Sonic the Hedgehog Media Cameos Titlecard
What do you get when Sonic, or someone who is clearly supposed to be a representation of him appears in something that's NOT a Sonic show or game? You get a 'Sonic Cameo'! These aren't items, they're representations of Sonic or Sonic characters appearing outside of anything where you'd expect to find him. Since Sonic is so popular it's no wonder that a variety of different media reference him. By looking at these photos, screen shots, videos and more, you can track down the original things and watch them/see them for yourself.
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Bernard's Watch TV Show Cameo You can spot the Sonic cameo if you look carefully at this TV Show screen shot. This shot was taken in Bernard's Watch, which is a children's show on British tv. If you look carefully behind the old guy's cap, you'll see classic style Sonic in a shop window, or possibly on a wall. It looks like it's an un-official art piece or some kind of decoration. Still, it's quite interesting to spot. Screen cap provided by NazoTheDragon
Tosh.0 Sonic speed run cameo screen This is a screen from the show "Tosh.0" . This show appears on Comedy Central in 2010, and mostly makes fun of the internet in general, and will run web videos, monologues and skits. For a particular skit, he attempts to do a speed run to get onto his stage (which is entirely greenscreen/virtual anyway) and the virtual screen shows Sonic on a speed run in Emerald Hill as seen here. When whoever was playing it for the video misses a ring, he calls them out on it too. It's interesting to see incorporated into a skit! Screen cap by Berzerker
Toy Commander Game Magazine Here's something for a quick eye to spot!
In the racing section of the game Toy Commander, you race across the wooden floor and around obstacles. However, if you look closely, you'll see one of the jump ramps is clearly meant to be a magazine/magazine cover. The cover says "1999" and obviously has a picture of SA1 Sonic on it. Even though you can't see his face, his spikes, ears, arm, and hand are all clearly visible. This is an interesting old way to work a cameo in. Screenshot discovered by:
This is a promo video for the game Mod Nation Racers. The game is a cart racer, but it has a cool gimmick of LOTS of customize-able parts. Not only can you customize the cars, but you can customize the drivers too. And it goes steps beyond usual customs, which let you re-color items only--by this time letting you tack 3D things on which you make. It also appears to start you off with pre-made customs of famous characters, approved by their owners (which, as it
seems here, includes Sonic) The whole thing seems to be a great idea because really, you know Sonic & crew, plus super heroes & etc would be some of the first things that fans made with the game anyway. Discovered by Glaysson
This is a compilation of most of the scenes in which Sonic cameos in the game SegaGaga for the Dreamcast. SegaGaga was a Japan only release, and it was an RPG. However, it wasn't very popular, so it remained obscure, despite all the cameos & anime style opening. The plot is roughly that Sega has lost most of its market-share in 2025, to DOGMA, a possibly sony-representing rival company. An executive (seen in the intro) somehow causes Project SegaGaga, and the game, hopefully, to restore Sega to number 1. The entire intro looks like an anime, and so do the cut-scenes. Other famous Sega characters are sure to appear if you play it. (Alex Kidd, etc) NONE of it is translated, so you can't really tell what's going on.
The video DOES have Sonic's cameos, including one where he's a SA1 cardboard cut-out graphic that gets missiles shot at it for some reason. You can see the Full SegaGaga Intro and also the full Sonic+Tails meet the protagonist part. Discovered by AutobotWheelie
Hitch- A Sonic Cameo...of sorts. In the scene in this movie with the ice cream truck, if you look carefully you can see that the truck is selling Sonic ice cream bars! (yes, the same goofy head shaped pops that are over on USA foods) Spotted by- Techno1252
Eggman Movers Pixar Photo Red Herring Cameo!
In Toy Story where Buzz Lightyear is shown pushing a tool box, you can see a moving van outside. On the side of the van is written E.G.G.M.A.N. Info by Shade1602

However, it actually has nothing to do with Eggman/Robotnick. The reference is for their art director Ralph Eggleston. Pixar is known to hide many interesting small clues or gimmicks among their movies, so this sort of thing is typical to them. you can read about it at Info by MB27

which is their own wiki to explain such gimmicks. (This red herring cameo is much like in the song "I am the Walrus" where it mentions "The Eggman". It was written so far ahead of Sonic, that it has nothing to do with anything.)

