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Australia was a great place for Sonic the Hedgehog Merchandise. Mainly, because it had its own Sega World, which was not afraid to turn out tons of gear. The interesting thing about it, is that it REALLY embraced the Sat Am continuity. You will find more SatAm gear here, than anywhere else. The UK really had a strangely divided stand on merchandise vs. continuity, and the USA was a total jumble. Japan, of course, stuck closest to home being the originators anyway.
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For a while, Sega World AU had a site going with TONS of merchandise photos. These are what I was able to salvage before the place vanished for whatever reason. If you like Sat Am (Sally, Robotnik, etc) this is the merchandise for you.

Whatever happened to a lot of these things? They were perfectly order-able online for a good while, and the AU dolllar was in a state of being where it took more of them to make up the dollars of other countries so you would think that would encourage people to buy up this stuff like crazy. NEVER see it for sale, or in anyone's collection gallery. Do you own something from Segaworld AU? Write in and send pix to have it featured here!
This page contains only VINTAGE items.

This is an official coin or token from Segaworld Australia! It's a real special collector's piece for ANY collection. These were used to play the prize/ticket games in Segaworld. The front says "no cash value", (Was $1AU) and has a nice portrait of Sonic with stars. The back just says SegaWorld. The AU Segaworld is closed, so you can't get this any more...rare! Photo by Renegade.
Sonic Coin Token Front Sonic Segaworld Australia Token Back
Hedgehog with Attitude
A Fleece Shirt from 1992. It looks pretty quality, and says HWA Hedgehog With Attitude. (TY Juni) I don't know if this was available at the actual Sega World store. Someone was just selling this at some point waaay long ago, and I got the photo. This was also available in the UK and some of EU.
Snow Globe selection with Sally & more
Some Snow Globes. It's kind of hard to tell what's going on...looks like they've trapped Eggman in the larger one. The large globe represents the attitude they had about Sat Am, which was that all characters should be equally featured. It didn't come true, but they always had an effort about the items.
Open Hands Sonic Bendy Figure
Princess Sally Bendy Figure
Bendy Assortment from Australia with Sally Sonic & Robotnik
Robotnik Whistlin' Bendy Figure
Everyone needs Bendies. These were probably some of the very first bendies available, waaay before Toy Island tried it. Is that immense thing in the back a bendy? How do you bend it? It looks like all his limbs are attached. Also: Is Robo whistling?
Robotnik has decent 3D detailing on his suit and arms, his gloves even have the raised studs on the edges. They've set his eyes at an odd angle which isn't entirely accurate to any show, but really the bendy is more of a caricature in this case.
With the close-ups here, you can see Sally is rather cross-eyed, but they've gotten the shape of her hair right. Sonic has unusual open hands, which makes them look rather large. Still, this is a good classic bendable set. Right three photos by Rhia.
Sega World Australia Enamel Metal Landmark Pins
Official Sega World pins. These have some famous monuments on them. The tower is "Centerpoint Tower". Too bad the photos are so small. It looks like the Opera House says "Fair Dink Um" which is a phrase of curious origen. It is actually a mutation of a Chinese sentance said by Gold-Rush Chinese miners who ended up there. The original ment "Real Gold", but this new version of the phrase means "Genuine or True Blue", and is usually used to describe a "Real Australian" type of person.
Slammers are a thick heavy pog used for throwing at other pogs. They are rarer, and cost more too. These have a foil background, which is common in slammers.
Australia Sonic Pogs Australia Sonic Slammers Foil
It seems every country had its own pogs. Australia's are cool though! They even had Metal Sonic. They used some clip art and symbols, but it seems they got a bit creative with the designs. For some reason, someone has set these on a drawing of some kind.
Pointing Bendy Sonic Figure Here's another bendy Sonic, not from the set above. This one appears to be a little larger, and has his hands pointing, and in a fist. The ears on this are more to the sides of the head, but they've gotten one eye a little crooked which isn't so great for his look. Yes, he is actually missing his nose, it isn't an error. This is a used toy, so someone's lost it! Photo by: Rhia. Segaworld figural Sonic water bottles
Figural Sonic the hedgehog water bottles. Why? Why not? These chubby figures were another item from Sega World. Notice that they left his arms blue. There are also Tails, Sally and Robotnik ones of these, on page 2.
Robotnik Hoodie Shirt Here's a great hoodie from Sega World Australia. It is SO rare to find anything with JUST the villain on it, especially one as 'attractive' (coughhackargh) as ol' Robotnik here. Storming onto the edge of this bright orange (photo makes it look red-er) hooded sweatshirt, the large graphic really makes a splash. But is it the sort of splash you want?

Likely it is, if you are a collector! This shirt is super rare. Photo courtesy of Graham Tate.

Sonic 3D Head Mug Ceramic This mug is also available to see in the High End Sonic Collection.
Why? Because it is very rare. It was only available for sale in Segaworld Sydney, and was probably a bit pricey at the time. Very few of them exist today, so even if you want to collect one, you'll have a lot of difficulty. It's nice to finally be able to get a look at this mysterious mug. You can read more about it on the High End page. This mug is in the collection of Alessandaro.
Segaworld Sydney Blue Longsleeve Here's a long sleeve kid's size shirt from Segaworld Sydney. While it existed, Segaworld had quite a selection of clothing, including some things that weren't that common. Sonic was mostly a 't-shirt' type design, but they used sweatshirts and long-sleeves as seen here. The shirt is rather plain though, just all blue smooth cloth with the foreward-facing Sonic stock art head on the front inside of a green patch. While the shirt isn't very artistic at all, it is uncommon. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Embroider badnik Sonic Sally pocket blue tee Segaworld Australia really liked to have fun with their shirt designs. Here, they're playing with the pocket again on this blue tee. The pocket is the platform for a mini drama of Sonic kicking at a buzz bomber while Sally stands behind him. Two burrobots (Sonic 2, it seems) are shown stuck to the bottom and side of the pocket, moving up toward the characters. The little rectangle to the other side is actually a small tag. This shirt was only available at Sega World AU, so it is long out of production. Photo by:
Robotnick Red wrap design t-shirt If this walking Robotnick red tee looks familiar, it should. It is the tee version of the sweater with the same design. Like Japan tends to do, Segaworld AU also carried many items with the same design, but in different styles. With this shirt, you can see the shading on Robotnick (where you couldn't on the sweater) and some more of the details. Photo by:
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