Sonic the Hedgehog Music Title Card
This page has even more modern era Sonic music to see. With every game seemingly getting at least 1 sound track CD, there are plenty of things to collect and hear.

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History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary CD Here is the cover for "History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary Edition" CD. It's marked with the "20th Anniv" seal/logo thing in one corner, and has a CG Sonic running in a winged ring with stars. The cover is pretty plain, and doesn't mention anything that could be inside.
This likely has a track or two from...probably as many games as they could fit onto a CD. Since it's called "History of..." it's probably attempting to be a good sampler of the music of all of the eras of Sonic. Do write in if you know which games have music on this CD. Discovered by SonicMario87
True Colors: Best of Sonic music CD 2 This CD may be called "True Colors" but it seemingly has nothing to do with 'Sonic Colors' the game. It is a "Best Of" collection, and is clearly 'part 2'. But where is part 1? It was the "Sonic True Blue" disk. Cover discovred by Piplupfan77
SA2 Battle Sampler Disk This isn't a full CD, but rather a sampler. Look at the 'not for resale' mark on one side. This was released to promote Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and has Sonic & Shadow faces art, as well as the logo. Where was this given out? Did it come with some other game? It likely has a few choice tracks from the game for people to get the feel of the music with. Cover discovred by Piplupfan77
Crush 40 Super Sonic Songs Best of CD Case Crush 40 Interior Booklet Crush 40 Super Sonic Songs CD
This is a Crush40 CD "The Best of Crush 40 Super Sonic Songs"
Super Sonic Songs CD Case Back The cover is mainly weathered gray with a black & white photo on the back near the track listing. Inside, the CD is bluegray, with Obi (little booklet thing) & big fold out paper sheet of the song lyrics. It seems to be in Japanese so you can't really read it. All photos in group & owned by PiplupFan77
Japanese Lyric Paper Insert
Vocal Traxx Several Wills CD Case This is Sonic the Hedgehog Several Wills Vocal Traxx , the CD from Sonic 06 / Sonic 360. Several Wills Interior & CD Booklet
This CD gathers all the songs from Sonic 06 that had vocals in them onto one cd. The CD itself is pretty plain, just red with the title printed across it. The booklet has the lyrics (at right) & some CG art from the game, with "tall Eggman" on the back there. Beware of fakes with this though! Look for the number WWCE 31142 to be originally printed (not written or stickered on) or else the item is a fake. Photo & owned by PiplupFan77
Without Boundaries: Lost World Soundtrack Cover Here's the sound track to Sonic Lost World. It's called "Without Boundaries". It appears to have all of the songs from the game. The cover here is very colorful, as it shows the Deadly Six, but it has been criticized as being uncreative because someone just duplicated the same cluster of Deadly 6 over and over to make the background for CG breakdancing Sonic.
It is actually a 3 disk set. What you see here is the cardboard case that holds the plastic CD case inside. What you can't really see too well in the photo to the left is that the paper has bits of shiny rainbow glitter in it, which you can see through the ink/designs. (you can notice it on Sonic & the back of the sleeve in the photo below)
The set also comes with 3 papers/sort of a pamphlet which you can see below.
Lost World: Without Boundaries Sleeve & Case The plastic case has an all blue tone CG of breakdancing Sonic & the title. The back of the sleeve is sparkly & has track listings for each of the disks.
Sonic Lost World 3 CDs Numbered Here are the 3 disks, each with different CG art in the numbers. The first & second have sort of "negative color" images for Sonic & 2 of the deadly 6. The 3rd has regular-shaded but yellow/red hue for 3 more of the deadly 6.
Lost World Soundtrack info sheets These 3 colored pages of the pamphlet have track listings (black) credits (purple) & the red has white text in Japanese. All photos & info in this area by PiplupFan77
Sonic Lost World Soundtrack Special This is a disc for the Sonic Lost World soundtrack, but it's the "Bonus Soundtrack Special Selection". The disc has a nice, clean look with all white background, colorful logo & Lost World Bonus Soundtrack CD Case
breakdancing Sonic CG art. Though the hole for the middle does hide his entire body. This is being released as some sort of promotional pack component for the Lost World game in 2013. This disk only has 3 songs on it. Discovered by: ShadowFoxx757
The case it came in has Sonic & Tails in the Tornado flying above the Lost World on the front, & the back has Sonic collecting rings and leaping over a piece of square ground. The back states which 3 songs are on there: Wonder World, Zone Music Medly & Deadly Six Theme. CD Case photo & info by: Chibiko
Sonic Generations History 1st Stage White Here's the first Sonic Generations album cover to appear. It is "History of the 1st Stage: White Edition". The cover has the 20th Anniversary logo, a scene from the City Escape type level, & nice CG art for classic style & modern style Sonic. The geometric border & use of black & white has a nostalgic type feel. But since this is called "White Edition", what other colors might there be? So far, only "Blue Edition", which was an exclusive to Japan item. (Seen on music 4) Photo discovered by: Sonicfan101
History First Stage Booklet Interior Here's a good look at the interior & back of the White Version. The CD has a copy of the case front graphic. The booklet back has the "20th Anniversary" Sonic with TV CG art on it. Under the CD sits the 20th Anniversary logo. The back
Interior & book photos & owned by Piplupfan77
History First Stage Interior CD Case of the case has a listing of all the tracks, plus the 2 CG Sonics from the front. The booklet (really, its just 2 pages) has the track listing,
but also what games the tracks are from, & little pictures too. The tracks are:
1. Angel Island 2. Splash Hill 3. Palm Tree Panic 4. Green Grove 5. Emerald Coast 6. City Escape 7. Westopolis 8. Forest Falls 9. Wave Ocean 10. Windmill Isle Day 11. Resort Island
Very best of Sega music CD This CD is called "The Very Best of Sega" and is presented by OneUp Studios. Naturally, they want to use a Sonic graphic for the cover, as he's Sega's most famous property. The disk contains various Sega game music, including Sonic tracks. Where was this sold? Write in if you know. Cover discovred by Piplupfan77

The description for this reads "
The Very Best of SEGA brings together the greatest songs from the video game company's illustrious heritage, fabricated with pride from OneUp's SEGA enthusiasts. The finest songs from arcade and console history were hand-picked and then transformed into proper modern day arrangements using guitars, drums, synths, vocalists and more. Hallmark series like Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, and Streets of Rage have been referenced and then fully revamped, making for a must-have collection of music for SEGA fans and game music devotees alike." Description & track list discovered by Taaron

01 Streets of Rage 2 - Go Straight
02 After Burner - Final Take Off
03 Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Reef
05 Super Hang-On - Outride A Crisis
06 Panzer Dragoon - Main Theme
07 Streets of Rage 2 - Slow Moon
08 Sonic CD - Sonic Boom

09 Phantasy Star III - Main Theme ~ A New Journey
10 Phantasy Star IV - The end of the millennium
11 ToeJam & Earl - ToeJam Jammin'
12 Sonic R - Super Sonic Racing
13 Skies of Arcadia - Movement I - Emotional
14 Skies of Arcadia - Movement II - Vyse's Theme
15 Skies of Arcadia - Movement III - Main Theme