? Apparently so....hmmm. Photo discovered by
Segaworld Sydney Map Pamphlet Ticket Another arcade-only item that's not a machine...
But still of importance: A pamphlet map. Big arcades or theme parks, like Sega World Sydney usually need / provide maps to the various attractions & rides. This side (the only relevent side) you can see has the Sonic Stage Show (big puppet thing covered on Gear under 'places'), some Nickelodeon Rugrats content in the upper right corner, & various rides/places to eat. Sonic is shown in the middle. The other side has a map to the park through Darling Harbor. This was a comemorative item. Photo & owned by:
Sega World Sydney Admission Bracelets This type of Admission Pass Bracelet is usually associated with theme parks more than arcades. It's made of that rip-stop tough fiberous fabric/plastic & has a peel off area of strong glue. The bracelet is colored for the day it's used on, with a date too so people can't just sneak in. They're always brightly colored for easy visibility.
These are decorated with stars, laughin-Sonic stock art & the SegaWorld logo. Bracelets like these are actually really rare and hard to get. Why? Because they were made to be disposable. You wore it for the day to get in, then simply cut it off and threw it out because it was useless after one day. Nobody much thought to keep these, so now with SWSydney closed, they're quite scarce---but they are fun to see! Photo & owned by:
"Did You Know Gaming"
Has an interesting Youtube episode on unusual Sonic games with an arcade focus. It covers and explains things with game play footage & in one case a review (The popcorn is yucky) plus, adding more facts about them, like who did the voices, and what happens in the Sonic Popcorn Shop.
It's a good thing to watch to learn even more about old, and uncommon Sonic games, so be sure to check it out at
Did You Know Gaming: Unusual Old Sonic Games