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If you can wear it, and it's not exactly clothing, it could be a Sonic Accessory!
Thanks to Segaworld, Australia started off with a nice selection of Sonic themed character accessories like slippers, hats, and more.
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Sega World Sonic face house slippers Everywhere seems to have produced a pair of Sonic slippers, regardless of the result. These from the Australia SegaWorld, have 3D sewn-on plush heads. The likeness is very 'cartooney' with big attached eyes and a 'front style' mouth that is not quite characteristic of him. The result here though, is at least semi-cute unlike a few other slipper-disasters which can be found about the site.
Green Embroidered Sonic Hands Hat A hat or cap is a popular souvenier.
Naturally, Segaworld of Sydney had several on offer. This is a rather bright green cap, with embroidered design. Sonic's head and torso are on the top of the hat, but his name and hands are on the brim. Interestingly, this stock-art like image has the mouth open, which is a bit unusual. It's made to look like Sonic's hands are 'popping out of' the brim, to hold the name/logo. Due to the construction of the hat, the hands are a bit far to look like they are 'attached' to the above torso, but the effect is still interesting.
Segaworld Fuzzy Face Sonic Slippers Here's a pair of colorful Sonic face slippers. These are likely to be from Segaworld Sydney. The faces have the distinctly 'cutesy' look for Sonic with the large, close mono-eye & oval nose that is easy to recognize. The back of the head has sort of rudimentary spikes as it's attached to the toe of the slipper. They are also typically colorful with yellow interiors and red tops to go with the blue of the plush heads. These MAY be a different view of the above pair. Photo discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Close-Eyes Sonic Slipper Plushes Yet ANOTHER pair of Sonic house-slippers. Strangely, Sonic slippers were produced several times in many areas. Australia had them too, this time at Segaworld. This pair is a bit plush-like in that it has hands, one with a pointing finger. The 'belly dot' is kept peach, and is obviously where the foot goes, but this type of thing always borders a bit on 'strange' because really you're stepping into the character which is just odd. The distinguishing feature here is that the pupils for the eyes are sewn QUITE close together, giving him a very 'concentrating' look. His spikes are toward the ground, so not quite sure how that works with wearing these around the house.
Gotta Juice Tails Robotnik Sonic Hat Here's a red cap from Segaworld. It features Sonic, Robotnik and Tails. The interesting thing is that Tails is beginning to mutate, even here in Australia. More brown than orange, a big nose, tiny ears and to top it off, he's mad! This cap needed to watch the art better, as Sonic also has a bent eye. Robotnik is looking appropriately schemeing, though his head is somewhat banana-shaped. Drawing from the SatAm Sonic show, it features the "Gotta Juice" phrase as a motto. Photo by: Rhia. Gotta Juice Hat Detail
Princess Sally Cap Hat Segaworld Here's a rare item, a Sally cap hat. The aqua blue hat has a layered rubber/plastic die cut Sally graphic on the front, with her name. It's the same type of material that the modern flat layered keychains are made of, only the hat itself is old. It is from the Sega World of Australia (while it was active) as evidenced by the tag. This Segaworld was always big on Sally stuff, so it's no surprise to see they had a cap. Photo & owned by Elisto
Embroidered Classic Style Sonic Cap Hat Here's a nice quality cap hat. The hat is plain black, but it has a BIG patch of embroidery, as an off-center Sonic classic style face. It also has his name written with more solid blue embroidery. (Embroidery is more difficult to machine/expensive than paint, but it wears & lasts really well, so this is likely a very good quality hat to get) The size and positioning (and that it goes part way onto the brim) help keep this hat interesting & quality looking. Is this hat costly? Photo & owned by:
Modern Sonic White & Checker Belt This is an interesting belt with modern Sonic theme. The graphic for him is so large that you can only see a little part of his face, with some black/white checkers for the background. The result is sort of abstract. Photo & owned by: Sonic Name Checker Belt
Here is a checkered belt with Sonic's name / logo theme. The right photo is probably the same belt as the one in the left photo, but the design is kind of abstract-ified by the narrowness of the belt so its hard to really tell. It's black & white, with the logo in blue & yellowish on the sides & belt end holder strap. It costs about $25, which is rather pricy for a belt. It can be found at Gametraders in 2012. Right Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Sally Mask Segaworld Sydney Now HERE's a rare look at something!
This is a Sally Acorn mask. It looks like a full head rubber, possibly latex mask. In the first image, it's on a plastic stand, being displayed (likely) at Segaworld Sydney. In the 2nd, that's what it looks like when you put it on. (An actual produced/bought mask worn by a fan)

Remember, Segaworld Sydney was wild about Sally for whatever reason, and they were the ones with

tons of official merchandise with her on it, Sally-only items, and even a mascot suit of her. This mask is actually pretty much amazing. The likeness is REALLY good considering it's basically hollow rubber. She's not scary, mutant or absurd. It looks like the character from the show.
There is some debate as to whether this got made or not. Some SWS stuff DID get made but is just so rare it's barely ever seen. Other items were photographed, but never produced past prototype. In the case of this mask, it looks like there's at least 2. Discovered by VictoriaVaporeon
Sonic Colors Yellow Target Bonus Watch This is a promotional watch for Sonic Colors. It's only slightly themed though (it seems) with a Colors logo, & some icons near the buckle. The card it's on has wisp icons, some of which are colored. This was a pre order item for Sonic Colors in Australia Target stores. However, even though it was a bonus, it was in short supply at the time of release, so now it is uncommon. Info added by TJ TheGreat
Tomy Gacha Sonic Bag Tags Package Here are "Bag Tags".
Or at least a photo of the package one may come in. These are a Tomy Gacha item, meaning you won't know which tag you get until you open it. There are 6 to collect including Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Knuckles, Shadow & a close up of Sonic's face. (Why not Amy, a Chaotix member or Blaze or Silver?)
See the notch in the edge? These may be meant to hold an identifier card of some kind that fits inside. While it says it's a 'bag tag', it's likely it could be used as a keychain unless they're huge. These may have only been sold in Australia. Does anyone actually own one of these to see how big it is?
SegaWorld Sydney Dog Tag Neclace Sonic
Here's a 'deluxe type' dog-tag necklace that was a SegaWorld Sydney exclusive item. A usual 'dog tag' is just a flat metal oval shape with whatever words/designs pressed in. This one is deluxe because it uses 3 colors of enamel in the pressed in design for SA1 style Sonic & his name. Also, because it has an added black rubber bumper around all the edges & hole to make it more comfortable to wear / take away the harsh edges.
It is on a standard/normal beaded metal chain (as is expected of such tag necklaces) Because SW Sydney closed not long after, this is a later item for them, but with 'wierd walkin' Sonic' it's a very early SA1 piece. (As that stock art fell into disuse because it was a bit odd) This was bought around 2000.
Sega World Sydney Slogan Watch This is a watch from Sega World Sydney, in 1997.
It's an analog type, with red hands & the face is literally Sonic's face. There are no numbers, so the big forward-facing face is the only design. The band is plain blue, but has 2 slogans in yellow. The first is "Gotta Juice!" and the other "Way To Go Bro!"
The bezel is a blue semi-transparent plastic. Look at the back though, SWS went an extra mile to ensure authenticity by (probably) etching the back with the logo and copyrights on the metal part. This is always nice to see, to pick watches away from the numerous easy to make phonies. There's no doubt that SWS had other watches for sale over its years of operation, and this is a fun one to see. Photo & owned by