Sonic the Hedgehog Japan Accessories Card
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If it's from Japan, and you can wear it, but it isn't clothing, chances are, it's right here. Japan had plenty of accessories with which to decorate yourself. However, many of these items had co-releases in other countries, they just changed the packageing. Don't be surprised if you see some of these things else where, or even own some yourself! Thanks to wider releases for some of these items, they are fortunatly not all that rare.
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Big Embroidered Sonic Tails Cap Hats These hats have big embroidery! The bright red Sonic cap & bright yellow Tails cap both feature a nicely done embroidered design for the front that's larger than usual. It takes up the whole front of the hat.
Because embroidery is labor-intensive, hardy, and has to be done carefully to have good quality, it's usually not done very big. These quality caps are a great exception, with the very cute yet seldom used sitting Tails art & profile running Sonic. Both have the "Segasonic" branding in green letters with "The Hedgehog" in black. The caps are still in their clear plastic wrap packaging. Where could these have been obtained? Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Xciting Sega World Japan Watch Here is a blue strap watch from Sega World in Japan. It has spinning Sonic on the face, no numbers, and normal black watch-hands. The buckle is metal, & the strap keeper loop is clear (As is the face-edge) The strap has the Sega logo, says 'segaworld' & near the holes it has the large "X" that you see there. The words in the boxes are
"X-Citing" and "You'll WANT!!". Why bother to spell those things out? It seems kind of a strange slogan to put on a watch. Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Segasonic Black Embroider S&T Cap Here is another embroidered baseball cap style hat--it's likely from some type of set, where each had has the Segasonic label, and a large embroidered design over the whole front. In this case, it's a green/yellow circle with Sonic & Tails posing in front of it. The Segasonic banner is white, with the red stripe only at the edges/tips. Because the embroidery is large enough, you can see that Sonic is doing a theumbs up & Tails looks cheerful. The hat is otherwise plain black. With a nice, big & sturdy all-sewn on design, this is a nice classic cap to have.
This hat seems to be in the original packaging/bag. Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
1990s Sonic Face Blue Coin Purse This is likely the 1st coin purse made in the shape of Sonic's head. (You can see another, later one also here on Accessories) It's made of faux leather, is tan inside & has the zipper at the bottom, under his chin. The back has the Segasonic stamp & copyright. Notice how it only includes the top 2 spikes. Most items with 'just his face', have 3, it's another hallmark of how early this was made. Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
White Plastic Sega World Japan Umbrella
This is an umbrella that was exclusivly available at Sega World Japan. It's white plastic (instead of waterproof fabric) & has a more curved shape. There are blue Sega World logos & a panel (likely 2, other unseen) with sihlouette standing Sonic, the logo, and what is believed to be the "life of power" quote below it, written pretty small.
Notice the oddly colored areas of the umbrella. These are spots where the plastic is getting old. There's also a hole in it near the top. Sometimes old plastic items don't hold up too well, as they dry out. Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Square Red Sonic Handkerchief This square of red cloth is a Sonic handkerchief.
Currently, its use is as a folded/fancy peice of cloth to place in a mans' coat pocket to add color to the outfit (usually) However, it used to be 'a tissue you could launder!' So, no-wonder nobody really wants the original purpose.
This one is a little odd, the red background with big blue Segasonic the Hedgehog writing is a little glaring/clashy. Then, the same thing is written again, this time in the regular logo font at the top...across the writing. At the bottom, it has running Eggman with the text "I Like Your Style Dr. Eggman"...which kind of doesn't make sense there? The whole thing just seems a little mis-matched in the way its designed. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Black Umbrella Sonic Sleeve Small Here is a small personal umbrella. It's black with a simple black handle. It's shown here in its protective sleeve/bag. The sleeve has Segasonic the Hedgehog on it, along with outline faces for Tails on one end & Sonic on the other.
Does the umbrella itself have any Sonic designs or features printed on it? (It can be assumed likely, if they're printed here, it should at least have some Sega branding on the umbrella itself) Photo may appear to the right of this description if anyone ever finds a loose one of this umbrella/open. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Black & White Checker Sonic Wrist Watch Here's a classic watch with some grayscale style.
It's mostly black/white/gray, but uses the red hands of the analog watch for a bit of contrast. The watch face has a Sonic face with fist, & the logo while the other half is checkered. The band has 'fist up' classic Sonic repeated on it 4 (well....3.5) times. It also has black squares along the edges. The Segasonic logo is also printed on both sections of the band. It has a simple black buckle & band-holder.
The red hands of the watch really make this design stand out more than usual, it's a real nice touch. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Tails Band Sonic Watch It's time for Sonic with this fun, colorful classic watch. The blue watch face has red polka dots, & 3 Sonic stock arts. Standing/finger waving, getting ready to run, & running. It has the plain 'Sonic' logo on the face too, which is a little unusual because the band has the Segasonic one. What's cool about this watch, is that Tails isn't left out...he's all over the band! discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram