Sonic Fan Objects Title

Here you can find the interesting efforts of fans to create Sonic the Hedgehog items and goods. Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see.

Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
People are always finding more fun ways to customize their things into Sonic things, or build new Sonic stuff from scratch, so here's page 2!

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Beady Pixels This isn't so much a construct, as it is an art. There are a certain kind of beads, that you can arrage, then melt together or affix to a surface to create art. The beads act like great big pixels, so you can turn out all kinds of fun pixel art, if you can round up enough of the beads.
Bead co. name pending
Someone here has made a Sonic head, but if you order some beads, you can make anyone you want.
Sonic Custom Jet Skii Well, if you're going to have a jet skii, might as well make it a cool one! By adding Sonic, of course! Someone has commissioned an air-brush painting of Sonic, running by an ocean sunset on the sides of their fun craft.
The inset shows what's on the top. That black stuff is someone getting rid of the background. Who's jet skii is this? Do you have a Sonic theme vehicle you'd like to share? Send it in!
Custom Costume Rouge Plush Fan Doll
We take a short break from vehicles to show this Fan-Made plush. Someone named Usakochan has sewn an alternate-costume Rouge the Bat doll. In the corner, you can see what her costume looked like in the game, followed by several detail photos. Presumably, the photos are by Usakochan. The photo was found on a now-vanished web page...
Chevrolet Matiz Sonic Car Wow, a whole car dedicated to Sonic! Tikal of Germany is an amazing fan! This car is a Chevrolet Matiz and the Stickers on both sides were custom-made by her one year ago. The hood Design, is by an Airbrush Artist who did it spring 2007. The Japanese letters spell “Tikal”.
Green Sonic Car Side This car wasn't sponsored by Sega or even, Tikal made it all, just because she is such a great fan of Sonic.
Silver Sonic Shadow Airbrush Hood Photo
Here's a close-up of the great air-brush work on the hood! Sonic, Shadow and Silver right from the Xbox360. Sonic Knuckles Tikal Car Photo
Cream & Cheese With Sega Club Sticker Knuckles & Tikal Car Details Sonic Car Side 2 Photo
Here are some close-ups of the stickers and characters on the sides. The "Sega Club" one is even a foil sticker, so it has a cool mirror-like shine! There are also dragons from Panzer Dragoon represented as well.
Glowing Interior Sonic Car Detail With this dark picture, you can see a special Light inside the Car. At Night The Sonic Logo under the Radio glows.

This Car as also blue Sub-Lights with Effects, a blue glowing SEGA Logo in the Window Break light (which turns to red as when brakeing ), a horn with 24 Melodies and an extra Pair of blue signals in the back.
The Sega Club car gets a new look in 2009! Now it's updated with stickers of Silver, Shadow new Sonics
and the Werehog in 2 different places. Of course the air brushing on the front stays, but now the side says "Jump in! Sega for Everyone!" If you want to see more about the airbrush work, you can watch an Airbrush Video too!
Chao Variety Pillow Here are 2 cute items by LightChao11.

To the left is a Chao Variety Pillow, with Hero, Dark, and normal Chaos. There are even super-tiny different versions of each one for extra fun. To the right is a Hero Chao shirt. These were made by ironing on official art. With how much people like Chaos, they should consider making official Chao shirts or items--especially given the great variety of different looks they can have.

Hero Chao Fan Shirt
Sonic Fan-Made Motion Alarm What is this?
It's a fan-made alarm! This interesting item can be set on surfaces and will start making noise if it's moved. (A handy thing to stop snoops in your room!) Look at cute cartoony Sonic, the style adds fun to the item. This was made by vacume forming plastic for the case, then adding the circuitry for the alarm. This was made by ShadowStewart.
Mutant Mache` Sonic Sculpture Someone tried to make a Sonic sculpture out of paper mache.
They failed. This is rather mutant, but it can't go into that section because it is not an official item. It was not bought on ebay, either. Though it is easy to guess why is not that easy to guess why someone would try to sell it in the first place. Still, at least they were thinking about Sonic?
Fan-Made Red Sonic Sneakers Instead of making shoes with pictures of Sonic all over them, why don't they make SONIC's shoes? People would wear these. It's not like the dark-ages or whatever when you couldn't wear red shoes without people saying you were out of fashion or something. Plus, Sonic's shoes are cool!
Sonic Fan Guy, the creator of these custom fan shoes, wanted the same thing. This is an ordinary pair of sneakers, customized with paint (and buckle-like item) to make them like Sonic's famous kicks.
Fan Made Rouge the Bat Costume What do you do when someone wants to be Rouge the Bat for Halloween, but there's no official costume?
Help them make a fan-made one, of course! One day I recieved a letter asking about official Rouge costumes. When I (unfortunately) informed them there weren't any, they went ahead and made this. This costume has the black body-suit with pink heart top, custom Rouge boots and gloves, and even shiny black bat wings. the hat provides the ears, and blue eye-shadow works for the...actual blue eye-shadow! They have added a picture of Rouge to the front of it. What a fun effort for Halloween!

Credit to: Tori W. as Rouge the Bat

Rouge Halloween Suit Custom
Super Sonic Textured Plush
Super Sonic: There still isn't enough of him, so fans try to solve it in a variety of ways.

Here, Sonic Fan Guy has sewn a Super Sonic plush. It seems to be textured though, so perhaps it was knitted or made of a rough fabric. It seems soft, unlike other plushes. The eyes appear to be sewn as well, but the detail is all still there.

Tails Chao Custom Plush Isn't this a cute little item?
This is a custom Tails Chao plush. As you know, a few rare Chao could be raised to look like Sonic characters. Someone's made a little custom plush of the Tails variety! It is sort of Tails, sort of Chao, and very cute. It was made by YutakaYume of Deviant Art.
It is wooly and smily, and has no nose! It always boggles me that no one's thought to make up a bunch of Chao items officially, as there is such a variety that the fans like so well.
Leather Gears SonicGear Custom Necklace This is a necklace...of Sonic Gears!
This was created by me, out of scrap leather of buffalos. The leather was a part of a buffalo preservation project where if one dies they collect it and use every part (like the Native Americans used to) and sell it for funds to improve buffalo lands. Well, leather comes in big pieces, but there's always bits left over, and when I got my hands on some, (of many different colors of brown) I was inspired to make this all-leather necklace. It's even held together by leather thread, another way to "waste not, want not".
Obviously, the pieces are Sonic Gears of various sizes and colors, overlapping to make the design. If you put it on, it lays flat like a wide collar. There's a hidden snap at the top so it'll open. This was a challenging and fun project.