Sonic the Hedgehog Music Title Card
Sonic the hedgehog games and music have been inseperable from the start. From the first time anyone heard the famous tune of Green Hill Zone in Sonic 1 for the Genisis/Megadrive, the fans knew the "Sound of Sonic". His musical legacy has continued in full-force ever since, much to the delight of collectors around the world!

Sonic music spans all musical media from records to cassette tapes to CDs. It also covers many genres including pop, rap, rock, techno and more--so there's plenty to listen to no matter what you like. From lyrical tunes to all-synthesized sounds, there are also remixes a plenty to be had.

This section is a musical trip through Sonic's history. The albums can come from any country, so the country of "Main Sales" will be mentioned with each description so you know where to look for it. Each item has front and back covers, as well as a track listing. All of the music on this page is classic.

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But what if you want to buy these CDs?
And who wouldn't? The cases are covered in interesting art to display, and each one is a Sonic collector's item.
Of course for some of the older ones, you need Ebay. Anything vintage you can't find in stores either online or offline, so it's up to collectors to sell their old CD collections. (& up to you to be there to bid when they do!) But what if you want to try out the songs first? TeamArtail has some of the tracks avialable to listen to so you can see if you'd like to buy the cd.

Other music finding hot-spots include:

Sonic the Hedgehog Remix Album Cover Front Sonic Remix Album CD Back Cover
This is a set of songs themed around Sonic CD. It was released in Japan.
Being directly from Japan, this has its' own unique stock arts which do not look phony or contrived as some 'mash-ups' often do elsewhere.
A man sings 1 and 7, and they are remixes (to the point of sounding almost completely new) of some of the tracks of Sonic CD.
Total Play Time (41:07)

1) Love you "Sonic" 4:16
2) Techno power mix 7:21
3) Dr."Gigglymen" 4:37
4) Brand new World 4:27
5) #8th SPACE 4:37
6) Miracle Blue ~Little Planet~ 5:42
7) When we reach for you ~Could it be right~ 4:13
8) Sonic Stream 5:54

Collector's Edition Sonic Boom Spencer Nilsen CD Sonic Boom CD Case Back Photo Total Play Time (69:53)

1) Sonic Boom - Opening Theme 3:08
2) Stardust Speedway-Bad Future 3:50
3) Tidal Tempest 3:16
4) Sonic Boom - Closing Theme 3:37
5) Tidal Tempest - Bad Future 3:34
6) Palmtree Panic 3:53
7) Quartz Quadrant 3:19
8) Stardust Present 3:02
9) Tempest Good Future 3:03
10) Quartz Future 2:33
11) Speedway to Good Future 2:46
12) Wacky Workbench 3:37
13) Special Stage 2:17
14) Workbench - Bad Future 2:21
15) Palmtree Party 2:38
16) Workbench Workout 3:10
17) Collision Chaos 3:17
18) Metallic Madness 2:15
19) Robotnik 1:24
20) Spinball Theme 2:31
21) Flight to Volcanic Fortress 3:26
22) Toxic Cave 3:03
23) Lava Powerhouse 3:53

With nearly 70 minutes of music, this is a great album, based on Sonic CD and Sonic Spinball. It was produced by Spencer Nilsen. As you can see from the track listing, it has good future, bad future and present time tunes from the Sonic CD time-travel theme.
The front cover has a rarely seen image of Sonic, classicly styled and somewhat abstracted for a more artsy speed look.
This was actually given away when you pre-ordered Sonic 3! What a deal, with all these songs and exclusive art it really is a prize.
Sonic & Knuckles Sonic 3 CD Soundtrack
Sonic & Knuckles Soundtrack Back Cover Total Play Time (46:10)

1) Theme of "Sonic & Knuckles" 1:15
2) Mushroom Hill 3:03
3) Flying Battery 2:55
4) The Boss 4:28
5) Sandopolis 2:57
6) Lava Reef 3:16
7) Rings and Diamonds Land 4:46
8) Sky Sanctuary 2:50
9) Deathegg 3:01
10) Boss the Boss 4:17
11) "Sonic & Knuckles" Re-Mix 11:46
12) Theme of "Knuckles"

