Japan Sonic Electronics Titlecard
More Japanese Sonic the hedgehog themed electronics & electronic accessories. Old or new, big or small, all of the Japanese Sonic themed electronics will appear on these pages. This can include battery powered things, plug in items, vidogames & accessories (includes LCDs) and anything else that runs off of electricity that isn't a normal console or video game. This can include cases for your electronics too!
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GBA Screen Protector Advance MIP This is the "GBA Screen Protector Advance", mint in the package. It's basically a hinged blue plastic flap that you snap down over your GBA. Shutting it protects the screen & it flips up for play time. The image they chose is cool, as it has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles...but then Cream & Cheese too. You can't read the instructions, they're all in Japanese, but the illustrations show it's easy to use. Discovered by DustinLee Autry
Sonic Lost World Ear Buds
This is a pair of earbuds being released as part of a Lost World promotion. They're pretty simple, in just blue & white. One has Sonic eyes, the other a star in a ring. The cord clip has just "Sonic" on it in the modern font. Can these be bought, or are they a pre order bonus? Discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Lost World DS Cases Here are the Sonic Lost World promotional cases for the 3DS from the previous page of Electronics. However, this fan photo shows a detail the official doesn't...the interior of the soft-sides case is patterend with blue & white star circles, for an added matching touch. (See earbuds above) The case that's MIP here shows what the CG Rendering on the previous page actually looks like when you get the items. It's a flexible rubbery material. The softside case will fit a DS or a DSXL. Photos & owned by:
Screen Saver Cover Is a screen saver an electronic item? Sort of? It's software at least, FOR your electronic item...that isn't a game & was likely sold on floppy disks. Explain a Rainbow
You probably see the art from this around on the internet A LOT. It's even being style-knocked by Archie for some of their covers. The screen saver was sold / produced only for Japan around 1997 or so. All the art was done by the same person & features the same style of painting. It's a "powdery" sort of air-brush look with simple scenes, bright lighting, & colorful shapes. It featured Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Eggman doing random, various things. Like, the scene above has Sonic explaining a rainbow to a snail.
Why would you need to explain a rainbow to a snail? Why would Sonic need to wait on a bus? These, and many other questions may arise when you view all of the art that was a part of the screen saver. Interestingly, the "Cover Image" (at left) was not done by the artist of the rest of the pictures, it's seemingly a large pixel-piece with a slightly different style linework. While the 'interior' images aren't rare to come by, the cover with title there is less-so. Do you know how many images were inside the screen saver?
Desk Battle Sega Toys Sonic Knuckles MIB This is "Sonic X Desk Battle".
The items are miniature battery powered racers shaped like the characters' heads. (the 'body' is mini and folded beneath the head) The pen shaped object with round dial you see there is the controller. You spin the dial like a steering wheel for a car while you hold the pen. The box is entirely in Japanese so you can't read its little blurbs. Both the pen & the race car require batteries. Supposedly, upon release, these were rather expensive. Also, if you wanted to 'battle' (how?) you had to buy both. No other character was released. These appear to be Sonic X branded simply because that's what was popular at the time, there isn't anything particularly "X" about the Sonic or the Knuckles racer. Credit: Hikari Site
Sonic Themed Flip Phone Pocket 5
Here's an old style flip-phone mobile phone by Pocket5.
Its a very early and simple sort of phone, with digital-watch type read out for the number (at the top) stubby little antenna, and flip down mic part. Its Sonic element is simple, with just running Sonic with the 'after images' in fades of blue behind him. The logo is the Segasonic the Hedgehog one, letting you know that it is quite an early 90s phone. Seen here, it's complete with the charger base, plug, strap, instructions & battery pack cover. Why was this particular phone Sonic branded? It seems kind of random, since there's no other Sonic or Sega element about the phone itself. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Gum Prize Noise Lotte Object Just what is this partially clear plastic item?
The answer isn't here! All that is known about it is that it can make noise/is a battery item, it is broken, and it was a prize from entering a contest on gum. The word "Lotte" at the top is the name of the Gum company that gave it away. It has Sonic in the winged ring, but the ribbon banner has been changed to Segasonic. There's a wire there, some kind of a tall base thing with metal & a yellow clip or something. It's shape is a bit like a basket ball backboard but why would that need noises? Write in for credit if you know what this prize really is. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram