Make Sonic Crafts From Paper
Paper is usually easy, fun, and inexpensive to work with.
Usually a printer, scissors, tape and glue are all that's required, so these projects are good for almost any age to make. These were made by companies, such as Sonic Team and 4Kids Entertainment. Why are they here on SonicGear, then? Because companies are fickle. They may tear down their items at any time--but SonicGear is here forever. These pdfs/patterns will NEVER be removed,

Are you a company? You can request your item to be removed, but it isn't reccomended. Will you still be showing the same show on your channel in 2028? Will you still want to use your web space to promote it? These things will still be here, on Gear in 2028, for the fans to download.

For best results with most paper crafts, it's reccommended that you use a heavier stock paper, NOT just regular printer paper. It'll hold your folds better, and stand up to glue/tape.

Not Hosted By SonicGear:
These aren't currently hosted by SonicGear. SonicGear DOES have these files on-file, so if the links ever break, SonicGear will restore them. Click the links to get to the download page.

Remember: Click the big blue buttons to aquire the .zip files and then open them on your computer.

Tornado Airplane-
Now you can build a model plane! But watch out, this one's complicated.

Book Covers-
Print these out and cover your school books with Sonic! There's doodle Sonic, Sonic with lines and Green Hill Zone inspired covers. Click the gray button to get each item. There should be 6 covers.

Coloring Pages-
Print this line art, and then color it in! There should be 9 images of Sonic & Tails. Click the gray button to get each item.

Green Hill Zone Model-
Build a square version of Green Hill. Rather complex, but interesting to see.

Stationary & Envelopes-
With this, you can print Sonic themed paper and envelopes. There should be 11 items, including Sonic, Tails, Amy, Doodle Sonic and Sonic Riders.

Many Things-
Pop-up birthday card! Mini Sonic Christmas Tree! Mini Notebook/schedule! There should be 6 things here to print.

Chao Garden of Paper Crafts: SonicTeam
Now you can build from paper the little animals to give to your Chao! Plus, accessorize your garden with 3D paper toys from the game too! You can build: Gorilla, Seal, Rabbit, Radio, TV, Rocking Horse, Penguin and a 'chao fighting' ring which you can tap on to slide paper chaos around.

Complex Sonic Paper Figures:
Get a complex and interesting 3D Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow to build! These are cool models. The Chao and Green Hill seen here are the same as the above (Sonic Team) versions. Currently archived by PaperCraft Museum

Sonic & The Black Knight Helmets & Swords
With these paper crafts you can make the face-plate/front parts to the helmets you see in the game, and then wear it yourself. (But, if you had a big enough plush of the character, could your plush wear these too?) You can also make a mini version of Caliburn, the sword from the game.
To get the items, select "papercrafts" on the very flash-heavy site. It's impossible to link directly to the crafts.

Cubic Tails Paper Craft
This makes a cubic Tails, much like the hosted cube crafts to the left. It's another 4kids construction project. Discovered by Sonikku

Cubic Amy Paper Craft
At last, 4kids adds Amy Rose to their list of square little paper crafts. Click the link to go directly to the downloadable .jpg if you'd like to make an Amy craft. Discovered by: Shark

Rouge the Bat Paper Craft
Another cubic craft, however this one requires points to access the pattern. SonicGear DOES have this pattern in storage in case 4kids ever takes it down, it can be replaced. Pattern aquired by:

Cubic Sonic-
Make a little paper Sonic who is all square! The folding for this one is fairly easy. Use "right click" and "save as" on the link above to aquire the PDF, then print it out!

Cubic Knuckles-
Make a little paper Knuckles who is all square! But, he's not too accurate...because he has FINGERS (uh oh) Use "right click" and "save as" on the link above to aquire the PDF, then print it out!

Both patterns originally created by and and discovered by MB27.

Cubic Eggman - Not a PDF
For some reason something tends to go wrong with their uploaded pdf for the Eggman cubic figure. SonicGear now provides you the download but unfortunately it's a giant .jpg. . File obtained by Sonikku

Sonic Riders Crafts:
These are currently hosted by ST on a flash-heavy site that is very difficult if you don't know Japanese. Linking is impossible, so SonicGear will take care of these. There are 2 parts for each, so that you can build Sonic & Board and Jet & Board. Each one is a .zip file, but instructions are in Japanese.
Sonic's Air Board
Jet's Air Board
Sonic Standee
Jet Hawk Standee
**Keep in mind, the boards may be 3D, but the figures you'll get are more like standees.**

Cubee Big the Cat Craft
This is a giant .JPG because whatever was hosting this broke. To use it, you need to regular-click the link and save the .jpg

Robo Sonic Multi Page Craft-
Seems to have been made by Sega, but it's pretty big at 4 pages to print, to make the whole thing. Assembled into 1 PDF, & discovered by Glaysson

Tornado Airplane Paper Craft
This is an example of what happens when you build one of the paper crafts. It results in this nice 3D model looking craft of Tails' Tornado airplane. Photo by Gabriele
Hidden Palace Paper Craft
Hidden Palace Zone paper craft. This is a fan paper craft, but it is made with game graphics. You can build it yourself with the included print-able pattern! Using 11 x 17 card-stock (as usual) works the best to stand up to glue & tape. This also appears on Fan Items 17 with a larger explanation. To see the PDF (and save it!) use this link: Hidden Palace Paper Craft Pattern. Pattern provided by: Strap
Craftig Sonic Buyable Craft Sheet This is a curious papercraft is buyable. Why anyone feels the need to sell this thing for 6.50 plus shipping from Japan is unknown. It's rather simple, (look at the 3 finger flat hands) not very big, and uncomplicated. It appears to be cardstock/punch out. All instructions are in Japanese, with tabbed construction. It could be bought in 2012 at HobbyLink Japan & BigBad ToyStore
Fan PaperCrafts- Chao & Shadow Androids
Get more fan paper-crafts over at Fan Items 18, with a whole little booklet of crafts to do. Just print the pages for the ones you want, and you can assemble them. Booklet provided by Glaysson.

Another fan modified paper craft pack is at Fan Items 25. It's got Darkspine, Uncle Chuck & Sonik (from Archie) in one pack. Booklet provided by Glaysson

Rather odd, but belongs here rather than Japan Random Items. Discovered by Taaron.
This Papercraft Blog has some interesting things to make on the following pages:

Want to see some Fan Papercrafts? (both make-able & already built) You can look for links on
Sonic Gear Fan Items Page 24

These are called "Paper Diamonds" can re-purpose them as paper emeralds easily! Just select paper of the right color for the chaos emeralds. Note: these were not made FOR Sonic/to be an emerald but...Link discovered by Taaron

Sonic the Fighters Arcade Console Miniature - Paper craft a tiny version of the arcade machine! The link should lead directly to a PDF file that contains the print-able craft.