Sonic Statues Title Card
Sonic Statues are another very unique catagory.
These aren't the small things you can collect, these are the big real deal! Statues such as these tend to appear in SegaWorlds or at game shows such as E3. These are usually made of hollow fiberglass, with resin coating. Some of the older ones may have been plastered over, and then painted. This method of design makes them light enough to move around place to place, and also so that their large heads don't squash the rest of the figure.
Statues such as this are a very mysterious item. Since they belong directly to Sega, you'll likely never ever see one for sale, unless the place it was located in goes out of business. Still, they are intregueing to look at!
Statues such as this are especially wonderful because, if done right, they can be like looking at the charachter if it were really here right now! Because they are rigid, not like a plush, the accuracy can be very high, as well as life-size!

Statues on this page can be from anywhere in the world. Each entry will state where it was seen.

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E3 Sonic Statue Photo
At E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in the USA one year, this cool Sonic statue was spotted. It could be from any era, as he is not wearing anything to distinguish which game he could be promoting. (no soap shoes/gold bracelets etc) This is a nice looking statue, and from the front it seems rather accurate. You can see the buckles on the sides of his shoes, and that his hands are well done. Also note that it is bolted to it's base to help secure it. Photo by Sonik Kokiri
Shadow & Silver Large Statues Here's another game show photo.
It still isn't clear when or where this one was taken, except that it is here to announce the release of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360.
It was such a big release, why not have awesome 3D huge figures to celebrate! Shadow and Silver look wonderful here, with detailed and accurate sculpting. Silver's pose is really quite dynamic as he reaches out as if to use is phychic powers. It would be great to see these up close! If you have any more photos of these, send 'em in!
Shadow Gun E3 Statue
At the release of Shadow the Hedgehog the game, they unveiled this statue at E3 in the USA. This is a curious piece, with him looking rather gloomy or angry, rather than 'action' or 'exciting' as the other statues tend to want to convey.
All the proportions and details are spot-on though, they certainly didn't miss a beat with this excellent item. It is SUCH a dissapointment that they are not for sale somehow.
Shadow is sort of snarling as he aims his pistol at the convention floor. But what's that strange red line on his head? It looks like it may be some sort of accidental line, because if you inspect Shadow, he has no such marking. How odd...
Awesome Shadow Hedgehog Gun Statue
Zany note:
If you go around on the internet, you will find photos by reporters from several game magazines or websites of this statue. Why? It is amusing to lay or kneel in front of Shadow's gun, so it looks like he may shoot you!
Knuckles Ugly Tails San Fransisco Calif Photo See how far statues have come?
Not all statues were as awesome as those seen above. In the early days, it didn't seem like they paid much attention to how the characters really looked.

This un-attractive pair are found at Sega HQ in San Fransicsco California. This might of gotten a Mutant tag, but the Knuckles barely redeems it. With him, you can see they were somewhat misguided, but made a bit of effort. His shoes are ok, along with his fists, but lookout for his head! Wierd angled and bent spikes, a huge pupil with no regard to 'eye shine' and a large nose do not help him.
Ugh Tails! Who made this thing! Tails is plain awful. Tiny bangs, stubby ears, HORRIBLE mis-matched eyes, disproportionate arms and gloves, and to bottom it out...distored bean-like shoes.
Photo courtesy of Link

