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If it's from Japan, and you can wear it, but it isn't clothing, chances are, it's right here. Japan had plenty of accessories with which to decorate yourself. However, many of these items had co-releases in other countries, they just changed the packageing. Don't be surprised if you see some of these things else where, or even own some yourself! Thanks to wider releases for some of these items, they are fortunatly not all that rare.
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Sega Amusement Theme Park Wallet Here's a cool wallet from either a Segaworld, or something like it. It seems to be made of either canvas or tough nylon type fabric, with leather or faux-leather border and embossed emblem. The disk says "Sega Amusement Theme Park Segasonic the Hedgehog" and also has the copyright. The indentation for the design has a darker brown stain to help it stand out. This is likely a zip-edge wallet. Where could this be found? Was it win-only, or could you buy it? Write in if you know. Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Classic Sonic Costume w/Mask Pack This classic costume is supposedly from Japan. But the writing is so small you can't tell. It is a full body suit, with floppy 1 dimensional spikes, plastic thin mask & gloves. The shoes have a strap in the bottom to hold them down over your own shoes. While it's not super quality, it's still much better than the USA version that likely appeared at the same time. (it was a plastic vest & mask) It is a good effort from the classic era. This costume is likely rare. Photos by SonicTeam.
Orange Embroidered Segasonic Hat
Here's an early and simplistic cap. The art is embroidered on, and is clearly in the early style (very vertical pupil, round hand and wide spikes). It also uses the Segasonic label, from before they un-fused his name. The small writing to the side is the Sega copyright. It's a nice real classic design, though why the hat is this extra-bright orange color...there's no telling. It's still a bright and interesting collectible. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
These are early win-able watches. You could likely win them out of some kind of arcade related prize game like a UFO catcher, or something similar. There are 4 different styles, as you can see here with their original package & close ups of the watch faces. The first is black & white with checkered half, and red hands, the second has Sonic with scattered geometric designs, the 3rd has 3 different classic poses for Sonic with dots for the numbers, while the last has Sonic at the bottom and green lines / shapes around the rest, with black hands. Since they were win-only, none of these are common. Photo by SonicTeam
Sega Prize Watches 4 Sonic Styles
Prize Watch Bands Close Ups
Here are better photos of these prize watches. You can see the bands and their unusual packagin in the shot to the left. The one with 3 Sonic poses on the face has Tails on a white band, the Sonic & Tails face has a blue & yellow squares band with just Sonic, the "maze like" face has muddy green with black line art for Sonic while the last checkered one has black & white art, with the logo printed sideways.
The second photo there gives a better look at the faces...look at the 3rd one! It's Sonic wearing a cape and holding a many years before Sonic & Black Knight came interesting that they thought of the idea so long ago, then put it on a watch.
These win-able crane-machine watches are nice, colorful & collectible...but they're not common. All photos by SonicTeam.
Prize Watch Faces Segasonic
Embroidered Sitting Tails Cap Hat Here's a cap with a cute design. It's all embroidered too, so that means good quality, especially for a design of this size that takes up most of the front of the cap. The art for Tails is a seldom-used one, where he's just sitting on the ground. The "SegaSonic the Hedgehog" branding lets you know that this was quite an early item. Since the design is big, the detail is good & Tails looks very cute here. The rest of the cap seems an ordinary burgundy/reddish-brown with gray bill. Photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Cospa 3D Style Subtle Sonic Tie Now HERE's a cool tie. Far from the busy/bonkers designs of old school, here comes something classy AND fun. It's a striped tie, with a seriously 3D looking Sonic runing at the bottom. Because of the way he's a CG art, & printed over the stripes with a shadow, it gives the impression of 3D. Then, underneath the tie is a hidden surprise Sonic graphic to discover! Of course, the tag has the Sonic logo on there too. But why is it designed this way?
So that it can become an undercover/secret tie! If you wear a jacket / suit with this tie, the Sonic graphic is printed so that it will be hidden. This tie is sold on Cospa , & was made for TGS 2013 (Tokyo Game Show) It is 4,725 yen if you order it. (yes that's about a 46 dollar tie, it's quite costly) Photo discovered by Taaron.
