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Sonic the Hedgehog Accessories of Japan
If it's from Japan, and you can wear it, but it isn't clothing, chances are, it's right here. Japan had plenty of accessories with which to decorate yourself. However, many of these items had co-releases in other countries, they just changed the packageing. Don't be surprised if you see some of these things else where, or even own some yourself! Thanks to wider releases for some of these items, they are fortunatly not all that rare, even today.
Game watch & Segasonic watches There never seems to be a shortage of watches with Sonic the Hedgehog. I mean, how many can you really have? The world may never know, they're still turning 'em out! The first watch is shown twice. It says the classic "Segasonic" on it but there's too much glare for the face. The second you'll recognize as the Tiger Electronics game-watch from the USA. This one is still in the package, which is in english as well.
5 Sonic watch selection with plastic bands A selection of 5 Sonic watches. This is an old photo and the quality is not very good. You can still sort of make him out if you squint at it. The one on the end (black) looks like the "Pair of eyes" from the ash tray shown elsewhere. It's too bad this is so fuzzy.
5 Sonic characters colorful big umbrellas These are Sonic Umbrellas. They are the victim of another ancient photo, so you can't really see who is on each one. But they are definately Sonic, this is a Sega World of Somewhere photo.
Each umbrella fit in its own color-coordinated case with a pic of Sonic & Tails on it. Photo by Scavanger4Food
Blue Running Segasonic Umbrella
With these close up shots of the umbrellas, you can see they used outlines in an interesting and stylish manner on two of the pannels for each one. Are all the umbrella designs different, or do some of them repeat, but with different colors? The quality of the original photo makes it impossible to tell. These are nice, big umbrealls, which look like good thick quality cloth. Photo by Alessandro Red Big Sonic Umbrella
Time to be cool with Japanese Sonic watch photos Ah, it's time To Be Cool...with yet more Japanese watches. The yellow one is "Segasonic" again, and the center features the "Sonic in Space" design popular around the time of Sonic CD. Hard to tell what the dark color watch is about. The two "Be Cool" ones may be the American release packaging for it. The right one flips up to reveal the time. The left looks rather similar to that old Quaker Oat give-away deal.
Inflatable arm decorating band This is an inflatable arm thing. It is like a band, with an inflatable pool-toy like Sonic Adventure Sonic face on it. This was a give away at a game show. Who thinks of these things?
Cell phone holder wallet item on a shirt
Chao Arm Inflatable Accessory Photo What if one arm-balloon accessory is not enough?
It was hard enough to believe someone thought up one...but now there are two. Here is a chao who hugs your arm so you can wear it around. Look at the little hot pink wings! These strange inflatable accessories are somewhat charming, just due to oddity.
A cell phone holder or item wallet being shown with a shirt at the famous Sonic Store in Japan.
Polycarbonate Tough Sonic Case Ltd. Edition Sonic Case in box Items for inside your Sonic case
Case wearing montage
Here is one of the latest items out of Japan. This is a sort of wearable hard case for your items. It seems to be by Aniria. These photos are from Sonic Team's site, showing a model and how you might use it. It seems rather high quality.
The page it was on says
"It is a limited edition Sonic the Hedgehog carrying case for the DS lite,ipods,digital camera's ect.It has a hard shell outside made of polycarbonate.It is lightweight and the image of Sonic shines.The image shows that you can also use it to store your trading cards.
Thanks to a great translator for this info!
So it can be assumed that the graphics/words are in some sort of reflective material. Polycarbonate is known to be very hard, so this will certainly be a tough case. Over all, it looks like a very high quality item. This leads one to suspect that it is probably also expensive, although only if you live in Japan can you order it.
Old Tails & Eggman Plush House Slippers Look at this fun collection of cute old house slippers! Several different pairs are represented here, and all are from the 1990s. In the back, is the Christmas theme Tails slipper, the next two have arms, but nothing else and blue shoe-bodies, the front ones are just his larger size plush head, and the very front has a fun pair of Eggman slippers. These use most of his body (except the legs) and even have floppy little arms. All of the slippers appear well crafted, and actually make a pretty good likeness, for the head. Even the Eggman torsos are quite decent. Adding something as unusual to these to your collection would be great, but they are all fairly rare. Photographed and owned by Alessandro
Sonic & Knuckles Winter Ski Caps Here are 2 vintage Sonic ski caps. They're beanie style, made with thick knit fabric. The rims are kept flipped up, and each one has an added cloth design. The first has the Sonic & Knuckles logo (it says 'Sonic & Knuckles Sega' around the edge) The second is all gray with just the Sonic phrase and classic stock art Sonic embroidered on. Neither hat is common. Photo by Scavenger4food
Floating Sonic Figure Dome Watch This curious watch has a gimmick that makes it unlike all the others. It's a simple digital watch (see face in the back) but it is covered by a clear dome full of liquid. This serves to magnify the text underneath, as well as allow a semi-3D figure of Sonic to float around and move inside. He's flat on the back, but has raised details on the front. The floating figure adds interest and movement to an otherwise simple item. You can tell this is a pretty early item, as it says "SegaSonic", it is from 1991. This watch is uncommon. Photographed & owned by John.
Sonic & Amy thin plastic masks Here are some costume type masks. They're the thin plastic type that usually is held on with an elastic band. Simple, for little-kid type Halloween trick or treat. Japan didn't really do a lot of 'trick or treat' style dress up much around the time these masks were made, and there doesn't seem to be a costume to go with what exactly was the purpose? They both look quite cute though--nice & on model while being modern looking. Photos by SonicTeam
Classic Sonic head shaped coin purse Little classic purses for your the shape of Sonic's & Tails' heads! These cloth or imitation leather coin purses have a zipper at the top, & is simply 2 flat pieces of fabric sewn together with a nice big face printed on one side. It's a bit hard to see but the details are lightly embossed into the plastic/leather surface. Tails Head Face Shaped Coin Purse
The "Segasonic" branding on the back of the Tails head proves these are an early item. They were probably both available at the same time, in the same place. Easy to use/carry, but effective. Sonic Photo discovered by Piplupfan77, Tails by ToxicTheSkunk
Sonic 20th Anniversary Watch Tins Sonic pocket watch interior designs 3 3 Sonic Pocket Watches metal cases
Pocket Watch Tin Label
20 years is a lot of here are some pocket watches? Whether or not anyone still uses/wears pocket watches, these 20th Anniversary items are quality and cool! Each one comes in a blue checkered metal tin with clear window in the top & 20th Logo on the side. Each watch has the same case/cover design (the logo again, but in raised metal w/patina
They also all have chains with small links and that clip thing that helps attach it to the clothing/pocket. It's the interior of the watch that's different for each one. You can get the Generations ring style logo with Modern & Classic Sonic, a goldtone one in brushed & smooth finish with just the eyes & logo, or a whte sihlouette one on a blue & red background with tiny logo. The white stickers on the tin tops show the design of the watch inside. The bottom of each tin has the copyright data / company / etc.
These are sure to be quite limited edition! Time-pieces are always a great collectible, and this 20th Anniversary set looks great...if you can find it. Photos discovered by Berzerker, Right side photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
20th Anniversary Watch Tins Close Up