Sonic the Hedgehog Music Title Card
The music from this page is only Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.
Music here is more plentiful because by this point everything was on CD anyway and the tracks are more sophisticated than cartridge music. A lot of the stuff became lyrical at this time as well, leading to remixes of all sorts and the opportunity for instrumental versions. As you can read, they also got some interesting bands to contribute music.
Since Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were such huge hits, they released massive amounts of music with them. Each game has several CDs devoted to it, and many of them are EXTREMELY long with loads of tracks.
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Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track Cover Sonic Adventure CD Back Cover
This is the Original Soundtrack CD for Sonic Adventure 1, and they were determined to come out with a real bang--and they did!
This is among the longest music sets out of all of the CDs, with 2 disks each having over 70 minutes of music! The cover is real Sonic Adventure style, with their new remake of his look, and the various clouds/fades ST was fond of in the logos and backgrounds of the time. With it's really high song count, and enormous track listing, this one is a must-get for fans of the original Sonic Adventure.
Disc One (74:57)
1) Introduction ...featuring "Open Your Heart" 1:47
2) Welcome to Station Square 3:14
3) Event: Strain 1:00
4) Boss: CHAOS ver.0, 2, 4 2:22
5) Azure Blue World ...for Emerald Coast 4:13
6) Windy and Ripply ...for Emerald Coast 3:11
7) BIG fishes at Emerald Coast... 1:50
8) And... Fish Hits! 1:32
9) Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up!!! 0:33
10) Twinkle Cart ...for Twinkle Park 2:04
11) Pleasure Castle ...for Twinkle Park 1:55
12) Twinkle Circuit 2:21
13) Fakery Way ...for Twinkle Park 1:09
14) Run Through the Speed Highway-Speed Highway 1:56
15) Goin' Down!? ...for Speed Highway 0:31
16) At Dawn ...for Speed Highway 2:41
17) Choose Your Buddy! -Slap Bass ver.- 2:03
18) Theme of "CHAO" 2:27
19) Letz Get This Party Started-CHAO Race Entrance 4:05
20) Join Us 4 Happy Time ...for CHAO Race 2:29
21) The Dreamy Stage ...for Casinopolis 2:14
22) Blue Star ...for Casinopolis 1:35
23) Dilapidated Way ...for Casinopolis 2:09
24) Challenge of Another Aim 0:55
25) Theme of "Dr. EGGMAN" 2:30
26) Egg Mobile ...Boss: Egg Hornet 2:03
27) Mystic Ruin 2:25
28) Windy Hill ...for Windy Valley 1:41
29) Tornado ...for Windy Valley 1:37
30) The Air ...for Windy Valley 2:53
31) Fight for My Own Way ...Boss: Event 2:07
32) Snowy Mountain ...for Icecap 2:07
33) Limestone Cave ...for Icecap 1:52
34) Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy ...for Icecap 2:24
35) Invincible ...No Fear! 1:00
36) Choose Your Buddy -Finger Bass ver.- 2:02
Disc Two (73:46)
1) Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill ...for Red Mountain 1:47
