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Fakery and junk abounds when bootleggers think they can get away with knocking off Sonic the Hedgehog!
Fight back by educating yourself on what NEVER to buy with these pages of photos and tips!
Remember, you vote with your money...any buying of fake junk only supports and encourages them to make more. Wouldn't you rather have awesome official items? Wouldn't you rather enjoy cool good quality stuff you know you can depend on? If you want the real deal, bootlegs are never the way to go.
Remember what a 'bootleg' item is:
It is an unofficial or unlicensed product being sold to the fans- by NON FANS. These can be home-made or made in a factory. They are not approved by the company who holds the license and are NOT made to any standard. The quality is usually low, leading to items which may break or wear out. Fake items may also be unsafe. Remember, bootleg makers are only after your money. They don't care at all about Sonic the hedgehog and are only out for a quick buck. Don't waste your money! Buy official SEGA Sonic things only, look for copyrights, and demand the real deal.
Iron On Transfers Submission: CLOSED (every single art on the internet can be one of these, know that it exists & if it's a transfer of any type it IS A FAKE.
Circle Swithcplate Fake This is another fake light-switch plate, but they're trying to be different by making it round instead of the usual rectangle. Why? It hogs up more space on the wall, and STILL has holes/screws in lame places like thru Tails' arm, and in  Sonic's shoe, while the switch part cuts off most of his shin & part of his eye. Good planning rarely goes into these things, no matter what shape they are. Discovered by: ToxicThe Skunk
Knuckles Slipper Fakes Aren't these almost convincing? It's a pair of fake Knuckles house slippers...however, there are a few things to give them away...but you've got to look carefully! First off, his spikes are misplaced, they're more like a crown to keep them away from the floor. This could just be dismissed as a 'necisary design flaw' until you get to the logo. See there in yellow on the heel? It has "SonicTeam" with the Sonic head outline for the logo. That's never used *Alone* on merchandise OR in substitution for the actual Sega logo or "copyright circle C". The embroidered detail, good face construction, and convincing quality fabric are VERY tricky. Always inspect to fight fakes! Discovered by BiancaNishitani
Floppy Donkey Tail Monkey Costume Look at poor embarrassed kid who has to wear this GARBAGE bootleg Sonic suit! It's worse than a floppy dorky pair of pajamas. It has a stupid nonsense donkey tail, no spikes on the back, and the so called "Sonic" head part of it is ugly & monkey-like. The arm & belly dot are white, & they don't even bother to give him shoes. Either rip off Sonic completely...or make 'mutations' to avoid infringement? Either way, fakers satisfy no one! What's the worst part? They want either 99 or 119 for this pile of trash on ebay. Discovered by Spyrothedragon Sonic 8 Fake Title Sonic 8! That number is so high that we need TWO Sonic heads on the screen at once!With bad pixel color, bogus looking rendering, unfamiliar font & terrible music, this 'game' isn't
going to fool anyone. Made by 'Yong Yong' in 2000 (copyright? really?) it's notorious for not working well. Discovered by SpyroTheDragon
Fake Costume Big Sonic Fake Costume Head Close Up This is yet another fake mascot suit costume. However, it's slightly above the fold on quality. It's mostly Sonic-like, though it has some errors, like the lack of 'mono-eye'...however, the errors could possibly be fixed. The addition of white for the eye, slimming the ears, adding white to the shoe stripe & sock, and blue to the 'belly dot top' would go a long way for the costume. Is it ok to fan modify fake stuff? Certainly, and especially because there isn't a "real retail" costume that this type of fake would be "taking the place of/ taking money away from". Photo & owned by SurferBRG
Sonic 3D Blast 5 Oh, here comes "Sonic 5" or "Sonic 3D Blast 5" Just like the number 8, the number 5 is so high that it needs TWO Sonics to express it here on this 'game' art. They steal Sonic Jam's art & put it with GameGear surfin Sonic, then slap a number 5 in the middle while writing "Super" at the bottom. That little starburst in red has "19.99" in it...hopefully not the real price because the lame game on this thing is an 8 bit version of Sonic 1. Discovered by SpyroTheDragon
Sonik Super Blue 2 Wierdness ahoy! Here's "Super Sonik II" the game It appears to be all in Chinese (but what does it say) and look at how nutty & mixed up the art is! You've got SA1 characters, with classic Sonic watermark/looming in the background, then a total mutation in the front. He's got a drippy droopy 'bangs' spike, super-Sonic styled-ish spikes...but blue, and then someone's colored his eyes black! Have Tails' goggles been re-colored wrong to blue? Why isn't anyone else messed up? Amy appears again on the back as a watermark under the description, & all the screenshots are from ancient irrelevent games. Note the company name "ACT" appearing on the front & the back Sonik Super Back Box
This likely had a bootleg game cartrige or one of those 'multi-in-1' things in it. Discovered by SpyroTheDragon
Super PolyStation II Box High tech? Try high level phonyness...This is the "Super PolyStation II" or "SP2" if you note how they're trying to crib the real logo. The system is just a boring rectangle with knock-off controllers...and an oddly realistic handgun!
