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Even more magazines to collect!
Sonic's games always create a buzz, so magazines from all over the world will use him to headline their cover-stories! This means nice Sonic-dedicated covers for you to collect.
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Electronic Gaming Monthly 1999 SA 1 Cover A 1999 issue of "Electronic Gaming Monthly" Featuring "Sonic Adventure"

Sega Strikes Back...indeed, with Sonic Adventure 1, which really did live up to the hype of the times. The Sonic here may be cool looking and official, but his arm is a tad noodly. The background is the orange Dreamcast spiral. EGM is a multi-platform covering magazine, so it was good to see Sonic & Sega get the spotlight like this in the USA. Photo credit to mATT

EGM 200 Greatest Games Magazine Cover Finally a 2006 issue of Electronic gaming monthly featuring "the 200 greatest games of all time"

Every so often a magazine will try a 'greatest games list', and Sonic is generally on there somewhere. The cover leaves a bit to be desired, as Sonic is rather yucky looking, and the "Grand theft Auto" guy is the star of the show. At least Sonic is not lecherous like poor Donkey Kong, who is reaching for unsuspecting Lara Croft's butt. Photo credit to mATT

Sonic 1 article But what about the article? Sonic 1 was ranked 56th best.
The caption reads: "Sonic the hedgehog: Genesis 1991- Even loyal supporters will concede that nowadays Sonic's debut feels skimpy in the gameplay department, but its impact on other aspects of gaming has not diminished. The classy art Deco Aesthetic (compare its look to plain-JaneSuper NES contemporary Super Mario World's) and 'tude-filled protagonist re-invented the platformer." Photo credit to mATT
Expert Gamer Sonic Adventure 1 Article A 1999 issue of "Expert Gamer" features Sonic in the corner for "Sonic Adventure"

A few of the early Sonic Adventure 1 renders of him turned out a bit prickly, as seen here. He made the corner of the issue, while Squall takes up the rest of it. Because 3D was such a big step for Sonic, SA1 had tons of press. Photo credit to mATT

GameFan Sonic 3D Blast Cover Story A 1996 Issue of GameFan featuring "Sonic 3D Blast"

GameFan or DieHard GameFan, was a multi-platform magazine in the USA. It was well respected, and well made. However, it went out of business in the early 2000's. What could have went wrong with it? Here, they're devoting the cover story to Sonic 3D blast, with the now classic image of sorta-3d-Sonic. Photo credit to mATT

Game Pro Xbox 360 Sonic Issue A 2006 issue of "Game pro." Featuring "Sonic the Hedgehog"

GamePro did a nice big feature on Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox 360. The art here is really nice, with the high-res detail visible on Sonic as he runs through a landscape. Unfortunatly, the game itself didn't get a whole lot of acclaim, but the hype for it was pretty high. Photo credit to mATT

Games Insider Free Magazine Guide A 1999 issue of "Games insider" also Featuring "Sonic Adventure"

Games Insider is a free flyer-type magazine, likely found in game stores or malls. Possibly even video rental areas. It's here to tell you about games in the hopes that you'll buy it. This one is showcasing the Top 25 games of the day, which includes SA1, Donkey Kong, Ray-Man, Crash and Tomb Raider. Photo credit to mATT

Sega Visions Sonic 3 Cover A Magazine called "Sega Visions" from 1994, Featuring Sonic 3. This magazine contains a map of Angel Island zone Act 1.

Sega Visions was often offered as a free subscription if you bought certain games, or traded games in stores. You could also subscribe to it normally, though. Unfortunatly, it too is out of business. Naturally, being Sega's, it would cover lots of Sonic stories. It is believed to be a bi-monthly magazine, while it ran. Photo credit to mATT

Nickelodeon Magazine Rush Adventure Ad Nickelodeon Magazine had a small bit on Sonic Rush Adventure for the Nintendo DS. This says:

A High Seas Adventure Rated ARRRRRRH! *For intense piracy
Find 16 Hidden Islands filled with secret treasures!
The DS screens that are in the middle say: Battle Captain Whisker and other mega bosses!
The DS screens farthest away from Sonic say: Get vertical while pulling off tons of moves and tricks!
Then, the paragraph right above the Sonic Rush Adventure logo says: Race island-to-island as Sonic or Blaze on a wild and dizzying hunt for lost treasure! Dive into deep sea caves, outrun an avalanche and battle with pirates as you blast through 14 action-packed levels with 100 unlockable missions!
Photo and info credit to: light_chao_11.

