Sonic the Hedgehog Media Cameos Titlecard
What do you get when Sonic, or someone who is clearly supposed to be a representation of him appears in something that's NOT a Sonic show or game? You get a 'Sonic Cameo'! These aren't items, they're representations of Sonic or Sonic characters appearing outside of anything where you'd expect to find him. Items or areas from the games count too, sometimes stuff like this is an 'easter egg' in other games. Since Sonic is so popular it's no wonder that a variety of different media reference him. By looking at these photos, screen shots, videos and more, you can track down the original things and watch them/see them for yourself.
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Tosh.0 Sonic Screen Shot This is the 2nd time Sonic has appeared on the Tosh.0 show...could he secretly be a fan because he uses Sonic in skits like this? He's always making fun of something..."Daniel was talking about parkour for his "Web Redemption" skit for a girl who hit her face on a wall. He said: "The best parkour of all time was Sonic the Hedgehog, who died going through a triple cork-screw. He got greedy." Screenshot & info added by DarkSonicGold12 and PiplupFan77
Project Diva 20th Anniversary Sonic Suit Is this sort of a cameo? This is the vocaloid Hatsune Miku celebrating Sonic's 20th Anniversary by wearing a Sonic themed costume. It's like a hoodie with spikes on over her clothes, and Sonic gloves too. This must be some kind of CD case cover, and she likely sings some of the vocal tracks from some of his games. But which ones? The whole thing is in Japanese so you can't read it. Discovered by Taaron.
Seinfeld Episode Games Cameo If you keep a careful eye out in the Seinfeld episode "The Couch" (episode 91) you can spot 3 different Sonic games in the background of the video store. These helpful arrows point out Sonic 3, Sonic Spinball and Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine. These are fitting titles for the era of the show, and also help to illustrate the popularity of Sonic. Screen shot taken by SonicToast.
Virtua Strikers Soccer Bean Cameo This cameo is super interesting because it isn't Sonic, like you'd expect! It's Bean the Dynamite Duck who is somehow showing up in Virtua Strikers Soccer which was apparently an arcade game. A curious cameo indeed, especially given how Bean is somehow stuck in copyright problems (which are what has prevented him from appearing anywhere else outside of Sonic the Fighters). Discovered by PiplupFan77
ChuChu Rocket Chao Puzzle In the Dreamcast era, Sonic Team ventured into puzzle games with ChuChu Rocket. In this puzzler, you had to guide mice into a rocketship while avoiding cats called KapuKapu (which would eat the mice & you lose points) Well, one of the modes in the game you could access would replace your mice with various neutral chao. You'd then have to guide them in the same manner, but it was an interesting visual element. Discovered by PiplupFan77
Incredible Inventions Sonic Videogame Section This is an educational book called "Incredible Inventions". It's meant to be a fun read about all sorts of interesting things people invented from ancient to modern times. Incredible Inventions Book Cover
You can see DaVinci down there, while someone wears an old VR Helmet. But look at the page on video games! Who do they choose to represent it (aside from pac man) but Sonic! It's the same stock art of him, but it appears on a 2 page spread, as well as on
the back of the book. The article is mostly about Pong, but the caption says: "From Pac-Man to Sonic, video game design has leaped forward", Nice to see the page headline "Pure Genius" where Sonic's the biggest thing on the page...someone was clearly a fan! Book owned & photo by MarioAndSonicLover.
Bunny Rabbot Cameo Fight Here's a rather strange cameo appearance, on Cartoon Network's "Mad TV" show there was apparently a skit where Bunnie Rabbot appeared and oddly compiled photo/fake of some guy at the "Chuck Norris Invitational". It's not right on-model, but you can clearly tell it couldn't be anyone else. There's the 2 legs & 1 robot arm, plus the purple/gray eyelids that are all 100% Bunny. But why? She's super obscure, especially by this point. Write in if you know the context of this show! Photo discovered by Taaron.
Wreck it Ralph!
See the Dr Eggman cameo in this trailer, while reading more about it at the SonicGear Blog.