You can learn more about the Beatles song by listening to it with this youtube link "I Am The Walrus" Later, the group Crush40 did a type of tribute song to that song, which was called "I Am The Eggman" (also a lyric from the Beatles original) However neither song had anything to do with the last name of Ralph Eggleston. Links & info by Beatleboy62
Mention Style Cameo:
On the Animal Planet show "Weird Dogs" , Sonic is mentioned. The host mentions strange animals that people keep (a pig, a pony, a donkey etc) but then gets to 'a hedgehog'. They then go on to say that people owning hedgehogs used to be pretty rare, until Sonic came along, and show a picture of Sonic Advance stock art to remind the audience. It's a neat incident of a mention of Sonic in media. Discovered by Milesprower22
This is a screen shot of the menu to Arcade Gamer Fubuki. It's an anime...but look at the sign in the background! That's clearly SA1 'looking out' Sonic there, among the crowd & bright letters. You can also see that the menu seems to be written in a font quite similar to the Sega font, & the word 'previews' is written in PacMan style letters. It makes sense for Sonic to appear around arcade-centric imagry. Photo by Garf4153
Billboard Mind's Eye Cameo This is a screen shot from the opening chace scene in the movie "The Gate to the Mind's Eye". Looking into the background here beyond the flying car, you can see a very large Sonic 'sign'. It's just him, without words. The borders of him look like they have added neon tube lighting, so the image is quite bright. This is a neat reference, to add him to the side of the building like that. Screen shot by: Anon
Are you afraid of the dark Sonic 2 Poster
The show "Are You Afraid of the Dark" was a live action teen/kids show which contained spooky stories. It was on Nickelodeon network. In this screen shot (ep 38), you can see one of the characters has a Sonic 2 poster (just the top half, though!) on the wall. The bottom half should show Sonic & Tails front-lit only/in shadow. Likely chosen because the poster is eerie due to the mis-interperatation art of Robotnick (they didn't realize he had glasses, & showed his eyes as black pits instead of black glasses) Discovered by PiplupFan77
Beach Spikers Volleyball Sonic In one of the arenas on Beach Spikers Volleybal, you can find this giant Sonic decoration. This was a Gamecube game. He appears in the background for the stage as a giant wind powered advertisement. These giant mascot shaped wind-powered things do get trotted out at sporting events, so that's a realistic addition. The shape is a 3D Sonic sprite at super large scale, holding a volleyball with the ad on it. You can see a SEGA sign to the right as well. This is a nice touch that not only adds Sonic, but realism too. Discovered by PiplupFan77
Bugs Bunny Double Trouble Game This is a shot from the Bugs Bunny Double Trouble game for the Genisis. You can see Bugs looking at a power up here...but look closely and it's Sonic's shoes! The shoes he can collect are def. red with a white stripe and socks. It's interesting to see that the designers thought to put in a power up based on Sonic. Is it some type of tribute? Discovered by PiplupFan77 Incredible Hulk 2008 Billboard In the Incredible Hulk game from 2008, you can find a billboard that has Sonic on it. (Hulk is at the bottom, but hard to tell what he is) For this billboard, they just placed several different
poses of a modern style Sonic sprite onto a white background. While not very realistic, it is interesting to see. Discovered by PiplupFan77
Daytona USA Racing Sonic Carving
This is a screenshot from Daytona USA Racing for the Sega Saturn (but it also appeared as an arcade game). If you look in the can see classic Sonic carved as a relief on the gray rock cliff face in the distance. It's the uncommon stock art where he's laying down on his side. They've added details so it looks like a real relief carving. Discovered by PiplupFan77
NBA 2K Basketball Jersey Sonic In the sports game NBA 2K Basketball on the Dreamcast you can get the players to wear Sonic jerseys. In this case, it's Louisiana Tech. You can see that to make the jersey, they've altered the SA1 circular walking Sonic stock art to be holding a basketball in his hand to match with the theme. It's not a bad design to add to the game, and certainly adds interest/ a new element. Discovered by PiplupFan77 Neko Daisuke Pet Club This is a little shot from Neko Daisuke Pet Club for GameGear. It's a pet raising game, but you
can find this nice Sonic poster decorating one of the walls. Discovered by PiplupFan77
Sports Talk Baseball Sonic Screen This is a shot from the Genisis game Sports Talk Baseball. Next to the score board you can spot a classic Sonic image. It's meant to look like it was made in lights like many stadium ads were. The effect is nice, & makes for something fun to spot while playing. Discovered by PiplupFan77 Tom & Jerry the Movie Game Poster This little shot is from Tom & Jerry the Movie game on Game Gear. Next to Tom, you can see tiny Sonic posters with illegible print.