2) Red Hot Skull ...for Red Mountain 4:58
3) Heartless Collegue ...Boss: E-Series Targets 1:25
4) Sand Hill 3:09
5) Event: Sadness 1:14
6) Theme of "TIKAL" 3:23
7) Tricky Maze ...for Lost World 2:31
8) Danger! Chased by Rock ...for Lost World 1:36
9) Leading Lights ...for Lost World 1:49
10) Event: The Past 1:30
11) Event: Fanfare for "Dr. EGGMAN" 0:26
12) Tornado and Scramble ...for Sky Chase 1:33
13) Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? ...for Options 1:45
14) Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us On the Move 4:03
15) ZERO the Chase-master ...Boss: Eggman Robot -Zero- 1:58
16) Skydeck A Go! Go! ...for Sky Deck 1:41
17) General Offensive ...for Sky Deck 2:44
18) Theme of "E-102g" 4:26
19) Crazy Robo ...Boss: E101R 2:33
20) Bad Taste Aquarium ...for Hot Shelter 3:31
21) Red Barrage Area ...for Hot Shelter 2:47
22) Danger is Imminent 1:12
23) Sweet Punch ...for Hedgehog Hammer 1:04
24) Militant Missionary ...Boss: Egg Walker & Egg Viper 1:17
25) Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg 3:05
26) Crank the Heat Up!! ...for Final Egg 3:00
27) Boss: CHAOS ver.6 1:54
28) Calm After the Storm ...Egg Carrier -the ocean- 2:08
29) Event: Unbound 1:12
30) Perfect CHAOS Revival! ...Boss: Perfect CHAOS 1:43
31) Event: Good-bye! 1:19
32) Will You Continue? 0:34
33) Open Your Heart - Main Theme of "Sonic Adventure" 4:29
Sonic Adventure Vocal Mini Album Since Sonic Adventure 1 was such a huge deal, there were several CDs released to celebrate. This one is "Songs with Attitude" a vocal mini album. They selected each vocal track that is a character theme and released it as a short 6 song CD. (The last one is just the game's main theme, not any specific character) Sonic Adventure Songs With Attitude
Disc One (27:20)
1) It Doesn't Matter ...Theme of Sonic 4:28
2) My Sweet Passion ...Theme Amy 5:10
3) Lazy Days ~Livin' in Paradise~ ...Theme of Big 4:03
4) Believe in Myself ...Theme of "Miles" 3:53
5) Unknown from M.E. ...Theme of Knuckles 4:31
6) Open Your Heart ...Main Theme of "Sonic Adventure" 5:15
Sonic Adventure 1 Remix Album Cover Sonic Adventure Remix Back CD 1. UNKNOWN from M.E. THEME OF "KNUCKLES"
(Music, Words & Arrange: K.Tokoi Lyrics Translation: T.Fukada) 4'37"
remixed by Kevin Moore & Steve Tushar
(Music, Words & Arrange: F.Kumatani Lyrics Translation: T.Fukada) 4'30"
remixed by Kevin Moore & Steve Tushar
(Music, Words & Arrange: F.Kumatani Lyrics Translation: T.Fukada) 5'19"
remixed by Chris Vrenna & Mark Blasques vo. Corey Glover g. Al Pitrelli
With a game as popular as Sonic Adventure 1 introducing new styles and types of music to the Sonic empire, a Remix can't be far behind. They had a bit of fun with the cover, adapting the new (and most popular of the time) stock art Sonic into just eyes and a mouth. (Just the eyes has been used before, so it isn't an all new concept) This one has tons of great info in the track listings, thanks to Flare.
