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Even more great ads for you to watch!
These may be sorted in the future, with the newer ads on the later pages, but all advertisements must be aquired first. As usual, these are ad-free ads, as close to original content as Sonic Gear can find.
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Sonic Identity 3D Teaser Thing

This is a strange animated CG segment. It may be an ad of some sort, but was billed as an 'identity'. Maybe it was invented to remind developers or customers of Sonic or something...

This uses some early form of 3D that looks rather strange. There is no dialogue, but the words (what few there are) are in English. It shows pistons like the final boss of Sonic 1, but a silver Sonic statue rises out of one and blasts a badnick (sol-like) and then becomes colorized. This is really rare and somewhat confusing. Collect it right away!

**Ad BROKEN**Can you find this ad on Youtube anywhere? Send it in for credit...

This is a TV spot for "Sonic N" the Sonic game for the Nokia N-Gage. The N-Gage was a somewhat short-lived device. You could do phone calls with it, but also play games on it. The screen wasn't very big, but it was expensive, so it didn't sell all that well.
However, it did take ports of as many games as it could to try and build a library. The Sonic one seen here was the only one it got. (they stopped making it before anything else released) But what is it a port of? Looks like one of the Advance games?
Video discovered by SonicTheMainMan
This is a Sonic Generations commercial that some the USA. Its theme is "Double the Sonics = double the fun" and shows a nice amount of game-play, fast graphics, and the 'gimmick' of the game, all while not being confusing or obnoxious. So, it's a good ad.
But where was this ad? Many fans never even saw it. (So here's a good chance!) They must not have run this ad very much...which is really too bad because it explains the game pretty well without acting like it's all hype or being 'super crazy' like some of the less-informative ads can be. Ad discovered by SonicTheMainMan
Here's a sort of double ad. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog AoStH weekday cartoon had a promo-tie in type deal with Kay Bee Toys. It was called the "Watch n' Win" sweepstakes. You basically just had to write down the "Sonic Sez" 'moral' that appeared at the end of the show on a post card and send it in. You could win various Sonic themed items (Seen around Sonic Gear! What can you spot in the montage?) or a $1,000 shopping spree of games at KB Toys. (That store is out of business, and has been for some time) Ever wonder who won? This Dude Did. The news from that town covered him, so that link is a news clip. Video & link discovered by Anon
This is an ad for a Sonic game on the Didj educational video game system. With plenty of actual game-play footage, it's a good ad. It appears that to make the game, someone has gone in and altered Sonic 1, 2 & 3 to contain spelling puzzles. Breaking letters out of monitors, & using items which are out of place in the levels helps people spell words among the actual regular game-play. It seems odd that Sega would let Leapfrog do this to their games, it seems more like a hack than anything else, though they would retain the high fun-value because they were merely tinkered with. A very interesting ad to view. Discovered by PiplupFan77
Shadow the Hedgehog "Nearly Impossible"

This is the 2nd spot for the Shadow the Hedgehog game. It's got a similar mix of cinematics & game-play, but it is shorter. It tells you about how Shadow must solve the mystery of his past to fix what's going on now, & that it will be 'nearly impossible'--though he'll take those odds. A narrator then goes on to explain you can choose hero or villain as the story path, but no matter which you choose, it'll be a blast. With lots of gun footage, it's quite literal.

Here's a fun commercial for Lego Dimensions. It's the one they used to announce Sonic being added to the brands in the game. It's set to OK-Go's "Here it goes again" song, but you have to watch all the way to very end to see Sonic appear. They have no shortage of famous characters in the game, & it will no doubt have an actual figure to go with it as well. The game is set for Fall 2016.