Sonic the Hedgehog Media Cameos Titlecard
What do you get when Sonic, or someone who is clearly supposed to be a representation of him (or some other character distincly from Sonic games like Tails, Amy or a Chao) appears in something that's NOT a Sonic show or game? You get a 'Sonic Cameo'! These aren't items, they're representations of Sonic or Sonic characters appearing outside of anything where you'd expect to find him. Items or areas from the games count too, sometimes stuff like this is an 'easter egg' in other games. Since Sonic is so popular it's no wonder that a variety of different media reference him. By looking at these photos, screen shots, videos and more, you can track down the original things and watch them/see them for yourself.
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Jingle All The Way Mascot Cameo Parade It takes a Holiday Hawk-Eye to spot this!
Here's a photo from the Christmas movie "Jingle All The Way", which featured a breif scene of a Christmas parade. But...who's that walking along with other characters than...a Sonic Mascot Suit! The movie featured 'rampant commercialism' as one of it's themes, so naturally the part of the parade shown features
collectible characters for kids to want / ask their parents for as toys at Christmas. You can spot Hello Kitty, a Cabbage Patch Kid, the blue Crayola Crayon, Gumby (that green pickle looking guy), Ernie from Sesame Street, Sonic (of course) & a Lego...guy. Remember when the movie was released...Cabbage Patch was still around more but it was way after the time of Gumby so who knows why he's here. But, it's still cool to see Sonic Mascot showing up on the big screen! Screen shot & spotted by: GamingChiliHedgehog
High Score Girl Cameo Sonic Screen In an anime called "High Score Girl" you'd expect plenty of video game footage and jokes, so...a careful watch upon the background is required! And, in this case, it pays off with this scene in an arcade.
Look in the back there, that's clearly a screen cap of the Sonic the Fighters arcade game. You can even see part of Sonic & the health bars at the top. It is cool to include this semi-obscure game! Screen shot by Gaming Chili Hedgehog
Steven Universe Cameo Sonic Here are 2 cameos that you can spot with a careful eye in the Steven Universe show on Cartoon Network. The animators here clearly know (and want to add) video game references. Steven Universe Cameo Meme Sanic
The above left cameo has what's probably supposed to be Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7, possibly a Roblox looking guy? and an all-blue figure that's clearly supposed to be Sonic, even if it is just an outline of a spiky guy with pointy shoes and gloves. These seem to be sitting on a shelf. The right side cameo has a Pikachu-moogle looking thing, a guitar costume rocker that looks like maybe Adventure Time-esque & then...........Sanic. The poorly-drawn 'gotta go fast' circle Sonic 'creature' from a crayon scribble that got the name "Sanic" as a meme. Because it's just a meme...those aren't copyrighted at all, so it can be directly drawn and then still count as a cameo. It's good silly fun! Both screencaps by Gaming Chili Hedgehog
Xbox PSO2 Sonic Theme Clothing Xbox PSO2 Sonic Actions A clothing cameo!
As you'll have read a lot here on Cameos Gear, Phantasy Star Online and Sonic team are tied together so they enjoy crossing over Sonic stuff into their games.
In this case it's PSO2 for Xbox (releasing in the spring of 2020 for the USA) and to celebrate there's a special package of the game that comes with Sonic stuff. They already had some, like character masks and statues that are already here on Gear. The clothing adds a kind of sci-fi outfit that's blue with white accents & big red shoes. It can be worn by male or female characters. Their helmets have spikes in the back & Sonic-like ears on top. The visor is meant to represent his eye.
Sonic actions: The package also gives you actions you can do by pressing certain keys in the game lobby. One lets you roll around as a spin dash ball, the other lets you hover a bit with Tails tails. With virtual items, your character can now be a Sonic fan too! Discovered by Taaron