(Music: J.Senoue & K.Tokoi Words: J.Senoue & T.Fukada Arrange: J.Senoue) 5'14" remixed by Transmutator vs. Razed in Black. vo. Corey Glover g. Al Pitrelli
(Music & Arrange: J.Senoue Words: J.Senoue & T.Fukada) 4'20"
remixed by Transmutator/ vo. Corey Glover g. Al Pitrelli
(Music & Arrange: J.Senoue Words: F. Kumatani & J.Senoue Lyrics Translation: T.Fukada) 4'04" /remixed by Mark Pistel from Meat Beat Manifesto
(Music & Arrange: J.Senoue Words: J.Senoue & T.Fukada) 5'17" /remixed by Chris Randall & Van Christie from Sister Machine Gun
(Music & Arrange: J.Senoue Words: J.Senoue & T.Fukada) 3'24" /remixed by Matt Greene from Spahn Ranch /vo. Corey Glover g. Al Pitrelli
(Music, Words & Arrange: K.Tokoi Lyrics Translation: T.Fukada) 5'54"
remixed by Cevin Key
(Music: J.Senoue & K.Tokoi Words: J.Senoue & T.Fukada Arrange: J.Senoue) 4'28" /remixed by Chris Vrenna & Mark Blasques /vo. Corey Glover g. Al Pitrelli
Sonic Adventure 2 Official Soundtrack Cover With Sonic Adventure 1 such a hit, 2 wasn't far behind. The "Official Soundtrack" was brought over by TokyoPop, who may still be selling it. This one has previous character themes such as Knuckles and Tails from SA1, with new introductions for Shadow and Rouge. The cover art is pretty much a collage of Stock arts, which looks nice but doesn't exactly bring all-new art to the table. SA2 Soundtrack Back Cover
Disc One (78:15)

1) It Doesn't Matter...theme of sonic 2:44
2) event: Let's Make It! 0:46
3) Escape from the escape 2:22
4) Vengeance is Mine...radical highway 1:54
5) Lovely Gate 3...egg quarters 2:33
6) Unknown from M.E...theme of knuckles 4:51
7) This Way Out...prison lane 1:43
8) I'm a hall 3:03
9) That's the Way I Like It...metal harbor 2:26
10) Rhythm and Balance...white jungle 2:28
11) Won't Stop, Just Go! forest 2:29
12) E.G.G.M.A.N...theme of dr. eggman 3:22
13) Dive into the Mellow...aquatic mine 1:50

14) Rumbling HWY...mission street 2:46
15) Fly in the Freedom...theme of rouge 4:55
16) advertise: the groove 1:20
17) Space Trip Steps...meteor herd 1:46
18) Soarin' Over the Space...cosmic wall 2:31
19) Believe in Myself...theme of tails 3:57
20) Highway in the rush 3:00
21) Throw it All Away...theme of shadow 5:00
22) Deep Inside of...cannon's core #3 2:42
23) Supporting Me...biolizard 3:30
24) event: The Last Scene 3:03
25) Live & Learn...main theme of SA2 4:32
26) Chao Race Extended Remix [Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix] 6:42
Sonic Adventure 2 Multi Dimensional Multi Dimensional SA2 CD Back Cover SA2's theme was "Hero Vs. Dark", so it is fitting that this sound track has 2 disks, one for each side! This one is "Multi-Dimensional". The cover is another stock compilation, this time with Eggman in the mix. The back interestingly enough, has the songs listed sideways, and split. This is another super-long CD set with TONS of music--great to collect!
Disc One (77:45)
Hero Side
1) SA2...Main Riff for "Sonic Adventure 2" 0:22
2) Event: Let's Make It! 0:46
3) Escape from the City...for City Escape 2:18
4) The Mad Convoy Race...for City Escape 0:48
5) That's the Way I Like It...for Metal Harbor 2:44
6) Can't Stop, So What!?...for Metal Harbor 0:54
7) Won't Stop, Just Go!...for Green Forest 2:28
8) Keys the Ruin...for Pyramid Cave 3:27
9) Unstable World...for Crazy Gadget 2:51
10) Highway in the Sky...for Final Rush 2:59
11) Boss: -GUN- Mobile 1:55
12) Advertise: the Groove 2:08
13) Event: Strategy 1:28
14) This Way Out...for Prison Lane 3:11
15) Rumbling Highway...for Mission Street 2:46
16) Chasing Drive...for Kart 2:43
17) Down in the Base...for Hidden Base 3:35
18) On the Edge...for Eternal Engine 2:52
19) Advertise: SA2 ver. B 0:27