Sonic 3D Blast Piercing Ad
Sonic 3D Blast: Not a shining gem amongst Sonic Games
3D Blast Ad: Not a very good ad
This is obviously supposed to be "Shocking" with this normal/boring family having so many piercings in their faces. What does that have to do with Sonic? Well they're "Gold Rings" and Sonic...collects gold rings. Yeah. Not a great joke. How does piercing-family make you want to buy this game? Plus the "Photo Shopping" is soooo obvious too...
Still, it's a strange Sonic related ad, so it must appear.
Nintendo Power Sonic RPG Cover Feature The Sonic RPG, being the first of its kind, made the cover of Nintendo Power in the USA. Here, a strange looking Sonic looks up at a mysterious creature that looks like a combination of Void and possibly NiGHTS. It tells you the official title which is "Sonic Chronicals: The Dark Brotherhood" which sounds a bit over-done...but only time will tell.
Photo by SonicEmerald.
Tips & Tricks Code Book Sonic Feature Tips & Tricks is a magazine dedicated to cheats, codes and secrets rather than real news or articles. To celebrate 15 years of Sonic, they had a huge section, and dedicated their cover. Photo by SonicEmerald.
Tips Tricks Interior Page Magazine Scan Here, you can see an interior page from the article, which makes it into SonicGear because it was really giant. The whole feature is laid out in this manner, with blurbs, codes or instructions, as well as a photo of the game cover. The mini-article talks about how Sonic has entertained everyone for 15 years.
To the right, you can see the back cover of the magazine is devoted to a rather poor ad for the Toy Island action figures.
It's learning time!
Why is this a "Bad Ad"? Several reasons. First, what are these? It isn't obvious that they're action figures. They could be statues. Scans by SonicEmerald.
Toy Island Figures Ad Page
Next, where do you get them? How much are they? Is there a web site? A phone number? Do they come with accessories? Are they available right now? Can you get it if you're not in the USA?
NONE of these questions are answered. How are people supposed to buy these or learn more? Who knows! Just throw a photo onto anything we see and hope for the best! And not even a very good photo, at that. The Sonic figure is OBVIOUSLY meant to be viewed from a high angle, to imitate the Sonic X stock art upon which it was designed.
Olympic Games Sonic Magazines Collection Here's a nice collection of different magazines, all featuring "Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games" on their covers.
You can see 2 variant covers for the same "Wii Magazine", there's a regular "Nintendo" magazine, but the other's names aren't too clear. Notice also that the exact same art appears on 3 of the covers, the other version on 2, and then only the far right cover is unique. Photo by SegaChannel.
UFO Catcher Comic Panels This is a little short comic strip from Weekly Shonen Magazine, a Japanese magazine. This mini strip is about a failing gag-cartoonist.
Here, he is trying to win a Sonic plush out of this UFO catcher machine. A friend (with a bandaid in his hair) is watching, and they have a somewhat large conversation as he attempts (and does not succeede) in winning the plush. Note: there is also a Tails in the machine. Comic discovered by: Fueledbychaos.
Were-Sonic Panel Here's a panel from an upcoming mini-comic "Sonic World Adventure ".
Obviously this will be based around Sonic Unleashed which has that really strange 'werewolf' type form in it, which you see here. This is rather mutant and strange looks like it does in the game, so nothing can really be said.
Want to collect this? It will appear in Dengeki Nintendo DS magazine.on September 9th, 2008. If anyone collects this, and it's a short strip, images will appear here, possibly with translations. Discovered by: Fueledbychaos. Send it if you get it!
Sonic Black Knight Nintendo Power Cover If it seems strange that Sonic is the only thing on the cover of a Nintendo Power magazine, you might be oldskool!
This issue of Nintendo Power (USA) has Sonic from "Sonic and the Black Knight" headlining the cover. Here Sonic has the sword (Calibur) and gauntlet from the game. The headline reads "The Blue Blur is swinging Cold Steel on the Wii". This is another 'story book' type of game like Sonic & Secret Rings where he goes into a fairy-tale style plot and takes on a sort of theme of that time. Still, it makes for an interesting cover. Sept. 2008 issue. Magazine is in the personal collection of SonicGear.
Sonic for Xbox 360 Multi-Char Montage Ad Sonic 2006 2 page spread ad Here are 2 cool 2-page spread ads for Sonic 2006. The first one features Shadow (back on his motorcycle), wierd Eggman, Elise and Silver, who is glowing psychic green while throwing a bomb. It says "Sometimes Speed isn't Enough"
the other has only Sonic running through a city with (presumably) missile-smoke trails in the background. The Sonic graphic is nearly the same as before, only now his hand is open. This one says "Limits as you know them are about to be broken, experience a whole new blue" These could be found in various USA magazines such as EGM and PSM.
Sonic Rvials Sonic vs Silver Ad PSM
Here's a 2-page spread ad for Sonic Rivals. This one ran in PSM in the USA around it's time of release. This one features Sonic vs Silver on one page, looking like they're around the Green Hill Zone or something. The other exposes Knuckles and Shadow as two of your other competitors. This game is for the PSP.
All 3 ads in this area photographed by fueledbychaos.
Italian Official Nintendo Magazine Cover Here is the cover of La Rivista Ufficiale Nintendo, Italy's official Nintendo magazine. They dedidcated the cover to Sonic Chronicals for the DS. Also, like in many magazines around the world, when a promotion like this appears, this one has a free Sonic poster included as well. To the right, you can see the Italian ad for Sonic Unleashed. As you can see, the box looks exactly the same, (though it only seems to be shown for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 only, in this ad) but naturally the text is all in Italian. Both scans here contributed by: Gabriele Italian Sonic Unleashed Ad