This disc seems to be based more on Sonic & Knuckles than Sonic 3 (If it contains any Sonic 3 at all!) Could it be a reference to the early version of Sonic 3 being so huge they had to split it into 2 games, and ended up "Locking on" S&K?
Either way, the classic Sonic & Knuckles symbol makes a stylish front and unusually colored stock arts adorn the back over a CG 3D ball effect.
Super Sonic Dance Attack Front Super Sonic Dance Attack Inter Galactica 1. Super Sonic Dance Attack (16-Bit-Version) 3:30
2. Super Sonic Dance Attack (Overtime Edit) 5:44
3. Inter Galactica 3:20
This is an unusually short CD, with only 3 songs on the whole thing!
What are the other words on the back? Various credits and phone numbers regarding the companies that produced it. This could have been a bonus item of some sort due to it's short length.
Virtual Sonic Sega Tunes CD Front Virtual Sonic Enhanced Music of Sonic Games 1. Chaos Jam
2. Knucklemania
3. Battle of the Badnicks
4. Boss Opera
5. Return to the Toxic Caves
6. Sonic & Knuckles Theme
7. Robotnik's Revenge
8. Metal Sonic
9. Sandopolis
10. Spinball Theme
11. City in the Clouds
12. Sonic Triumphant
This Sega Tunes CD "Virtual Sonic" claims that it has "Enhanced music inspired by the worlds of Sonic". However, it seems to be drawing from mostly Sonic & Knuckles with a bit of Spinball, much like the "Sonic & Knuckles" one above.
The cover is somewhat garish with the red Sega Tunes strip over the bright green and saturated blue of Sonic. You can see this is one of their early attempts at making him 3D...although his pupil is actually some sort of raised pebble on his eye (!)
SuperSonic Vinyl Record Album What is this bizzarre oldskool object! A record of some kind. Who ever heard of a Sonic record that you need some kind of record player to play? It was probably done out of the novelty of the concept. It is the only record of Sonic music.
The cover is somewhat clashey, and you can't really read the title other than "Super Sonic". It contains the vocal and instrumental versions of "Super Sonic" the song.
SuperSonic Cassete Tape Tape Cover Cassette Tape Back Credits Info Photo This is kept big so you can read it. It looks like a charity item of some kind, done in 1992 by Zomba records. The bottom has a UKslogan "To be this good takes AGES to be this good takes SEGA". You can find the MP3 of this on the internet if you look.
Here is the cassette-tape of the same thing. Notice the writer is unknown. It is likely the "H.W.A" is Hedgehog With Attitude again. The song features game noises and sound effects. It's not actually a bad song at all...
SuperSonic Record Styled CD & Case
With the discovery of this CD, this song is now in all of the different physical media formats. The CD case is modeled exactly like the record sleeve. The CD itself is similar looking, with more wiggly lines all over it. It says "HWA Hedgehog with Attitude" and the curved writing around the center says "See slipcover for track listing"...of which there are likely only 2, if this thing matches the tape and the record for content. The logo on the right is "Internal Affairs"
It's interesting to see that this particular "supersonic" song item got a release on 3 types of media. Photo & owned by:
Sonic Team Power Play Cover Sonic Team Compilation Album Back Cover
Single CD (51:52)
1) DREAMS DREAMS (KidsVersion) 5:17
Christmas NiGHTS
2) DREAMS DREAMS (A-Cappella Version) 4:28
Sonic R
3) Super Sonic Racing 4:04
4) Can You Feel the Sunshine? 5:06
5) Number One 4:02
Burning Rangers
6) Burning Rangers ~Angel~ 3:57
7) We Are Burning Rangers 4:37
8) I Just Smile 4:17
Sonic CD
9) Sonic - You Can Do Anything 1:34
10) Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself 3:39
Bonus Tracks
11) Dreams Dreams ~Sweet Mix in Holy Night~ 5:41
12) Open Your Heart - Main Theme of "Sonic Adventure" (Hidden Track) 5:10
Sonic Team "Power Play" makes the list because it has several Sonic things included in the compilation, and he's on the back as well. The cover is a kind of blurred mix-up of screenshots from the various games' music it features. The CD says it's "Best Songs from Sonic Team", but it seems more like "Most Overused Songs of Sonic Team". Probably since this CD, the songs seem to show up in nearly everything ST does. Not sure how they're getting away with 3 versions of the same song.

The interesting thing is that it has a hidden track of "Open Your Heart" from Sonic Adventure, which places this CD's date right before SA revolutionized Sonic.

They Call Me Sonic CD This is the CD for "They Call Me Sonic", which seems to be some sort of early 'single'. (That means there's probably only 1 song on the CD, possibly with a few versions of itself, but it's not an album) The CD itself is pretty rare, but you can hear the song if you search for it online or at youtube. It's done in a "chipmunks" sped up/wacky voice because this was from before it was determined that Sonic was cool and not just "a tiny cute animal singing silly songs to children". The lyrics are simple "They call me Sonic & I'm the king of the ring.".
CD of Sonic CD Musics This appears to be a CD of the music from...Sonic CD. Remember: the USA & Japan editions of this game, at the time, had totally different soundtracks. Since this whole thing is in Japanese, it no doubt has the original Japan songs to the game. The CD case resembles the game case quite closely. You can't read the track listing. Photo discovered by TrogdorBad
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