They steal up a bunch of art to plaster all over the box, hoping to convince people it would play the games they imply. You can spot Ken from StreetFighter, GeX and...of course Sonic. It's the popular old SA1 image / desktop wall paper of him standing with a Neutral Chao which you can recognize right away. Fakers love to use Sonic because he's so popular, they think people will buy anything if they
think they'll be able to play Sonic on it. Discovered by SpyroTheDragon
Slovakia Red Wooly Sonic Fake Doll What's red & wooly & very mutant? Not a Sonic doll, that's for sure! This is where fakes get super strange. Some company has made a red Sonic knock off type doll, but out of hairy, wooly fabric. It has only 3 fingers, and fuzzy black shoes. The plastic eyes are rather scary, but these same eyes have been used on other bogus dolls before, so it's not a surprise to see them. It's odd how the thing is Sonic shaped, but then chooses every wrong color & every wrong material.
Look at the tag though, it clearly says "Slovakia" on it. That country has not made anything (official or not, Sonic-wise) in the past, so why start now, and why start with something as bizzarre and wacky as this? This is probably quite an uncommon bootleg, as it's not going to fool anyone, anywhere, no-matter where it was made. Photo discovered by: eharbin92
Knuckles Phony Sticker Sheet This is a bogus 'big sticker sheet' featuring Knuckles & his donut collection. Clearly though...they were trying for rings, but got all of the graphics for them too thick so they don't look quite right here. Then, there's more mix-n-match art (though it is all modern, at least) though they've chosen the oldest one to be the largest graphic which results in a sort of odd quality to the texture. Photo discovered by: FuriousKnuckles2 Fake Flat Thing Sonic What is this fake flat thing? What are the fakers trying to convince people of, with it? It features an almost-leg-less Sonic with enormous belly dot & odd spikes. Clearly trying to be classic, how old is it & what was it for? Photo discovered by: DeviantArtist MerileTheFox9
Big head Oddball Shadow Suit
Super Smiley Wierdo Shadow Costume
More strange Shadow suits for your viewing displeasure!
At left there's 'super smiley Shadow' which looks a bit ape-like and really makes not much sense. Then at left you have really big head non-mono-eye Shadow who looks like his spikes are withering or he's growing bunny ears. Also notice the tiny hands (looks like he's gonna punch!) wierd giant red cuffs, no socks, and bogus shoes that are closer to Mighty's style. At least goofy face Shadow got nearly all the body details right, even if the head is frightful. But that leaves the question: WHO is BUYING all of these CLEARLY BOGUS and not even Shadow-like-at-all suits? There's a zillion of them! They're expensive! Clearly there's some sort of market, but no one can explain why. Photos discovered by the JumpSonic Girls
Scary Werehog in the Bed!
Ok. NOW the Werehog is scary.