20) Kick the Rock!...for Wild Canyon 3:15
21) A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup...for Pumpkin Hill 3:24
22) Dive Into the Mellow...for Aquatic Mine 3:37
23) Deeper...for Death Chamber 4:07
24) Space Trip Steps...for Meteor Herd 3:31
25) Boss: Masters of the Desert 2:05
26) Event: Reunion 0:42
27) Advertise: Prof. Omochao 1:29
28) Chao Race Extended Mix (Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix) 6:44
29) Chao Garden Extended Mix (Chao's Back-Wack Up & Down the Ground Mix) 8:09
Disc Two (76:07)
Dark Side
1) Vengeance is Mine...for Radical Highway 2:32
2) Rhythm and Balance...for White Jungle 2:28
3) Mr. Unsmiley...for Sky Rail 1:50
4) The Supernatural...for Final Chase 2:49
5) For True Story...for Sonic vs. Shadow 2:31
6) Event: Conquest 1:33
7) Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up Again!!! 0:27
8) Still Invincible...No Fear! 0:56
9) Advertise: Rhythmic Passage 1:07
10) Boss: Suitable Opponent 1:59
11) Remember Me? - M.F.M....for Iron Gate 2:20
12) Way to the Base...for Sand Ocean 2:52
13) Trespasser...for Lost Colony 2:25
14) Crush'em All...for Weapons Bed 1:50
15) Soarin' Over the Space...for Cosmic Wall 3:04
16) Event: 3 Black Noises [Revival...ChaosControl...Reflection] 5:20
17) Advertise: A2 ver. C 0:27
18) Event: Sonic vs. Shadow 1:19
19) Bright Sound...for Dry Lagoon 3:35
20) Lovely Gate 3...for Egg Quarters 3:18
21) I'm a Spy...for Security Hall 3:37
22) 34° N, 12° E...for Mad Space 3:33
23) Event: The Base 1:53
24) Boss: Shut Up Faker! 1:42
25) Scramble for the Core...for Cannon's Cave Ver.1 2:03
26) Cooperation...for Cannon's Cave Ver. 2 1:59
27) Deep Inside of...for Cannon's Cave Ver. 3 3:18
28) Supporting Me...for Biolizard 3:29
29) Event: Madness 1:4830) Event: The Last Scene 3:36
31) Live & Learn...Main Theme of "Sonic Adventure 2" 4:27
Cuts Unleashed SA2 Vocal Collection CD As you can see from this listing, it is the "Vocal Collection" but it also contains the instrumental versions of the same songs as some sort of bonus. Is the content of this CD the same as what is found on previous CDs for Sonic Adventure 2? Does it bring anything new to the table, or simply allow collectors to get songs they missed? Disc One (69:23)
1) It Doesn't Matter...theme of "Sonic" 2:44
2) Escape from the for the action stage "City Escape" 2:21
3) Believe in Myself...theme of "Tails" 3:57
4) Unknown from M.E....theme of "Knuckles" 4:50
5) Fly in the FreedomTheme of "Rouge" 4:55
6) Throw it All Away Theme of "Shadow" 5:00
7) E.G.G.M.A.N....theme of "Dr. Eggman" 3:22
8) Live & Learn...main theme of "Sonic Adventure 2" 4:32
9 - 91) Blank 5:54
92) It Doesn't Matter (Instrumental) 2:43
93) Escape from the City (Instrumental) 2:20
94) Believe in Myself (Instrumental) 3:56
95) Unknown from M.E. (Instrumental) 4:49
96) Fly in the Freedom (Instrumental) 5:08
97) Throw it All Away (Instrumental) 5:00
98) E.G.G.M.A.N. (Instrumental) 3:23
99) Live & Learn (Instrumental
A curiously yellow eyed Sonic somewhat glares out of the front of this CD cover while his famous "Soap Shoe" is shown on the back. (grinding was a large theme for this game) The cover almost has a pointalistic look with it's purposely large 'ink dots' way of printing. Cuts Unleahed Soap Shoe CD Graphic Back Cover
Cuts Unleashed Interior Here's what it looks like when you open the case. The CD itself is printed except where the Sonic face (same as the cover) is, so that it appears very bright. Shadow's face is on the back of the cover art. It comes with the booklet seen below. The background for the booklet is screen shots of backgrounds from the game. Photo & owned by Dustin Lee Autry.
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