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Fakery and junk abounds when bootleggers think they can get away with knocking off Sonic the Hedgehog!
Fight back by educating yourself on what NEVER to buy with these pages of photos and tips!
Remember, you vote with your money...any buying of fake junk only supports and encourages them to make more. Wouldn't you rather have awesome official items? Wouldn't you rather enjoy cool good quality stuff you know you can depend on? If you want the real deal, bootlegs are never the way to go.
Remember what a 'bootleg' item is:
It is an unofficial or unlicensed product being sold to the fans- by NON FANS. These can be home-made or made in a factory. They are not approved by the company who holds the license and are NOT made to any standard. The quality is usually low, leading to items which may break or wear out. Fake items may also be unsafe. Remember, bootleg makers are only after your money. They don't care at all about Sonic the hedgehog and are only out for a quick buck. Don't waste your money! Buy official SEGA Sonic things only, look for copyrights, and demand the real deal.
Wierd mixed up keychain set Mascot Zone fake Sonic suit The parade of obviously fake mascot suits seemingly never ends! Here comes bogus Sonic with only 3 fingers and no gloves. Look how his arms are attached to the belly-dot, and his spike is growing out of the front of his head. (nose is super snooty too!) This may be called 'a fancy dress' by the company who is bootlegging it expensively on Ebay. Discovered by: Hali66
At first glance, these keychains seem ok, but then you get to "super Sonic" UGH! what happened to his face? It's JUST eyes (wrongly colored) and a nose...on a blank background. Then, there's classic Tails thrown in with modern everyone-else...and look at Sonic, that's the flame curse from Secret Rings...he doesn't belong either. What is ToysNJoys doing selling this faked up set of kooky keychains? Discovered by: Hali66
ReSaurus Sonic Eye ReDo Is this a fake? Is it some kind of fan modification? Who knows...but ReSaurus didn't live long enough to correct their mistake of 'overly large iris/pupil' on any of their official figures. You'll notice that this Sonic has better sized eyes that are also better positioned. It looks more on-model and normal. Perhaps bootleggers (known for knocking off ReSaurus figures loose like this) have tried to improve him. Photo discovered by DinosaurGigamix. Sonic 6 fake cart
The 'return' of 'Sonic 6'! While the previous fake featured SpeedyGonzolez, this one has some stolen Riders art on a Genesis cart. What does it contain? Who knows with fakes like this! Maybe nothing, or maybe some ripped ROMS. Photo discovered by SuperSonicRosstifer
News Power fake doll back News Power China tag detail Look at all the trouble the fakers went to, for this bogus doll. Inspect the details to make sure you don't get duped into buying this 'classic'! This suction-cups (stick up) plush is a phony. It is here to imitate an early plush, as you can tell by the single row of felt spikes that sort of divide themselves into flaps.
It does a fairly good job, but you'll notice some oddities like how the 'eye shine' white highlights to the plastic eyes are at the bottom rather than the top, where they usually always are. One buckle has slid to the wrong side/made on wrong side of the shoe strap.
This Sonic doll is from China. The tag says NEWS POWER and also has a hologram sticker. Usually fakes do not use holograms (they're expensive) So 'news power' is really spending money to fool the fans! and Left Photo discovered by Calistine, Photos discovered by SuperSonicDuo. Confirmed fake by: Bianca Nishitani
Strange Shoe Fake plush This odd plush is about 16 inches high, but for something so big, it misses a few details. The hands are wierd crumples, and his ears have no borders. The real give-away that it's a fake though, is look at the stripe on his shoe! It's horizontal like Metal Sonic's, and then has an extra vertical strap under the buckle. It's odd how fakers, in their inattention sometimes manage to add wierd details that are extra, and don't belong. Photo discovered by Hali66
Sonic Knuckles Jumble Art Box Here is a fake box art & cartridge for 'Sonic & Knuckles'. The box just uses some random art they found of Sonic and Knuckles, instead of the symbol, so it looks like they're sort of crashing into eachother. To it's credit, the box back shows actual screen shots & tries to look authentic, but then tosses in a Sonic 1 era stock art. The cartridge just re-uses the front art, but pastes a logo onto Knuckles' face. Discovered by Piplupfan77 S&K Fake Cart Bad Art
Tricky Fake Sonic 3 Cart & Box Spotting the fake here is a little harder. It's easiest with the cartridge though. They've placed the logo at an angle (it never was) and also the graphic sticker goes all the way to the bottom and doesn't say "Megadrive" or "Genesis" along the side as the real ones do. It's interesting to see how close they get to the real thing, but then still get a few details wrong. This is quite a tricky item. Photo discovered by: PiplupFan77
Sonic Bootleg Movie Cover This is a bootlegged copy of the Sonic movie. They used the wrong era of art (SA era, movie is classic styled) and look, they forgot Sonic's mouth! It still has the same tag-line, & a similar background, but the wrong art gives it away. Photo discovered by: Toxic The Skunk Stolen fan-art Tails shoe A company can make 'customized' Nike Dunks sneakers. Customizing shoes is great and cool, however stealing fan art is very UNcool! Here, they have stolen some Sonic
fan's art for Tails and put it on the shoe. This goes to show that bootleggers don't care who they rob, so long as they end up with the money! Photo discovered by: Toxic The Skunk
Heroes Train Box What is this mysterious fake thing? What could be inside? This is an odd box in the shape of a train. In the windows, you can see pasted in Heroes art, along with an odd green Heroes logo on the top. However, they've mixed in Shadow (from his own game, with gun) for the top art. This item is by Ali Baba, but where could it be found, and what is it for? Write in if you can help shed some light on this thing for credit. Discovered by: ToxicTheSkunk Ali Baba Train Box Fake
Shiny Fake Bumper Sticker
This bumper sticker is bogus. It's made of reflective material with the color printed over-top. (Thats why the light and dark streaks on Sonic) Usually this type of printing is somewhat uncommon/the material is slightly expensive so bootlegs with it don't turn up much. There's nothing overly wrong with it, but it is unlicensed. Photo discovered by Sapphire the Cat