Cospa Coolens Sonic the Hedgehog Eyeglasses An accessory that's a necesity for some people: Eyeglasses.
Sonic eyewear? Yes! This pair of cool glasses (technically, it's just a pair of frames) are a first of a kind item. These are made by the Japanese company "Coolens" (a combined word) & likely sold/marketed by Cospa.
The glasses have a more subtle Sonic theme. They're mostly black on the outside, with some blue accents. The Sonic eyes & modern logo are printed on the inside of one of the stems, in white. Notice the end pieces that go mostly behind the ears, they're sculpted into a vague Sonic-spike like shape for a cool added touch!
Any perscription lense can be placed in these frames.
Sonic 1 Japanese Flat Plastic Sonic Mask This is a bit of a better look at the flat molded plastic Sonic 1 classic mask from the costume set above. Here, the mask that came packaged with it is by itself. It is minimally curved, probably because it is thin, inexpensive vacume formed plastic. Because Sonic's face is in 3/4 view, the eye blacks line up with where human's eyes would be, letting kids see out of the mask. The mask still manages to be pretty accurate & nice looking. Photo by: Hikari Site
Sonic X Flat Rubber Shape Bracelets Here are 4 Sonic X bracelets. These are made of flat, thick soft rubber. The designs are made by die cut edges & ridges/dents in the rubber material. (Almost an embossed style) You can see Sonic, Shadow & a logo bracelet in yellow, but what's the red one? Chris? Were there others? What's the extra strap on the logo one? These are sort of difficult to tell what's going on with them, but the design idea with the parts of the characters going 'off the edge' gives them a unique style.
Segasonic Soft Gray Cap Hat 1995 Here's an unusual cap hat. It looks like it's made of sweat-shirt matieral? It's clearly very soft though structured like a baseball cap. It is made of mottled gray fabric with something stiff inside for the bill. The front has black, white & blue embroidery. It's a standing Sonic sihlouette (in black) with blue "Segasonic the Hedgehog" written 'behind' the figure. The tag inside has the copyright in Japanese & the copyright is also in thread on the front.
This cap is marked 1995, but was it sold in regular stores? Why is it made of unusual material? This hat is uncommon.
Sega Amusement Theme Park Blue Pouch
This is some type of item pouch.
Supposedly, there's a zipper that goes along the upper arch area, though it can't be seen in the photo. It's a nice royal blue color with round leather-look brown 'patch' sewn to the front. This has a running-profile Sonic outline & says "Sega Amusement Theme Park" , thus telling you the only place this pouch could be aquired. The rest is just the Segasonic branding & copyright. Since it's a theme-park exclusive, it's not too common, but is likely from the early 1990s. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Cinch Top Hat Sonic With Box What's this funny item that looks like a bag?
It's a cinch-top hat. The black thing with rather cute full color Sonic art on it is a type of winter hat. It has a draw string at the top which causes it to bunch up like the 'mouth' of a bag. The bottom is open, & that's where your head goes. (So, it makes your head look like it's sticking out of the bottom of a sack? Yes....) It has "Segasonic" written vertically in yellow up the side. What makes this photo even better...
is that it also shows the hat mint in the package! It's in one of the popular-at-the-time oddly shaped boxes (rectangle, but with curved ends) There's a window on one side to see the design. The other has a silly & cute art of Sonic and Tails. Sonic's in skiis & skii boots. But look--both of them are wearing little gray versions of cinch-top hats. But, because their heads are large & the caps are tiny, they're just kind of uselessly sitting on the very tops of their heads. It certainly makes for entertaining packaging, though! Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Soccer Football Sonic Stripe Accessory Bag Why is this bag on accessories?'s literally called 'an accessory bag'. But what accessory is it for? It's a thin cloth bag with draw-string top. The bag itself is yellow/white vertical stripe. There's a large Sega logo right in the middle with full color Sonic running/kicking in front of a soccer football. Below the logo is clearly some sort of phrase, but it's all in Japanese so you can't read it. Maybe it indicated what the bag does?
You can write in for credit if you can tell what the bag has written on it. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram