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These magazines can be from anywhere in the world.
Since Sonic's games are so popular, magazines everywhere love to add him to the cover and do stories when the games come out. Collecing magazines with Sonic on the cover is great to do, as it chronicals the release of the different games, and will show in the future what was going on at that time. Plus, it's always nice to stockpile cool Sonic art! With this page you can see modern and not-so-modern magazine scans from everywhere. Toy ads, toy reviews & unusual content but not game articles.
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Computer Video Games 1997 Cover This is the cover to the UK magazine "Computer & Video Games". This issue is from 1997 and announced Sonic Jam on the Saturn. Because this is a mag that covered 'everything' (Sega Nintendo PCs etc) it's extra curious to see Sonic hogging the cover especially when it was only for the release of Sonic Jam, which wasn't even an entirely new game (but it did bring about the start of compilations with extras thrown in) The subhead is "Cred or Dead Sonic shakes the Tokyo game show". Apparently the magazine thought 'cred' because they placed him on the cover. Notice also the orange spiral background long before Dreamcast chose it. Photographed and owned by JaQ S.
Tomart Action Figure Digest Magazine This is Tomart's Action Figure Digest magazine. It is sold in the USA at certain book stores & news stands. As you can see here, ReSaurus' Sonic made the cover of this issue. The only Sonic related text is the logo and line below which reads "From ReSaurus", all other text is irrelevent. The figure shown is clearly not a final one, but could be either their tiny one or the 'giant talkin' one as they were essentially identical, simply scaled up or down. It also shows that ReSaurus did not have the best grip on what Sonic looked like, with the tilting eyes and oddly set ears. (this was mostly fixed, later) It's great to see that a Sonic figure made such headline news when it first appeared! Discovered by Berzerker.
Dreamcast Magazines Issues 1 / 0 Who else to headline the official Dreamcast Magazine other than Sonic? Especially on the 'premier issue/issue 0'. It's 2 different covers for about the same can see the specs as the large numbers but in different order, and that the font is different as well. However, the BDG (big dumb grin) is quite present here, complete with the crooked teeth which were a mainstay of the time/style. Owned & photographed by RaeLogan
Sega Visions Sonic Mall Page Catalog This is a scan from the old Sega Visions magazine. In it, they had a sort of 1 page catalog called the "Sonic Mall". (Wouldn't it be convenient if something like that existed today?) You can see several things that are around different areas of Sonicgear, including the Caltoy plush, Sonic 2 wall poster, Sonic 2 Official Guide, Tiger Electronics game, the odd large watch/game LCD thing, temporary tattoos, the pinball tabletop game, and the classic face shirt. However, the underwear (at bottom, apparently a boys' breif of some type) and the remote control car (middle top) still need photos. For some reason, any vintage underwear item is difficult to photograph. The order form at the bottom was meant to be mailed in along with a check, to get the items from this page. It's an interesting scan to see, illustrating the types (and which, exactly) items were available all at the same time. Scan discovered by SonicBoy19
Sega Gear Catalog Game Gear Catalog Back Sometimes, when you would buy a Genesis game, you'd get a little catalog with it. The 'Authentic Sega Gear' catalog is the point of interest here, as its entire front is covered in Sonic merchandise you could order. This came with games around the Sonic & Knuckles era, and pretty much all of its items are considered rare. The back had a big Game Gear
page, with different screen shots to lots of games, while showing Sonic holding up a GameGear, and some accessories at the bottom. The catalog featured a button-down jean-type fabric shirt with embroidered rolling classic Sonic on the pocket 27.50, a Sonic & Knuckles themed analog watch with patterend band, and moving disk with S & K 14.99, the Dude With a Tude long white tee/night-shirt (seen on USA Classic, in the SonicGear collection) 14.99, low-crown-style S&K embroider logo cap 12.00, classic Sonic relaxed fit cap 12.00, sleeveless denim stone wash button down jacket with 4 pockets, Sonic & Knuckles logo & words 39.99, blue S & K "The Best" sweatshirt 26.99
Folded Sega Sonic Catalogs
white classic rolling Sonic (and logo) sweat shirt 26.50, Sonic BLUE 'em all away blue tee 14.99, 2 dudes with atti2udes Sonic & Knuckles long sleeve IR short sleeve tee 14 OR 15.99, Fun Second 2 None Sonic & Knuckles sihlouette black tee, 14.99. ALL of these were available youth small to adult XXL, so anyone could wear them. With all the items being relativly inexpensive, yet well made, and in all sizes Sega was really catering to the fans! Owned & photo by RaeLogan
Sonic Colors Nintendo Power Cover Nintendo Power celebrates the news of Sonic Colors with an all-Sonic cover to their issue. The all over graphic is Sonic running, with several wisps from the game. But look at the closest one, it has a curly-doodle on the head. The headline reads "Sonic Reborn! First look at Sonic colors, Sonic's solo space adventure on the Wii & DS". They're clearly emphasizing that it's different from previous 'team' games and games with rotating rosters of who you could play. Scanned by Kirchu
This tiny cover of Nintendo Power is too small to show much, other than that it has Sonic, and relates to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. If you have a larger scan, it can replace this small image. Scan found by Kirchu
Nintendo Power SA2 Battle Small
Toys R Us 2010 Christmas Sonic Sale Catalog Not exactly a magazine...more like a catalog page. This is a page from the Toys R Us big holiday book. This booklet/coupon dispensing item is published once a year around Christmas season. It usually comes with a sunday edition of a newspaper, but can also be aquired in stores. It has lots of great toy photos so kids can make up holiday gift lists. This page shows the various Sonic electronics (TRU exclusive) they had in 2010, plus, showcases the 'free earbud' offer that you could get if you bought $50.00 worth of Sonic electronics all at once. It's interesting to see they featured him on half a page. Scan discovered by Strap
Toy Fare Magazne Sonic Figures Announcement This is a scan from an old issue of Toy Fare magazine. With this page, you can see they are covering the release of the Toy Island 6 inch line (with Big, Eggman & Kiki) as well as the ReSaurus Sonic Line 2 (by showing Amy & E102) Note that Big's caption is wrong, it says "Mitsurugi" under it, though she's actually on the next page. What do they say?
"The speedy Sonic is zipping into stores again, this time in a slightly larger size and with a magnetic feature to pick up the rings he's so fond of collecting in the games. Look for Sonic with Hoverboard, Knuckles, Tails with Chou (they spelled it wrong in the article) Big the cat with a fishing pole (they neglect to mention he also had Froggy with him) and Dr. Robotnick with Kiki the adorable robot monkey." The second one is called "Sonic Adventure and it basically just lists the figures from the second line without much description. Scan by Berzerker
Collectors Corner Sonic Cars showcase The magazine Nintendo Power added a section called "Collector's Corner" where each month, they feature photos of different video game related collectibles. With these pages you can see them covering various action figures, including Jazwares offerings for the 3.5 inch line, and the All Stars Mini Racers, which they call 'hot wheels size' & 'cute and collectible'. The second one (right) basically just lists who you can collect, the size, and that Jazwares did it. It's great to see general magazine doing features like this to let the fans know what's out there. (JW doesn't seem to buy adspace much of anywhere) Scan by PiplupFan77 Magazine Figures Collectors Corner
Nintendo Power SA2 Battle Cover Around the release of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Nintendo Power chose Sonic (in his soap shoes) to be the solo star of their magazine cover. The logo for the game appears, and they talk about how they'll cover it inside. Notice the background/gray is a Sonic spin swirl shape. Sonic covers are always great to collect! Scan by PiplupFan77 Collectors' Corner Metal Sonic Feature When JW released the 10 inch Metal Sonic figure, CC featured it, calling it "Instrument of Destruction" and Eggman's coolest
robotic creation. They talk about the figure's big size & great articulation. Certainly this fantastic figure is worthy of their highlighting! Scan by PiplupFan77
Smash Brothers Brawl Sonic Blurb When Super Smash Brothers Brawl was released, Sonic was certainly a headliner addition to the game. The magazine Game Informer highlights him here, with a profile blurb and screenshot from the game to add to the excitement. Scan by PiplupFan77
Chronicles Blurb Scan When the rpg styled Sonic Chronicles was announced for the DS, lots of magazines thought it was odd news. Game Informer says "Sonic gets respectability? & that if BioWare can't do a good job, Sonic is done for" While a bit dismal,
it's also unrealistic to pin everything on 1 new developer. Scan by PiplupFan77
Games Master Sonic Secret Rings Cover Games Master Sonic Unleashed Cover
These are Games Master magazines from England. They cover all consoles, but when Sonic makes headlines with a new game (seen here for Secret Rings & Unleashed) they give him a solo cover feature. The unleashed one also previewed Chronicles inside. Photos by SonicSpeeder1
Game Informer Trivia Score card This is the wacky trivia score card from a question set in Game Informer magazine. Depending on how many you can answer you can check your rank with these wacky images including some guy's photo altered poorly to have a Sonic theme. "Obey restraining order from Peach" is the center score. Scan by PiplupFan77 Sonic X themed Toy Ad Page
Jetix Magazine  Sonic X Cover Feature Jetix is a magazine in England dedicated to the various properties the company covers. In this issue, Sonic X takes the cover focus. The headline says "15 pages of comic chaos". It also included a free DVD in the bag with the magazine, wihich contained an episode of Sonic X, to lure people into watching the show. (always a good idea) Photo by SonicSpeeder1
This is an ad for Sonic toys, which have Sonic X branding. (not nec. X related or anything) It showcases the remote control running Sonic toy, but announces bop bags, bendies, action figures & plushes. Photo by SonicSpeeder1
GamePro Spinball 1993 Here is Game Pro magazine from Nov. 1993. It ran an all-Sonic cover & featured stories on Sonic Spinball & Sonic Chaos. The cover used a slightly modified Spinball face-between-feet Sonic art, and announced various other game reviews/previews. That little disk on his foot is unrelated, it is a picture of SF Cammy. Scan discovered by Calistine Nintendo Power Generations Cover When Sonic Generations was announced for the 3DS, Nintendo power chose this modern art of 'classic style' Sonic for the cover. The headline says
The blue blur speeds onto Nintendo 3Ds for an anniversary over 20 years in the making. Cover scanned by DarkSonicGold12
Nintendo Power apparently released 2 covers (both starring Sonic) for the Generations 3DS announcement. At left is the 'subscriber' edition, while it's likely
Nintendo Power Generations Cover 2
Sonic Genesis Archie Preview Article
the above right is the news-stand cover. This cover shows both Sonic versions, plus some level detail, but still announces basically the same things with the cover. Inside the magazine was the 2 page spread at right, covering Sonic Genesis, the Archie Comic Arc (complete with pre-release pages & 3 cover arts) The text is an interview by NP asking questions to Archie regarding the arc.
It is interesting to see a games-only magazine giving this much coverage to a comic book. Archie comics fans will not want to miss this issue to get pre-release peeks & some added insights. Cover & spread photos by: Chrismh