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Sonic Australia Electronics & Electronic Accessories
Australia produced plenty of electronics for Sonic & accessories that seem exclusive to the area.
This includes mainly modern things like special Wii accessories, portable system accessories, cases & more.
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DS Game Case Sonic Theme 6 Slots Where's best to keep your Sonic DS games? Why, in a Sonic themed case, of course! This all blue case fits the bill with the modern logo on the top & Sonic in a star on the lid. Inside, it has room for 6 game cartridges & a spare stylus for your DS. Other than the lid graphics, the case is a plain navy blue color.
Keeping things safe & organized on the go in Sonic style, this case may have been an Australia exclusive. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
Limited Edition Sonic Classic Collection Tin Here's an ad for the Sonic Classic Collection on the Nintendo DS.
It's the collectors limited edition, & comes in a metal tin you see here. You also get inside the tin several colorful cards (5), the regular game in its plastic box & a classic running Sonic figure on a little blue base. Interestingly, the tin itself is quite modern-themed, with jumping twist Sonic in a gold ring & other CG gold rings flying out of the blue checkered background. It's a nice pre-order(?) bonus item, or just collectible version of the game that comes with enough cool stuff to incentivize.
DS Lite Play-in-Case Sonic blue This is a "Play-in" case for the DS Lite. You don't have to take the system all the way out to use it, so it's convenient. It has a CG graphic of Sonic on one side & the modern logo on the other. It looks like it's probably faux blue leather with white stitching & probably a snap closure. It looks similar to one sold at GAME stores, but that one had a rubber decor item on it. This was sold at Toys R Us stores in Australia. Photo by SonicTeam., info by TJTheGreat
Sonic Theme Wii Yoga Mat Wow, a Wii yoga mat!
The Wii Step Balance Board came with a game Wii Fit that has exercises you can do, as guided by the weight sensor in the wii board. Some of the yoga poses though, should be used on a yoga mat, because you have to lie down on the floor.
So, a Sonic mat is perfect for that! The blue & white stripe mat has the modern Sonic word pressed into its texture (bottom) But that mat's not all there was to the kit, it also has a neoprene (rubbery fabric) step cover with Sonic, Knuckles & Amy on it, with a blue background. Protect the board with one, and your back with the other. It was called the "Wii Fit Character Pack". This was at Target stores in Australia. Photo & owned by Sonic Dollz
IPad Case Protector Cover
This is an Ipad Case. It's literally called "Protector Cover". It is slate gray with a colorful outline drawing of the stock art jumping-twist Sonic. He's so large that he goes off the edges of the case. It's box is slightly metallic/foil cardboard with a modern Sonic face decorating the bottom. But this is $30 dollars! That's rather costly for just a cover. It does seem well made & the packaging is also quite nice. Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat
DS Lite Puzzle Squares Slider Case
This DS Lite Case is called the "Magic Puzzle Case", however, what it really is, is a 'sliding blocks puzzle'. There are 2 different 15-square puzzles built right into the exterior of this case. One with a CG Sonic portrait, the other with a CG Tails portrait. This type of puzzle has 1 blank square. You slide the pieces around, trying to arrange the image back to its original state, by only being able to move 1 block at a time. The case itself appears to be gray plastic.
This is the first of it's kind (a portable console case that is also a separate type of game) but it's also a little confusing, because if you have a DS available to play with, why would you want to choose to slide blocks instead? Maybe it's for when the battery runs down? Photo & owned by TJ TheGreat
Sonic Colours Wii Special Blue Controller Sonic Colors (Colours) didn't play all that well with a wiimote, so having this Sonic blue / themed wii controller would be a great idea. It has the Colours logo at the top & came in themed packaging, so it's nicely collectible too. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Sonic Lost World 3DS Case Set This is something that is likely to be from (not yet confirmed) Australia.
This is the Sonic Lost World game & 3DS Case set. It looks like some kind of bonus bundle or something going on. You can see a picture of the matching items there on the shrink wrap of the game case...
But then why is the subtitle in Japanese?
The silouette Sonic with row of rings was commonly used in JP and AU merchandise at around the right time. 3Dses and bundles were also big in Australia also/very popular so it makes sense that they'd want this bundle too.
The special 3D is nice, in the rich blue with Sonic branding. The soft-sides zip top case for it with 1 curved edge & logo is also good. The game itself and game case seem to be normal.