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This page is mainly about "Sweets Paradise" a 'pop up' cafe event.
The place itself Sweets Paradise is a normal cafe, but it has the ability to host themed events. The cafe is re-decorated, the food is re-themed, and it becomes an attraction for a set amount of time. In this case, the Sonic 25th Anniversary took it over for a period of months in 2016. This page documents the temporary 'fan place' & what it served.
What might you HEAR when you went to the Cafe?
The "Cafe Selection" of Sonic Sound-Tracks! Check them out at SoundTrackList - Sonic Cafe Selection
Sweets Paradise Cafe Room Here is what you'd see as you approached the cafe. Sonic dolls hanging from the ceiling, Green Hill posters in the background & character posters on the windows. The pillar there has Sonic Channel sketch art and the 25th logo poster at the top.
Sweets Paradise Art Sketch Wall Decor Now, you can take a closer look at the wall art.
It's all hedgehogs here with several modern Sonic, a classic, Shadow & Silver too. The top piece has classic, modern & Boom Sonics, with a Green Hill type background.
This was an area promoted that you can take a photo of yourself in front of it.
Cafe Window Character Posters Here are the character posters that are stuck to the windows. Each one has a nice background, with a cool CG character. Their name is on a ribbon at the bottom. The cafe tries to add everybody, so even Boom's Sticks gets a poster. (But why the Chao? No game has had chao in about forever...other than Cheese)
Cafe Display Food & Prizes
This is a display inside the cafe.
The merchandise shelf there in the background is another photo op area. The tables in front are showing example foods & the prizes you get with the foods. There is a set of square character stickers, and a set of square game-box themed coasters to collect.
6 Different Sweets Paradise Cafe Foods The cafe created 6 Sonic themed foods to choose from. Keep in mind that this is a "Snack Cafe". The foods are only meant to be snacks or treats, and not a meal. Every item is about 4 dollars or so, most likely.
First is the Sonic Chili Dog with 3 onion rings...some random spinach & a single cherry tomato. The item here is a fancy pick with zone sign.
Next is the Shadow Black Curry. The black dish is full of black 'sauce' & textured black lumps. It comes with a bread piece, a tomato slice 1 cauliflower & a broccoli.
The item here is an edible ink (like what's on birthday cakes) CG Shadow print-out on the white...stuff...surface.
Then, there's Tails Noodle Carbonaro. It's a noodle bowl with likely basil flakes. A...thin...cheese has been melted onto the top with another edible ink CG Tails. Amy's Pink Dessert follows, which is all berry themed. It has pink berry frosting, a 3 layer small cake with chocolate sauce & a couple of strawberries with a blueberry. The item here is a white either sugar piece or cookie with edible CG Amy portrait. Eggman's stamp of approval goes on the egg-roll-rice omelete type construct there in the center floating in...some brown sauce. It has with it a tomato, a broccoli and a cauliflower. Finally, there's Sonic Roll Cake. It appears to be a chocolate 'yule log' style cake with white cream filling, matcha (green tea) dust & frosting and some berries. The interior has some strawberry & banana slices. What are the rings? The item here is a white sugar piece or cookie, with edible ink stock art running Sonic. A blueberry is at his feet.
Notice how both Sonic dishes are classic, but everybody else is modern.
Sweets Paradise Cafe Drinks Set Here are each of the drinks you can get with a Sonic theme. Each drink comes with an additional sticker & coaster, but it costs the same amount as the foods above do.
First is the Silver psychic drink. It has a gel in the bottom, fizzy clear soda & a ball of sorbet with silver sprinkles to float. There's a water-fast ink Silver face disk floating inside.
Next is Chao's energizing 'jelly drink'. It's clear bubbly soda with blue gel flavor at the bottom & a waterfast ink chao face art disk inside. Knuckles gets an ice-cream-float style thick drink with red soda and red berry ice cream. The Knuckles disk sits on top of this drink. Sticks has Jungle Juice which is tropical tasting & has a scoop of sorbet in the top. The boomerang edible & she appears on the floating disk. Next is Tails' Lab Drink. It's served in a beaker shape container over ice, and comes with a little dish of shredded candied ginger to use in the drink. The ginger has the Tails face disk in it. Last, is the Sonic drink, which is a cup of coffee. It has white creamer on top & a sihlouette Sonic face. The face is made by sprinkling the brown powder through a stencil on top of the cup.
Sweets Paradise Coaster Set 1
Here is the first set of coasters you could collect by going to the Sweets Paradise and ordering drinks. They're all based on game box art. Each has a red label at the bottom & is surrounded by yellow checker border.
These are that absorbant paperboard stuff, so if you don't set drinks on them, they can be collected like cards.
These designs were available during the first weeks of the cafe & then switched out for the 2nd set.
During the final weeks of the cafe, this set of coasters was available.
Cafe Character Stickers This is the first set of Character Stickers which came with the foods and drinks during the first weeks of the cafe. Each one has a CG character posing, a similarly colored star background & their name written vertically down one side.
The 2nd set of stickers. It's nice to see they added the Babylon Rogues as well as Orbot & Cubot. The stickers are attentive to character inclusion.
3 Stickers Throughout the whole duration of the cafe, these 3 stickers were always available. A 3 versions of Sonic, a classic style 25th Logo & the running Modern CG Sonic.
Joypolis 2017 Halloween Sonic Banner
It's Halloween in 2017!
And Joypolis hung this really tall big banner outside for their event. It's called "Trick or Treat" (something) the bottom text is all Japanese. The top has Sonic in a witch hat, red cape & carrying a carved jack o lantern in an orange & black 'spooky' background. (Interesting they gave him a girls' hat)
There's a QR code there at the bottom that you can probably scan with a phone to get the event details. The left side pumpkin is a "Sonic eyes" design while the top pumpkin is carved with the Eggman symbol. What was the event? Did it involve Sonic stuff or was he just a part of the ad? It's nice to see they made a piece of CG art for the holiday to dress up the building. Discovered by Taaron.
Sonic Forces Hooters Event Mascot Sonic Forces and...
Hooters Restaurant?
Odd...but true! Hooters somehow decided that the owl should team up with Sega to promote Sonic Forces for the big game release. You can see here that the restaurants had Sonic Decor including a big cardboard standee (right)
Sonic Forces Hooters Standee
set up, while their big party featured a mascot suit. The suit is wearing a sash, but you can't read anything other than '2017'. Hooter's sends its semi-mascots which are just waitress/models in their normal orange.
Here are their waitresses near the Standee (showing that it is large) and they also have plush Sonics to hold.
This team up doesn't make as much sense as some, because Hooters is considered more of an adult-fare place specializing in beer and hot-wings which most kids don't like. Who are they trying to attract? Adults would maybe get nostalgic there for something like Mania if they were a teen when Sonic 1 came out. But, with a 'feature' of Forces being to shoe-horn a fancharacter in just seems a little out of place. Discovered by Taaron