Curiously, they appear in a 'bookshop' window instead of a game store. Discovered by PiplupFan77
In the movie Hocus Pocus, 3 evil witches are brought back to life accidentally near Halloween time. Naturally, there's trick or treat footage in the movie...and if you look carefully at this video here, you can see one of the trick or treaters is dressed in a Sonic costume! It's not that old plastic flimsy one it must be wondered where they got it/the decision to have this 'cameo' in the movie. It's interesting to see, and takes a good eye to notice. The video slows the scene down for you too, to give people a better chance to inspect the costume, which is quite handy. Video discovered by SonicDM
Crusaders of Centy Screen Shot Here is a screenshot from a game called Crusaders of Centy. Apparently, you can find Sonic out in a desert like area in a lounge chair. Talking to him reveals "Tsk tsk I'm a gallant hedgehog. Don't mess or you'll get burned." which seems to be some sort of threat. Screenshot taken by SonicRushToast
Bug! Race Sonic Cameo Saturn Game On the Sega Saturn, there was a game called BUG! You were some non-descript green bug thing that had to go through in-scrolling & sidescrolling levels on a path. It was somewhat '3d' but kind of not. At one point, in one of the levels you have to race Sonic to pass it. If you don't win, you can't progress. His path is longer than yours (see here in the background) on purpose because Bug himself is pretty slow and it needs some mechanic to 'even it out' so it's possible to win. The race is reportedly somewhat difficult anyway. Screencap discovered by DarkSonicGold12
Silver Psychic Cameo Screenshot This is the book "Encyclopedia Horrifica". It's meant to be a 'guide' to all sorts of supposed supernatural things like vampires, werewolves, ghosts & fictitious phenomenon. The interesting bit about it, is that it uses Silver the Hedgehog (at left) for the illustration on Telekenisis (a psychic ability to move physical objects only through the power of thought) The entry shows him lifting a car. Cover photo & scan by: Encyclopedia Horrifica Book Cover
Jet Ski Race Jacket Sonic At left is a screen shot from a racing game of some kind. Are all the characters on jet skis? If you look carefully, you can see the guy's jacket has a Sonic emblem on it. Which game is this?
At right is a Scott Pilgrim item...but it's not Sonic making the cameo, it's his winged ring & ribbon with chrome text from the title screen. Instead of Sonic in it though, it's Scott & his girlfriend. Discovered by Piplupfan77
Scott Pilgrim Screen Sonic Ring
Puffy Xmas NiGHTS Eggman Santa The rare game "Christmas NiGHTS" was dispensed for free one year. It was a small game, with 1 pallette swapped level (the Garden, but winterey) & pallet swapped NiGHTS character (red & white holiday theme, with pompom jester accessories) However, you could unlock a mode where you could play as Sonic. (one of his VERY first 3D appearances) Sonic couldn't fly, but you could jump him enough to get to the boss. The usual boss of the area was "Puffy" the opera singing beachball-rabbit-woman combination. (its a dream) But when you use Sonic she is
pallet swapped into Eggman, who is wearing a Santaclaus like suit (but can still be thrown/hit through the walls to be eliminated) Discovered by Piplupfan77
Billy Hatcher Sonic Helpers Here is a screen shot from Billy Hatcher the game.  Sonic Team members worked on it too, & Billy (the kid dressed like a chicken) rolled eggs to squash nightmare things & hatch the eggs into creatures to help you. But since it's an ST item as well, Sonic can show up. If you get enough coins, a "SonicTeam" logo egg will appear, & a Sonic will hatch out & use attacks like tornados & spins Sonic Team Themed Billy Hatcher Egg
to do damage & help you. You could also hatch Samba De Amigo's "Amigo Monkey". The egg at right is the one that any of those characters could hatch out of. Discovered by Piplupfan77, added info by pr0w1, egg photo at right by pr0w1