Here's a fake mascot 'werehog' suit but...just look at's like some big headed vampire mummy or something with the way it's all wrinkly & shrivelled. The feeble fingers look like tentacles while the ears are giant & horn like. What are the 'socks' even? They got the green eyes but...the face is just super strange. It's not even shaggy in any way (the easiest detail of the werehog to include in anything)
What's even odder? They've got it standing on someone's bed. There was a vacume cleaner next to it. (the Shadows above at least, are clearly in a warehouse bootlegging environment, but this thing's made its way into someone's home) This is surely one of the stranger faked up mascot suits around. Photo discovered by: The JumpSonic Girls - StoryMaker, Russian Blue Witch, and Chocolate Dog
Odd Tails Dress Someone tried selling this as a "Tails Dress" but it's clearly not intended to be him. It looks more like it started as a generic fox (note the black tip ears) which then tried to capitalize on the Sonic theme by calling it Tails and 'offering' to sew on an extra tail for anyone who bought it. It's not even convincing for gijinka (human themed cosplay of a character) since it started off generic.Photo discovered by: The JumpSonic Girls - StoryMaker, Russian Blue Witch, and Chocolate Dog Rongda Glitter Glue Fake Pack Here's a double fake! First, they rip off some random Sonic 3D Blast art, then say that it's "Glitter Glue". It isn't even glue! It's just glitter! 6 random glitter colors are packaged fakely by "Rongda" who then uses Sonic art to try and sell it. Why? It's not even 'Sonic colors' or something, it's just super random & strange. Photo by TheBlazeFan
Bunches of fake Stickers Here are two batches of fake stickers from ebay (naturally) They give themselves away as phonies right off, just look at the mis-matched art. You've got classic Sonic, with Racers, SA2 Battle, Riders, plus the whole 'cg' and 'non cg' mixture going on, which also never occurs in official products. Remember:
official things use ONE era or ONE game for the art. Aside from that, what other messes can you spy? RED Sonic on a riders board? How about that Jet/Scourge Archie hybrid nonsense? Mis-colored all-red Amy Rose...Sonic 1 era black & white art of him playing basketball, & to top it off some random Amy screen cap from Sonic X. All this is, is the seller clicking any random art they find on the internet, then trying to sell it to the fans as a 'sticker sheet'. Discovered by: LarryInc64
Jet & Sonic Riders Stickers Here's another 'set' of stickers, this one supposedly for Jet the Hawk fans. However, since whoever is selling these could only find 1 official Jet image, they apparently resorted to ripping off fan art for their own profit. (Bootleggers don't actually like the fans of Sonic, they just want money--so they're not afraid to try and profit from other's work!) Some regular fan drew Sonic & Jet having a conversation so they clicked, cropped into a circle & posted it to ebay. Discovered by: LarryInc64
Fake Colored Sonic Mirror This interesting thing is a fake mirror. It uses colored-mirror backing on cut glass to form the various shapes of classic style Sonic. It's a difficult bit of fakery to put together, because of the cut edges, and careful assembly that it would require to put together. The result is ok, as they likely traced old stock art to get the shapes. 1 spike is a tad long. This is meant to be put on a wall or door & you see yourself in it just like normal, only with tints of the colors you see here. With it's odd shape & many cuts it wouldn't be super useful as a real mirror. However, not all bootlegs are terribly constructed messes, and this one is proof. Owned & photo by KennyRyan Sonic Shadow Phony Iphone Covers
These are phony iphone cases. Notice how there's no Sega logo, copyright, or anything "Sonic" anywhere on them, just the stolen graphic that they could rob from anywhere. Plus, the set has art from Riders, Shadow & regular 2D art...mixing things up is usually a sign of fakery. The letters "SA1" etc are there to 'help' people order the right one...which will be printed out on their bogus case creating machine because they just stole the art from Sega. Discovered by MrFanOfSonic of Youtube.
F4F Knock off Set This is a fake to watch out for. It's a knock off of the First 4 Figures classic Sonic mini figure set...and they've even boxed it up! The loose (Worse paint, bad sculpts) figures
can be seen elsewhere here on avoioding bootlegs...but this box helps convince well meaning non-fans to be tricked into buying it. So while YOU the fan, notices Sonic's nose is missing...not everyone will--and that's how these fakers are hoping to dupe people into buying this sub-standard set. Be sure to go to the official pages here on gear to see the real deal! Don't fall victim to tricky fakes. Photo discoverd by TripleGamer3K
1 Knuckle spike Knuckles figure fake Here's a closer look at the above f4f fakes, by someone unfortunate enough to own 2 of them. You'll see Sonic's standard no-nose...but look at Knuckles! He's only got 1 knuckle spike...and its kind of in the middle of his fist? That's super odd and super dumb! Always avoid this lame set. Discovered by MrFanOfSonic of Youtube.