555 Fake Poster Selection 1. Steal a screenshot from Sega
2. Say it is your poster
3. Charge people for printing it in various formats.
Just because art exists, and you did not make it, does not give you the right to make money from it if you have a special printer. This poster faker does not seem to care, according to the selection seen here. Discovered by: Cfire176
Amazon Wall Decal Selection
This "Sonic wall decal" is found on Amazon. The faking company uses a large format printer to make decals in the color of choice. You can add expensive features (Remember, real things are almost NEVER customize-able!) by customizing your order. This is another case of 'owning a special printer gives us the right to use any art we pinch from the web'. Remember: fakers are here to make money no matter what. Comments for this item say it's only about half the size shown in the photo...which is quite a
dissapointment if it was able to tempt you into spending over 30 dollars to buy it! Deceptive photos, and incorrect business practices are common with fakers. Watch out! Discovered by: Chris
Childs Fake Sonic Costume This isn't a bad looking fake. The details are fairly proper, and the mask is foam. There's nothing off model or horrible about it. It's not the best, but it goes to show that sometimes fakes can look fairly decent. It is simply an unlicensed goods item. You may see this on & as it seems they don't check sellers' goods. Discovered by Red Heroes Softsides Lunch Box Another 'soft sides' lunch box, this one with a fairly convincing Heroes theme. However, the tag gives it away as a fake by putting Jet the Hawk on there. What's up with these convincing bags lately? Photo discovered by: Cfire176
Fake Sonic car decal Yet another bogus window decal for cars. Note the lack of copyright. They did however, get creative & lift some Sonic X art, for confused/ looking out Sonic. Photo discovered by:
Phony mascot suit milanoo Another fake, expensive costume--this one in Mascot Suit style. For some reason, it's called "Lovely Blue Scissors" so you know right off it's up to no good. With the 'fat' body & gray nose, they weren't attending the detail too much.
3DS CG Fake Skin This is another fake 3DS skin, & you can tell they put an above-average effort into this, by adding their own CG graphics &
Once again, the fakers try to sell this on ebay. Photo discovered by:
Air-brushed Sonic graphic food stand This is another 'wierd line' item. It's not REALLY a bootleg because it can't be bought...but they ARE using Sonic without permission to attract people to a food stand at 7 Mile Fair in Wisconsin. He's a custom air-brushed cut plaque style decoration, above part of Super Mario's scenery. Kind of ok, but kind of not? Photo by: DarkSonicGold12 patterns. However, if it doesn't say SEGA, it's not the real thing. And they used the same Sonic art twice, and landed the cross shaped hole in his forehead while they were at it. Photo discovered by FelixFox1991
Bogus Bibs for Bad Babies!
Bogus bibs for babies! Here are 3 examples of the "We'll iron on anything to any plain junky item" make-a-buck schemes. This time, with Sonic Silver & Shadow. Look at the enscription though "NAME the Hedgehog" poor personalization doesn't make these better. Plus, a bib is meant to be messy...not a good combination when cheap designs are used. Discovered by FelixFox
It's TIME for ugly fakes! What time is it? Time for uglyness & fakery with this corney clock! Someone has cut out a classic Sonic shape, and simply glued numbers all over his face. Not only does it look cheap, but it's wierd too, with the hands spinning around in his eyes. Then, look at the dumb details, such as the blue gaps in between where his arms & legs go, his 1 blue arm because they forgot to color him properly, then they missed the inside of his shoe. Photo discovered by FelixFox1991
Purple wiggly Shadow keychain Some faker clearly tried to imitate up a 'Shadow' for this acryllic keychain, but they failed in many crazy ways. First, he's purple and arbitrarily colored (red arms?) then, what's up with the line work? It's so wiggly, and his arm has like 2 extra joints instead of an elbow. No one would think this is the real thing, it's too outrageously wrong! Photo discovered by LoganRocks
Fake Flipflops Shadow Pattern Flip-flop fakery! Whether you call them flip flops, slippers or thongs these are not the real deal. The base (seen here without the strap) has Shadow printed on you can step on him all day? Fake shoes/plastic wear-ables from unknown origins have a bad rap after the Chinese flipflop foot burning incident where unsafe chemicals were used to make them. Discovered by FelixFox1991
Haters Gonna Hate Fake Shirt "Haters Gonna Hate" indeed! And what do they hate? Fake shirts! Clever internet memes aside, they've robbed another Sonic fan of their art! All these fakers did was change the font to steal from the Fan Artist Spike Wible
FW Chibi Plush Tags
Look at this wacky doll! It seems cute and 'chibi style' from the front...but when you turn it to the's flat and shrivelled. His spikes are misplaced, and he has no tail, shoe stripe or back spikes at all. The bottom of his face ends quite squarely, too.
What company made this? The tag at right says "FW" but the rest is in Japanese so you can't read it. It's an anime 'chibi style' modern Sonic. He looks silly with giant eyes and mini body/arms.It's unusual for a bootleg as the pattern appears to be original/not stolen from some other Sonic plush. The company sells it to just about any dealer of 'stuff' so it's found attempting to trick people at anime conventions & other areas that aren't well policed against fakery. It was made in china, though the tag is all Japanese. Photo discovered by Annalise, side photo by OrangeUnicorn1984, tag photos by Sam