Japan Sonic Electronics Titlecard
More Japanese Sonic the hedgehog themed electronics & electronic accessories. Old or new, big or small, all of the Japanese Sonic themed electronics will appear on these pages. This can include battery powered things, plug in items, vidogames & accessories (includes LCDs) and anything else that runs off of electricity that isn't a normal console or video game. This can include cases for your electronics too!
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Sounds Battery Sonic Coin Banks A better look at banks!
These "Sonic Coin Banks" have appeared on other pages of gear, because it was difficult to track down what they really were. Look at the Eggman, the coin slot is in the back--you'd never know he was a bank from just a front-photo.
But these money boxes have added value: they're electronic, too! Every time you put in a coin, they play a sound out of the speaker holes you see.
Sonic Coin Battery Bank Packaging
The base is where you can get the coins out, and probably where the batteries go, too. The real mystery is: what sound do these make when you add a coin? The "get a ring" sound would be very fun and logical, but things aren't always following logic...you can write in for credit if you have heard one of these battery banks.
Notice that Knuckles is here, but it's still under the old 'segasonic' branding, this was likely at the very end of that type of branding.
The packaging is simple, they're just in a clear poly-bag with a cardboard sleeve sort of...shoved around it. It doesn't look like something that would stay on very well. Where were these sold? Were they a crane game prize or off the shelf/win with tickets?
They're still fun to see with fists up Knuckles, thumbs up Eggman, finger waving Sonic & chin in hands Tails 3D figure busts.
White Sonic line art sketch style phone case
Here's a phone case likely to be for Apple type phones, but there's never telling which model it could be for.
It's all white with black 'sketch style' Sonic line art all over. He's so all-over, in fact, that the art overlaps itself and becomes a bit of a collage/hodgepodge type situation on purpose. They're mostly of running Sonic but it doesn't seem to be the same one every time. The little closure snap/strap is all white so it stands out among the busy pattern. It has a simple black/white star bumper over where the snap is. This is probably faux leather and the same on both sides.
Open Your Heart Sonic Black Phone Case Here is a phone case with a music theme.
It's all black leather or faux-leather. In muted/dull colors only it has an uncommon art of Sonic where he is faced mostly away, and shown playing an electric guitar. He has on headphones, but they're on the sides of his face rather than his ears so he's not actually using them. The background is the lyric from one of the soundtrack songs "Open Your Heart" in large gray letters. The back of the case has the modern logo at the bottom. The only brightly colored item on the whole thing is a single gold ring stamped on the snap/flap strap. This is a Japan exclusive item likely released in 2019 or 2018.