Silver the Hedgehog E3 Display Statue
See what a long way statues have come? This Silver statue is most likely also fiberglass, but look how dramatic he is! They've done quite a good job with him, and he's big, too!
This could be seen at E3, which is fairly signifigant because it was the last E3 they decided to ever have. What happens to such statues after they are seen at the show? Although enormous, wouldn't Silver Statue be really awesome to own?
Blue Arms Odd Sonic Statue
Here's a fiberglass Sonic statue. Several of the older statues found around the site are often mutant-ish and this one is no exception. First off, it has blue arms. Australia would occaisonally produce a blue-arm Sonic misprint on merchandise, but this one's got a whole statue. Next, they've added a ridge going from his spikes to the middle of his mono-eye, likely due to it being produced when Sonic was strictly 2D. The eyes however are the problem, with one 'facing up' and the other 'pointing down' and both of them being teardrop-shaped. The over-all look is kind of wierd. This stands at Sega Prizes Europe showroom. Picture by Sega, but discovered by fueledbychaos
German Sega Sonic Statue Sega of Germany owns this great statue. It's in their headquarters building, and is pretty much life size! This is 186 cm high. It stands on a faux steelplate base, with "Sonic" written on it in the iconic font. As you can see here it's in front of their logo near a window. It's quite good looking, a sharp contrast from statues in the past. It's very 'on model', even more-so than some smaller figures. He is smiling here, but with the angle it is difficult to see.
This was made by Muckle Figuren, and is made of fiberglass. (Most large figures are) You can read more about the figure with the link, and also see more photos of it. Too bad it's not for sale! It weighs about 120 kilo's including the base. I believe there were 200 made in all and cost Sega £1200GBP each. They were popular in Europe game stores, & there is a figure at Alton Towers. Photo taken by Link.
Joypolis Gold Sonic Statue on sign
Joypolis arcade/entertainment area in Japan has this large gold tone Sonic statue. It stands on top of a sign on an indoor display area. The statue is obviously a classic one, likely put up when the place opened. It's interesting because the whole thing is gold-tone painted, he's not detail painted as if he were meant to be real. It's hard to see in the photo but the color part of the eye is represented by a small raised texture (he is looking right)
Fitting with Japan Sonic items, it's also well done, unlike a lot of other early statues. It's quite a good representation. Photo taken by the honeymooners.
Classic Sonic & Tails Statue Pair
Here's a nicer classic pair of statues. This time, the sculptor clearly had a bit better grasp of the characters, so they came out all right. Sonic may have unevenly sized hands, but he's got thumbs up and one finger up as well for his pose. The face is ok, though his mouth is a bit large. Tails' head may be a little small, but this one certainly beats the awful statue above. Both figures' shoes are well done, and they've captured Tails' tails, bangs, and old-school chest fur detail well. You can see a neon Sonic sign in the background as well as a cardboard cut out (see feet near the top, so this must be part of a display somewhere. Photo by G4, discovered by LarryInc.64
Most big items are not shipped whole, unless it can't be avoided. Large Sonic statues are no exception! Here's an interesting shot of the faux-steel-plate base one being assembled in USA Sega HQ. This gives you the idea of the size, and you can see that it likely has 8 parts. (Head, arms, body/legs/2 feet, nose, base) Photos discovered by Taaron.
Here it is in a state of greater-dis-assembly, so you can see some of the packing materials too.
Clearly, it was time for a new statue over at Sega of America. You can see it here with their old version, which was never that Sonic-like, classic or otherwise. (It was based upon art, he hadn't been 3D modeled in any way at that point, so the spikes are 3 flat strips and the face is a ) The new statue looks great, and is likely identical to the Sega Germany one seen above. All photos discovered by Taaron taken by Sega USA.
Sally & Sonic outdoor statues Here are two interesting statues.
These look to be the usual fiberglass constructs that most of the early items were made of. However, it's the first time that a Sally statue has ever been seen. The Sonic is in an unusual pose too (down on one knee, waving/sliding) as usually he is shown standing or in the same pose as a common stock-art. The Sally appears to be waving or greeting a crowd. It is generally assumed that this is from Australia (likely the Segaworld) as they had such an attachment to the Sally character. It's also odd if these guys are permenent outdoor fixtures (perhaps they were just being moved?) near the water. If you know where this is, write in for credit! Discovered by Sonicboy19
Terrible Tails store display statue This is an old store display statue. It wasn't made to be in a Sega building, but rather to advertise in a place like a video game store. With it, you can see that statues really have come a long's actually a bit scary, it's so badly done. It's like the designer had a vague idea or description of Tails and just went from that. From his big mouth, to bonkey eyes and long nose with bulbous's really a strange sight to see. This was meant to be hung from the ceiling by wires from the top and back. You can see that one of his 'bangs' hairs has broken off. Owned & photographed by Tails hanging display statue
Giant 3/4 old Sonic Statue This statue is BIG! Possibly among the largest made. He's standing on the floor, but his top spike nearly touches the ceiling of the room. This isn't a fully 3D statue, but it's not a relief. The back is flat, but the front details are rounded, which is also pretty unique. The Sega logo seems to be attached to his leg/foot. This was seen in Anime USA 2010 in the game room, & is made of hard plastic. Photo by: MrMackeySSMB Old Wide Sonic Statue Here's another older statue, as you can see by the not 100% accurate design. He has a wide nose, large mouth, & shorter spikes. This Sonic appears to be standing in some sort of lobby. Photo discovered by Steven Newton
Sonic Generations Modern Statue For Sonic Generations, Sega had 2 new large Sonic statues created. These statues debut at E3 2011 at the Sega booth, to help promote the game. Notice that the statues have the same pose, but are different eras. Classic style Sonic seems art accurate here. It seems that modern Sonic's eye color/pupil is a bit askew (the left one) and the belly dot is not quite accurate to actual modern Sonic. Is one arm disproportionate, or is it the angle/shadow cast? Either way, it's a clever use to have them posed the same way and these statues will surely show up installed somewhere as permenent fixtures, like the previous ones. Photos by: SEGA Sonic Generations Classic Statue