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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Tattoo Sally Color Here are 2 tattoos! Sally appears to be on a leg. The art is stylish, with her looking over her shoulder at the viewer as she takes a step. They've even got Nicole detailed in! The second is the great art for the SA sihlouette style Sonic head logo, in blue. Both of these tattoos are on the fan Babirox753 Tattoo Sonic Logo
Knuckles Sculpture All Original This Knuckles sculpture is an all-original item. (not a modified or figure-based one) He's all clay, with painted details and even a light up base. With LED lights, batteries and see-thru plastic a cool First4Figures style light up base can be created. Knuckles looks cool here with a dynamic punching pose. Made & photos by Archaedin
Marine Sculpture All Original
Here's Marine Raccoon from Rush Adventure! She's an all-original item. (not a modified or figure-based one) She's cute and dynamic, posed bouncing on her tail on top of a grassy patch with little mushrooms. Her character is focused on in the pose, as she seems both exciteable, and on the lookout for something (hand to forehead) as she so freqently was in the game. Made & photos by Archaedin
Sculpey Super Sonic Bendy Arms Here's a sculpey Super Sonic with a fun detail! His arms & legs are made of wire, with painted duct tape, so even though the rest of him is can still pose him! All painted sculpey with emerald accessory. Made & photo by GoClone999
Emerl Sonic Battle Custom Figure
Here is an Emerl robot figure from Sonic Battle. He's a StarWars Pit Droid figure modified with clay & paint to be Emerl. (helps to explain the smaller round head) He's fully pose-able as seen here. Customized & photo by SONIcustoms Discovered by: SUPERHYPERDARKAWESOMESHADOW
Sonia Underground Fan Figure
Here's a Sonia fan figure from Sonic Underground. She's made from a Jazwares 3.5 line Sonic, carved down to help with her details. She also uses sculpey clay to change the body, add hair & shoes, plus plastic tablecloth for the skirt & belt so they're flexible. The box has also been altered to say "Sonia" as well, as seen here. She can still use the little base to help stand up and pose, as well as fit in the retail box. Photo & customized by Dustin Lee Autry
Plaster Mask Fan Sonic Head Here's a plaster Sonic head...that you can really wear!
This is made from plaster tape, with plaster over it, and painted. The eyes are see-through, so it's really more than a mask, more like a mascot suit head type item. It weighs about 13 lbs because it is all plaster. Made & photo by: SonicOfTheHedge
Papercraft Fan Zone!
Looking for more paper crafts to build? The fans have stepped in and made some fun crafts at these links:
Marine the Raccoon by: CoralCalypso (See Finished Cubic Marine)
Generations Green Hill Block by: MikeyPlater
Classic Green Hill Block by: MikeyPlater (use these to assemble parts of zones)
Item Monitors of Sonic 2 by: BillyBob884 (makes MANY monitors...use link on page to go to PDF since it won't directly link. This other link for it Monitors of Sonic 2 may also work for the download.
Eggman Nega Fan Customize Here are 2 customized Jazwares 3.5 line figures. Eggman Nega is a fan-repaint, with added blue sunglasses to complete the other-dimensional Dr.'s look. Then, Mephiles has been made from a re-painted Shadow figure. He has extra sculpting for his spikes & feet details. Figures customized by: Sonicustoms Mephiles Fan Figure
Fan Sonic Head Pillow Here's a small pillow made to look like the simplified Sonic head/symbol (modern version) The original SonicTeam symbol had it all one color, but modern Sonic added green eyes to the traditionally all blue/white one. It's made of fleecy blue fabric, with green eyes. Made & photo by SonicDude624 Scourge Custom Figure w/Jacket
Here's another customized action figure for Archie Comic's Scourge. He's a 3.75 line JW Sonic, with all new paint for his scars, shoes & color. This one uses real shiny / leather look fabric to create his signature jacket, while still letting the figure be posed. Made & photo by S-aint 15
Super Shadow Fan Plush
Here is a fun Super Shadow fan plush. He's made of different fabrics for good texture (note the very fuzzy front) has plastic type eyes, & every glove & shoe detail is present. He looks cute because he appears happy. They even made for him a fan-plush-tag. He was sold this way on ebay as a 1-off, but who made him? Owned by Sonikachu
Uncle Chuck Fan Figure Customized Here's an Uncle Chuck customized fan figure from the SatAm Sonic show & Archie Comics. Here he is in his de-robotosized form. He was made from a Jazwares classic line Sonic, with sculpey details & new paint. (as he was always lighter blue, and had different shoes) Customized by WakeAngel2001
Sonic 3D Dot Game
There's a game called "3D DotGame Heroes" which the user is able to modify items in, and use. Naturally, the fans of Sonic would like Sonic things to go in there and play with! A fan called Okuyama Kazuya invented Q-Block so Flash could be used to make some forms of pixel art that it would be use-able in the game. The links are here instead of the photos, because at the site, you may be able to use them too. You can see different little Sonic pixels, a Shadow, a mid-point post & several item monitors. Links discovered by, & some created by Glaysson
Big Lego Sonic Theme Fan Collection Look at this GIANT collection of Lego Sonic themed sculptures! You've got loads of Eggman's devices, including bosses, Mecha Sonic and...check out that huge one from Sonic 3&Knuckles in the background! The Green Hill base is cute, complete with the iconic sunflower. Down in front don't miss the fun Sonic themed lego minifigure people too. All by Anonymousawhorse
Tall Sally Fan Sculpture
This is a fan sculpture, rather than the more common action figure. Classic Archie Comics Sally stands with a gold ring on a real wooden base. She's made with super sculpey & painted via airbrush. The details for her expression, hair & boots look great. Made & photo by Mantti Poseable Fan Sonic Figure & Spring
Here's a fan Sonic figure who you can actually pose. He's made of sculpey clay, but the legs & arms are wire wrapped in duct tape so you can bend & move him, as seen here. He also has a star spring bumper accessory, also made with clay. Sculpted & photos by: GoClone999
Fan Figures Fiona Cosmo Sonia Bark & Cream Here are several fan figures, all made from Jazwares figues. They use figure re-combining, sculpey & paint to achieve the look for Fiona from Archie Comics (Tails & Silver), Cosmo from Sonic X (an Amy), Sonia from Underground (Sonic), Bark the Polar Bear from Fighters (Storm Albatross) & Cream (Tails.
by re-combining the figures, it's possible to get the propotrions for new characters, but still have the figure be pose-able. All customized & photos by SirCalistine
Sonic themed Duct Tape Wallet This is a duct tape wallet. It's a kind of wallet you can make yourself from nothing but duct tape! And...since you can make it, why not make it with Sonic? This wallet has a Sonic CD theme, with Metal Sonic on one side & art from the intro on the other. It has 2 pockets inside, as well as the Sonic CD logo. It's all made from Duck brand ducttape. Made & photo by GoClone999