Video Games Book This book is called "Video Games" and it's an 'early reader' style book that's meant to explain games to kids in a rather generic way. Notice the generic type 'robots' on the cover, as well as the knockoff type Playstation controller. You can't really have much of a book about games without Sonic though! So he gets a profile (middle) and is also mentioned in the definition for
"platformers" the game genre. That says about how you get the characters like Sonic or Mario to jump between objects, defeating enemies to progress through the level. The profile states how he is a Sega mascot, appears in games, books, comics & merchandise. It also tells about how he got onto "The Walk of Game" in 2005, which honors game achievements. Book photos by TripleGamer3K
Sonictchi Tamagochi Sonic Cameo Screen Have you heard of "Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotch Park" ? Probably not, as it was a Japan Only release game. In it, you could raise various Tamagotchi type creatures / pets, but in color instead of on some LCD screen or small item. But, because Sega had a hand in making it, you could also raise a Sonic! Or something that looks exactly like seen here with this screen. This was called the Sonictchi. Screen shot by:
Wreck It Ralph USA Movie Poster
This is the official movie poster for the USA for Wreck It Ralph, the very interestingly cameo-packed video game movie, appearing in theaters Nov. 2, 2012. The movie is about an original character (Ralph) a villain who wants to be a hero. It is more noteable however, for the loads of famous character cameos & parodys that will appear throughout and appeal to fans!
You can easily spot Sonic & Eggman on the poster...kudos to it for using a dynamic-ish pose for Sonic, with bent spikes & hand out...not some stock CG pose everyone's seen a billion of. It's also cool as Eggman appears right on it...and usually he's neglected. You can also spot other famous guys like M. Bison, Zangeif, Q Bert & his nemesis Coily the Snake...and a Pac-ghost but no Pacman. There was an entry about it at the SonicGear Blog if you want to read more. This is a great instance of a TRUE CAMEO where someone famous appears, but does not star.
Wreck it Ralph Sonic Feature Poster Isn't THIS a rather unusual & bold poster...It's for Wreck it Ralph...but doesn't feature the title character anywhere. While that could show lack of confidence (they believe Ralph won't sell but Sonic will) , lack of understanding (convince people Sonic will be a big feature in this movie--he won''s a cameo...this isn't a Sonic movie) , or it could show boldness for the concept, which is that lots of characters = lots of fun. You can't really judge which thing motivated the poster, but it sure is great to see. This, or even the above poster is super for Sonic awareness & advertising. Remember, it could just as easily have been Super Mario & Koopa instead up there, or even Crash Bandicoot...Sonic's a great move if the movie lives up to it.
Also seen here is Zangief, who looks perplexed & Hero's Duty woman. Notice that it's the same Sonic art as the previous poster, but Zangief is different. Discovered by DustinLeeAutry
Wreck it Ralph Walking Poster Yet another Wreck it Ralph poster, this one with a different format. It shows the 'screen' of an arcade machine with various characters from the movie walking/standing toward the viewer. Naturally, Sonic is present (Same pose as all others) & so is Eggman (still with the same pose) Though other characters are re posed, including Zangeif, Qbert & the pacman ghost. Discovered by: Dustin Lee Autry Wreck it Ralph promotional window clings These are little window clings. They're a cute & subtle way to help advertise Wreck it Ralph. These were given out to certain movie theaters for the opening of the film. You can see little Sonic 1 or 2 style
pixel Sonic & little laughing pixel Eggman. These didn't get in the "store display" category, as they were likely used outside the USA as well as within it. Photo by Taaron.
What role did Sonic actually play in Wreck it Ralph?
He had a few appearances, but his main one was a PSA=public service announcement on a kiosk style ad-board in an area where all game characters can go. He reminds anyone listening that if they die outside their game, they can't regenerate/that death is permenent. (so be careful) You can also spot him in the background talking to a turtle character in a different scene, he's hit by an escape pod (and loses his rings) in another, there are also pictures of Tails, Knuckles & Eggman (spy one in the Hero's Duty game part), and he appears in chemical plant zone during the credits, fighting Eggman / losing rings. Eggman appears at the "BadGuys meeting", but doesn't say anything/contribute. However, he does help recite the oath/theme of the group. Sonic is voiced by Roger Craig Smith. Additional info added by Banana
Sonic Wreck it Ralph Counter Stickers For Wreck it Ralph, the theater could place the little pixelated character stickers anywhere it wanted. In the case to the left, they chose the snack counter. You can also see they did Sonic Wall Theater Promo Display
clings for more than just Sonic, there's a pac man ghost & Vanellope too. Above appears to be some sort of theater made but sort of -fan-done-also wall promotion. The Sonic's sure not official, but the rings spell out Wreck it Ralph. Modern Eggman
is also used, unlike the classically styled sticker. It's sort of a mashup of stuff, but if someone at the theater was a big enough fan to make it to promote the movie, it's interesting to see. Photos by SonicFan09
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Cameo/s:
In the manga Scott and Kim's band is called "Sonic and Knuckles"
In a chapter Scott asks Stephean stills if he knows any cheats for Sonic 3.
In the scott pilgrim video game on ps3 & xbox 360 theres an upgrade called speedy the groundhog which boosts your speed +7 (obviously a Sonic reference, but without the copyrighted name)
Cameo info by SonicMario87